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In the study room of the Hao Mansion, two alpha men faced off with each other.

‘Mr Yuan, I believe you’re curious what your daughter is doing in a mansion near a forest,’ Hao Yan Que said.

‘Yes,’ Yuan Ting Liu said.

‘I don’t know who you offended for them to kidnap your daughter and abandon her in the middle of a forest,’ Hao Yan Que said. ‘Your daughter is alive because my wife saved her.’

Han Yan Que drank a sip of coffee, and glanced at Qiu Li Luo’s anxious face.

‘Thank you for saving my daughter’s life,’ Yuan Ting Liu said. ‘Tell me what you two want in return. If it’s something I can give, I won’t withhold it from you two.’

‘It’s good we’re straight forward like each other,’ Hao Yan Que said. ‘My wife and I only have one request. We want Gun Gun to marry our oldest son.’

‘What?’ Yuan Ting Liu asked.

‘Mr Yuan, my husband and I truly love Gun Gun,’ Qiu Li Luo said. ‘All we want is you to give your blessing for Gun Gun to be our daughter-in-law for saving her life. We promise we’ll be good in-laws to Gun Gun.’

‘I can’t decide Gun Gun’s fate,’ Yuan Ting Liu said. ‘What if your oldest son doesn’t love Gun Gun? It’s not enough if you and your husband love Gun Gun. I don’t want Gun Gun to be unhappy in the future.’

Hao Yan Que saw disappointment in Qiu Li Luo’s violet eyes.

‘Mr Yuan, how do you want to repay my wife for saving your daughter’s life?’ Hao Yan Que asked.

‘When Gun Gun is eighteen, I’ll let her come here to be your oldest son’s maid for three years,’ Yuan Ting Liu said. ‘If your oldest son and Gun Gun love each other then I’ll give my blessing for your oldest son to marry Gun Gun. If your oldest son rejects Gun Gun then Gun Gun can return to her family, because taking care of your oldest son for three years is enough to repay your wife for saving her life.’

‘Why does Gun Gun need to be my oldest son’s maid?’ Qiu Li Luo asked.

‘It’s a good cover for Gun Gun to live here and spend time with your oldest son,’ Yuan Ting Liu said.

Qiu Li Luo nodded her head at Hao Yan Que.

‘It’s settled,’ Hao Yan Que said. ‘In thirteen years, I’ll ask someone to escort Gun Gun here.’

‘It’s a promise,’ Yuan Ting Liu said. ‘Since there is a chance your oldest son will be my son-in-law, can you tell me his name?’

‘Hao Yan Che,’ Hao Yan Que said.

Yuan Ting Liu heard the twelve-year-old Hao Yan Che was CEO of Hao Yan’s company.

‘Can you tell me if there is a rift between you and your oldest son?’ Yuan Ting Liu asked.

‘Mr Yuan, why do you think there is a rift?’ Qiu Li Luo asked.

‘Your oldest son is a successful genius,’ Yuan Ting Liu said. ‘My daughter’s IQ is in the bottom end of the spectrum. She’s only good at taking care of animals, and knowing how to empty a fridge of full of food into her stomach.’

‘I love Yuan Gun Gun’s simple mind and her gentle soul,’ Qiu Li Luo said.

Yuan Ting Liu drank his cup of coffee. He didn’t admit how much he loved Yuan Gun Gun. Yuan Gun Gun didn’t need to be smart and successful. It was enough Yuan Gun Gun was his and Feng Du Du’s daughter. In his heart he only had room for Feng Du Du and Yuan Gun Gun.

‘Mr Yuan, I believe Gun Gun will be mine and my husband’s daughter-in-law,’ Qiu Li Luo said.

Yuan Ting Liu smiled politely at Qiu Li Luo and Hao Yan He. Yuan Ting Liu knew intelligent men didn’t want a dummy wife. But they wanted a wife with a pure heart. Yuan Ting Liu was a prime example, he lost his heart to a simpleton like Feng Du Du.

Thirteen years later.

A chubby young woman snuck out to the garden of strange animals. There were rabbits, chipmunks, mice, snakes, birds, dogs and cats. The animals were strange because they didn’t eat each other, and lived in harmony with each other.

‘Don’t lick big sister,’ Yuan Gun Gun said to the animals. ‘Big sister just washed her face. Don’t make noises. If you do, big sister can’t sleep with everyone, because daddy and big brother Due will come out here.’

‘I’m here already,’ Na Liu Ting Du said to Yuan Gun Gun who was lying on the grass with the animals.

‘Big brother Due,’ Yuan Gun Gun called sweetly.

‘Gun Gun, how many times have I said you can’t sleep out here with them?’ Na Liu Ting Du asked.

Yuan Gun Gun stood, and a chipmunk perched on her shoulder.

‘I’m sorry,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘But you don’t let me sleep with you. So I came out here to sleep with them. I’m not used to sleeping alone.’

Na Liu Ting Du untangled knots out of Yuan Gun Gun’s hair.

‘Gun Gun, you’re grown up now,’ Na Liu Ting Du said. ‘You need to learn to sleep by yourself. Be good. Come inside, dad’s looking for you.’

Yuan Gun Gun felt sad to part with the animals. She slowly followed Na Liu Ting Du into the Yuan Mansion.

Na Liu Ting Du suddenly turned around and he brushed the chipmunk off Yuan Gun Gun’s shoulder.

The chipmunk picked up its fallen nut, and glared at the man who knocked the chipmunk off Yuan Gun Gun’s shoulder.

‘Ah, Xiao Bi…’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

Na Liu Ting Du pulled Yuan Gun Gun inside.

‘Dad will be angry if you make him wait,’ Na Liu Ting Du said.

End of Chapters Twelve to Thirteen

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