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‘Young master Ming, the guest bedroom is this way,’ Mrs Chen said.

‘We’re going home,’ Hao Yan Ming said. ‘Che’s little treasure has a misunderstanding because of us. I don’t want to stay here for Che to kill me. Besides, it’s more comfortable to be a perverted monster at home. Isn’t that right An An?’

‘I’m not going home!’ Su An Luo said.

Su An Luo looked pleadingly at Mrs Chen to save her.

‘Not listening to your husband is breaking the rules,’ Hao Yan Ming said.

‘You’re a pig!’ Su An Luo said. ‘Let me go.’

‘Wait until we’re at home and you can call out my name in bed,’ Hao Yan Ming said. ‘I promise I’ll let you be as wild as you want in bed.’

Hao Yan Ming and Su An Luo disappeared. Mrs Chen shook her head, Hao Yan Ming was still a robust man. Mrs Chen wondered where Yuan Gun Gun ran off to. The only place Mrs Chen could think of was Yuan Gun Gun running to her parents’ home. Mrs Chen hoped Hao Yan Che found Yuan Gun Gun soon and coax her home. Mrs Chen believed after Hao Yan Che cleared Yuan Gun Gun’s misunderstanding then there would be peace inside the Hao Mansion.

Outside the Hao Mansion, Yuan Gun Gun wandered around in the crowded streets. She couldn’t erase the image of Hao Yan Che sleeping with another woman. She couldn’t deny someone handsome like Hao Yan Che should be with the beautiful woman he slept with. Even the way Hao Yan Che kissed the beautiful woman was like a stunning painting. It made her ashamed of herself. She was only an unwanted leftover. She didn’t know where she should go.

Long Liu Bao called Yuan Gun Gun’s phone. Yuan Gun Gun answered her phone in a daze.

‘Gun Gun are you there?’ Long Liu Bao asked.

‘Bao Bao…’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘What’s wrong?’ Long Liu Bao asked. ‘Why are you crying?’

‘Che, he…’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘Don’t cry,’ Long Liu Bao said. ‘Where are you? I’ll come pick you up.’

‘No,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘I’m on my way to your home.’

‘OK,’ Long Liu Bao said. ‘Come here soon. I’ll be waiting for you.’

Yuan Gun Gun hung up the phone, and she got into a taxi without a dollar in her pockets.

Half an hour later, Long Liu Bao paid Yuan Gun Gun’s taxi fare.

Long Liu Bao took Yuan Gun Gun to the Long Mansion’s living room.

‘Gun Gun, don’t cry,’ Long Liu Bao said. ‘Your face is all puffy.’

‘Bao Bao, can I stay here?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked.

Yuan Gun Gun didn’t want to go home. She wanted to divorce Hao Yan Che.

‘Yes,’ Long Liu Bao said. ‘You can stay here for as long as you want.’

‘You can’t tell Che I’m here,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘I don’t want him to find me. I want to divorce him.’

‘Divorce?’ Long Liu Bao asked. ‘Why?’

‘He…’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

Yuan Gun Gun couldn’t stop crying every time she remembered Hao Yan Che’s betrayal.

Long Liu Bao poured Yuan Gun Gun a glass of water, and passed the glass to Yuan Gun Gun.

‘Take your time to explain,’ Long Liu Bao said.

‘He slept with a beautiful woman in the living room,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘Even the way they kissed was beautiful.’

‘What?’ Long Liu Bao asked. ‘Impossible.’

Long Liu Bao and the Long brothers grew up with Hao Yan Che. Hao Yan Che hated people touching him since he was a little boy, and he would always kick anyone who touched him. Even the Long brothers and Hao Yan Che’s parents needed Hao Yan Che’s permission before touching Hao Yan Che. Long Liu Bao heard from the Long brothers that Yuan Gun Gun was the only person Hao Yan Che let touch him freely. Long Liu Bao didn’t believe Hao Yan Che would cheat on Yuan Gun Gun. Hao Yan Che hated hugging or kissing anyone except Yuan Gun Gun. Hao Yan Che loved Yuan Gun Gun crazily, he wouldn’t cheat on Yuan Gun Gun.

‘It’s possible,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘Che is handsome and rich. I’m an ugly rice ball. Of course he would choose to be with a beautiful woman. But I love him so much. How can he treat me like this? I don’t care anymore. I don’t want anything from him. What’s so good about being handsome? I want to divorce him. After I divorce him, I’ll find a good man to marry. I’ll have a baby with my husband, and forget about Che.’

‘Who said you’re ugly?’ Long Liu Bao asked. ‘I love you the way you are. You’re not allowed to call yourself ugly.’

‘Bao Bao, you’re a good friend,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘Can I marry you?’

Long Liu Bao laughed, and patted Yuan Gun Gun’s back.

‘Yes,’ Long Liu Bao said. ‘When we’re free we can go to the registry to lodge our marriage registration form.’

‘Forget it,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘Big brother Lang and big brother Bo will skin me if you marry me.’

End of Chapter 147

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