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Note: Chapter 198 has mature content. Readers not of a mature age, skip chapter 198.

Hao Yan Che laid together with Yuan Gun Gun on the bed.

‘Wait… um…’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

Yuan Gun Gun felt she was a poor kisser compared to Hao Yan Che. She couldn’t match up to him.

‘Gun Gun,’ Hao Yan Che called.

Hao Yan Che calling Yuan Gun Gun’s name made her bones tingle. She didn’t expect the cold man in front of her would ever call her name sweetly.

Hao Yan Che kissed Yuan Gun Gun while undressing her.

‘No…’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

Yuan Gun Gun covered her chest. She felt shy being naked in front of Hao Yan Che said.

‘I want you,’ Hao Yan Che said. He took off his clothes. ‘And you want me too.’

Hao Yan Che spread Yuan Gun Gun’s legs, and his fingers stroked the hot flesh between her legs.

‘Not there…’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

Yuan Gun Gun wanted to pull Hao Yan Che’s fingers outside her body, because she didn’t know why his fingers stroking inside her body gave her a strange sensation.

Hao Yan Che kissed Yuan Gun Gun’s lips, and his free hands kneaded her soft breasts.

‘Um…’ Yuan Gun Gun moaned inside Hao Yan Che’s mouth.

Yuan Gun Gun’s body felt hot all over. She felt like Hao Yan Che’s kisses and restless hands scorched her body.

Hao Yan Che kissed Yuan Gun Gun’s beautiful neck and collar bone. Then he sucked her nipples. He wanted to kiss every part of her body. He dreamt of her every night she was gone, and every day he woke up cold and lonely. Her hot body let him know she was back, she wasn’t a dream.

Yuan Gun Gun felt like water under Hao Yan Che’s touch. Suddenly she felt a piercing pain, she screamed and closed her eyes tightly.

Hao Yan Che held Yuan Gun Gun’s bottom. He opened his eyes, and looked at her beautiful crying face. His hardness was midway inside her, he remembered she was scared of pain.

‘Don’t cry,’ Hao Yan Che coaxed.

‘It hurts,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘You’re still this weak,’ Hao Yan Che teased.

Hao Yan Che kissed Yuan Gun Gun’s crying face.

‘It really hurts,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

Yuan Gun Gun didn’t feel that much pain anymore. She loved Hao Yan Che’s gentleness so she embellished her pain.

‘Where does it hurt?’ Hao Yan Che asked. ‘I’ll rub where it hurts.’

Hao Yan Che kissed Yuan Gun Gun’s lips. He thrusted deeper inside her, she whimpered and he slowly moved in and out of her.

‘Wait,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘Don’t move.’

Yuan Gun Gun pushed Hao Yan Che’s shoulders and he held her hands.

‘I won’t move if you don’t move,’ Hao Yan Che said.

Hao Yan Che licked Yuan Gun Gun’s hardened nipples.

‘Um…’ Yuan Gun Gun moaned.

Yuan Gun Gun felt something burning at the bottom of her stomach. She wondered if it was lust.

‘Does it still hurt?’ Hao Yan Che asked.

Yuan Gun Gun opened her eyes. She saw the anticipation in Hao Yan Che’s violet eyes, it made her want to tease him.

‘Yes,’ Yuan Gun Gun lied. ‘It really hurts.’

Hao Yan Che looked suspiciously at the gleam in Yuan Gun Gun’s eyes.

‘Where does it hurt?’ Hao Yan Che asked.

‘It hurts everywhere,’ Yuan Gun Gun said sternly.

‘Oh?’ Hao Yan Che asked. ‘Everywhere?’

‘Yes,’ Yuan Gun Gun lied.

‘Then endure the pain,’ Hao Yan Che said.

Hao Yan Che withdrew and thrusted hard into Yuan Gun Gun’s wet passage. She gripped his back, and he moved faster in and out of her. Her body was pleasured and tormented from night to dawn.

In the morning, Yuan Gun Gun laid limp in bed. She couldn’t believe she was alive.

In contrast Hao Yan Che felt reenergised like he sucked someone’s blood. He happily walked to the dining room.

Mrs Chen saw Hao Yan Che’s smile, and she understood why. The Hao Mansion was cold since the day Yuan Gun Gun left. Mrs Chen was happy the Hao Mansion was finally given a breath of fresh air.

Yi Tu put a wedding invitation on the dining table.

‘Young master, the Long brothers want to invite you and Gun Gun to the wedding,’ Yi Tu said.

End of Chapter 198

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