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The next day, Yuan Gun Gun woke up and was sad Hao Yan Che wasn’t home. She dressed and walked to the dining room.

‘Little girl, it’s the middle of the day,’ Qi Tu said. ‘Did your young master tire you out last night?’

‘Yes,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. She sat down on a chair. ‘Yesterday Che took me to a restaurant, the amusement park and the zoo. It was a fun and tiring day.’

Qi Tu laughed at himself, and continued eating his steak. He should know better than tease someone who couldn’t understand they were being teased.

‘Gun Gun, you’re awake,’ Mrs Chen said. ‘What do you want to eat?’

Yuan Gun Gun stood and linked arms with Mrs Chen.

‘Aunty Chen, today I want to cook,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘No,’ Mrs Chen said. ‘Young master said you’re not allowed in the kitchen.’

‘Che isn’t at home,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘No,’ Mrs Chen said. ‘Stay here. I’ll go ask someone to cook you a meal.’

Mrs Chen made Yuan Gun Gun sit back on a chair, and she walked into the kitchen.

Yuan Gun Gun propped her chin on the dining table. She was sad she couldn’t go into the kitchen to cook.

‘Little girl, why won’t your young master let you go into the kitchen?’ Qi Tu asked.

‘I don’t know,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘When I first came here I was responsible for cooking Che’s three meals. But after the kitchen gas explosion incident, Che didn’t want me to cook or let me in the kitchen. Che said he’s scared I’ll put poison in the food. Big brother Qi Tu, what type of person do you think I am? Even though Che is moody and bullies me, I wouldn’t harm him.’

Qi Tu smiled. It was obvious to everyone why Hao Yan Che didn’t let Yuan Gun Gun into the kitchen except Yuan Gun Gun.

‘Big brother Qi Tu, are you and Che close friends?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked.

‘Technically he’s the king and I’m a servant,’ Qi Tu said and drank a glass of red wine.

‘Huh?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked. ‘You don’t look like a servant.’

‘There are many things you can’t see,’ Qi Tu said. ‘A simpleton like you is suited to be under a protector’s wings.’

Qi Tu put the empty glass on the dining table, and rubbed Yuan Gun Gun’s head.

‘Little girl, I have a little sister who’s a simpleton like you,’ Qi Tu said.

‘Is she your biological sister?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked.

‘Yes,’ Qi Tu said. ‘Her name is Qi Xue Yi, she’s my twin sister.’

‘Big sister Xue Yi must be a beautiful woman,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘Why?’ Qi Tu asked.

‘Because big sister Xue Yi is your twin sister,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘Are you sucking up to me?’ Qi Tu asked.

‘No,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. She held her nose up high. ‘I’m being serious.’

Mrs Chen brought Yuan Gun Gun’s meal to the table. Mrs Chen was displeased to see Qi Tu teasing and pinching Yuan Gun Gun’s nose.

‘Gun Gun, eat your meal while it’s hot,’ Mrs Chen said.

Yuan Gun Gun hugged Mrs Che’s waist.

‘Thank you aunty Chen,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘It smells delicious.’

‘Gun Gun, after you’re done eating, go get some sunshine out in the garden,’ Mrs Chen said. ‘Jia Ting, Jia Wen and your small friends are waiting for you in the garden.’

‘Can I eat outside in the garden?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked.

‘Alright,’ Mrs Chen said. She picked up the tray of food. ‘Come with me to the garden.’

‘Bye big brother Qi Tu,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

Qi Tu watched Yuan Gun Gun walk to the garden and smiled.

At Hao Yan’s company on the one hundredth floor, Yi Tu reported to Hao Yan Che.

‘Young master, here are the files and photos you wanted,’ Yi Tu said.

Hao Yan Che looked at the photo of the killer’s latest victim, and fumed.

‘Is this photo taken yesterday?’ Hao Yan Che asked.

‘Yes young master,’ Yi Tu said. ‘The woman was killed in the zoo’s toilet where young master took Gun Gun yesterday. It hasn’t been confirmed if the woman was killed by the same serial killer. But the woman was killed in the same horrific manner as all the serial killer’s victims.’

Yi Tu felt nauseous looking at the victims’ photos.

‘Any news about the killer’s identity?’ Hao Yan Che asked.

‘No,’ Yi Tu said. ‘I’m sorry young master.’

‘It’s obvious the victims have no connection to Gun Gun,’ Hao Yan Che said. ‘Yi Tu, why do you think the killer made copies of the victims’ photos and addressed them to Gun Gun?’

‘I think the killer’s real target isn’t Gun Gun…’ Yi Tu said.

‘It’s me,’ Hao Yan Che said.

End of Chapter 117

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