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Hao Yan Che sat on the sofa to give Yuan Ting Liu and Yuan Gun Gun privacy.

‘Ting Du, if you love Gun Gun, do the right thing,’ Yuan Ting Liu said. ‘Don’t make me use force.’

Na Liu Ting Du saw the disappointment in Yuan Ting Liu’s eyes. It was time he woke up, and let go of Yuan Gun Gun. He loved Yuan Gun Gun, but Yuan Gun Gun didn’t love him. He should cherish the last two years with Yuan Gun Gun like a precious dream. He couldn’t keep lying to himself, Yuan Gun Gun didn’t belong with him.

Na Liu Ting Du knew he lost. He sat on a chair.

Yuan Ting Liu knocked on the bathroom door.

‘It’s daddy,’ Yuan Ting Liu said. ‘Open the door for daddy.’

Yuan Gun Gun didn’t know what to believe anymore.

‘Ling Ling, are you there?’ Yuan Ting Liu asked. ‘Talk to daddy.’

Yuan Gun Gun opened the door, and the three men were relieved.

‘Daddy?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked.

‘Yes,’ Yuan Ting Liu said. ‘Daddy is here to take you home.’

Yuan Gun Gun hesitated to accept Yuan Ting Liu’s hand.

‘Are you really my daddy?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked.

‘Yes,’ Yuan Ting Liu said. ‘We can have a DNA test, and it wouldn’t change the truth. I’m your daddy.’

Yuan Gun Gun didn’t know if she should believe Yuan Ting Liu.

‘Look at your eyes,’ Yuan Ting Liu said. ‘You have your mummy’s eyes. You have my mouth, your mummy’s eyebrows, my eyelashes, your mummy’s nose and my ears. Don’t doubt that you were born out of Feng Du Du and my love.’

Yuan Ting Liu squeezed Yuan Gun Gun’s nose.

Yuan Gun Gun hugged Yuan Ting Liu.

‘Daddy,’ Yuan Gun Gun called.

‘Don’t cry,’ Yuan Ting Liu said. ‘Let’s go home.’

‘Um,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

Yuan Ting Liu wrapped an arm around Yuan Gun Gun’s shoulder, and led her outside.

Hao Yan Che didn’t want Yuan Gun Gun to leave.

‘Gun Gun,’ Hao Yan Che called.

Yuan Gun Gun was scared of the men who lied to her.

Yuan Ting Liu ignored his son and son-in-law. He only wanted to take his daughter home safely.

Hao Yan Che slammed his hand on his marble desk and it broke in half. He wasn’t going to let go of Yuan Gun Gun again. He wanted her to remember him, and remember their life together.

Later at the Yuan Mansion, Yuan Gun Gun laid on a giant pink bed. She wanted to remember the past, and remember herself.

Yuan Ting Liu and Feng Du Du knocked on Yuan Gun Gun’s bedroom door.

‘Daddy, mummy,’ Yuan Gun Gun called.

Feng Du Du sat on the bed, hugged Yuan Gun Gun and stroked Yuan Gun Gun’s hair.

Yuan Ting Liu sat on the chair in front of the bed.

‘You’re awake,’ Yuan Ting Liu said. ‘Do you want daddy and mummy to tell you the truth about your past?’

‘Yes,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘Your name isn’t Na Liu Ling Yan,’ Yuan Ting Liu said. ‘Your big brother Du changed your name on his own. You’re not married to Na Liu Ting Du. Your name is Yuan Gun Gun. You’re Feng Du Du and my daughter. You’re Hao Yan Che’s wife. To be exact, you’re Hao Yan Che’s runaway wife.’

‘Runaway wife?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked.

‘Yes,’ Yuan Ting Liu said. ‘At eighteen you married Hao Yan Che. At twenty-two you ran away to Paris to find your big brother Du. The day you arrived in Paris, you were hit by a car and lost your memory.’

‘Daddy, why did I runaway?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked. ‘Why did I look for big brother Du? What is my relationship with big brother Du? Daddy, if I’m married to Hao Yan Che, why did I go to look for big brother Du?’

‘Gun Gun, calm down,’ Yuan Ting Liu said. ‘It’s not what you think.’

Yuan Gun Gun was scared she was a bad wife who ran off to be with her lover.

‘Gun Gun, you grew up with your big brother Du,’ Yuan Ting Liu said. ‘Since you were a little girl, you always saw your big brother Du as your big brother. But your big brother Du always loved you. After you chose to marry Hao Yan Che, your big brother Du chose to live in Paris. Daddy doesn’t know why you ran away. But daddy can promise you, you weren’t unfaithful to Hao Yan Che.’

‘Daddy, you knew big brother Du gave me a false identity,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘Daddy, why didn’t you tell me big brother Du lied to me? Daddy, why are you a liar too?’

‘Gun Gun, think about it,’ Yuan Ting Liu said. ‘If in the past you didn’t runaway then you wouldn’t be in this situation today. Do you think you’re the only one who was deceived, the only one who is hurting? Gun Gun, after you married Hao Yan Che, you knew your big brother Du loved you and left for Paris because of you. Why did you choose to go look for your big brother Du in Paris, and gave him hope? The car accident was unexpected. Think about it, if you were in your big brother Du’s shoes, and the woman you love lost her memory, wouldn’t you be tempted to use it as an opportunity to be with the woman you love? Gun Gun, you’re in this situation today is because of the choices you made in the past. Daddy didn’t tell you the truth, because daddy wanted to protect you. Daddy didn’t want to cause you more pain.’

Feng Du Du patted Yuan Gun Gun’s trembling back.

‘Ting Liu…’ Feng Du Du said.

‘Gun Gun, daddy only wants you to be happy,’ Yuan Ting Liu said. ‘It’s up to you to decide what will make you happy, and how you want to live your life. Whoever you choose to be with or not to be with, daddy and mummy will support your decision. If you don’t want to be with Na Liu Ting Du or Hao Yan Che, it’s OK. Daddy only hopes that you can learn from this situation, make the right choice for you and take responsibility for the choices you make.’

End of Chapter 179

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