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Because the problem that he was facing was too severe, Luo Fei did not bother to continue to talk with Xi Yanqing. He felt that there was a more urgent problem to solve, that is, cutting wood! The "toilet paper" used by the people during this time was not disposable but was washed after use and reused. Even more so, the whole family shared omly one! Luo Fei just thinking about having to wash it off after use and the fact that it may have already been used by others, he was extremely distressed over the dilemma. It gave him a headache, no a migraine! Ah this problem was just so troublesome!

Suddenly he felt that the flush toilet was one of the most commendable inventions in entire the world. He didn’t used to feel so amazed, but now that he couldn't use it he finally appreciated it. When Luo Fei arrived home, he began to look for wood that could be used for the toilet paper- he also thought about using leaves. But this season, the trees here in the north were bare and had no leaves. Fortunately, he found that wood is very easy to find, because there are two big mountains around Huaping Village with all kinds of trees. Especially in this season, every family would prepare some firewood, but the biggest problem was that when he cut the wood, it left splinters and the surface was not smooth enough.

“Second brother, what are you doing?” Luo Yi looked at his brother and saw that immediately after returning home he ran to the firewood room. He was busy for a long time.

“I am here, making shit sticks.” Luo Fei did not know whether he would understand but decided to make a lot anyway.

“Isn’t there already one in the shack?” Luo Yi looked at Luo Fei with a puzzled look. “Why are you still cutting more?”

“Don’t we just have two? I will make a few more. I heard from Xi Yanqing that it is best to have many and use separately.” Luo Fei was a bit flustered, and continue to cut, feeling that besides the small knife and wood he may need some sandpaper or something.

“You really went to see Brother Xi? When I heard mother say that, I thought that you must have went out and just walked a few circles before returning. What did he tell you? Did he tell you about when he was fighting? Tell me about it too.” Luo Yi looked eager.

“What fighting!” Luo Fei said and after seeing Luo Tian approaching, he quickly raised his voice: “I told him to withdraw from the betrothal, lest he wear a ready-made green hat and be laughed at. He said that being laughed at to death is better than starving to death. He was saying that there is nothing to eat in his field right now, and that he was counting on my dowry to fill his stomach. Don’t you think he needs a good beating?”

“I think you need a beating!” Luo Tian “Pa!” smacked the back of his second son’s head. “He is teasing you. If he really was a little coward who needed to rely on you, he would not have gone to be a soldier. Is your brain okay? Do you know what you are saying!”

“Hey, can you not hit the head?” Luo Fei rubbed his head. He deifnitely use his strength, it hurts too! He didn’t want to think about how strong his new dad was, but it seemed he was indeed a bear-like man.

“If you don’t want to get beat, then stop playing around. Your father hasn’t read as many books, but I am still not as silly as you. When I came over, you shamelessly tried to slander that Xi family kid, how do you have peace of mind, huh?” Luo Tian brushed the dust off his clothes, “Go, get your father a bowl of water.”

“Let the Fourth Brother go, I have something to do.” Luo Fei continued to cut and cut!

“What are you doing?” Luo Tian always felt that his Second Son was a little strange after jumping into the river.

“Making shit sticks” Luo Fei said, “I heard Xi Yanqing say that it’s better for each person to use their own so I quickly cut one. But this is not smooth enough no matter how I cut it, what to do?”

“What? Look for a stone to polish it and it should be fine.” Luo Tian drank from the large bowl of water, “Where’s your mother?”

“Mother organizing the seeds of the crops, saying that she is going to give some to Brother Xi. It is almost planting season. There is definitely nothing planted at Brother Xi’s place.” Luo Yi took the water bowl in Luo Tian's hand. He hadn’t seen Luo Ji for a while, and asked: “Did eldest brother go to the mountains to plow the land?”

“En.” Luo Tian said frowning. This eldest son had been brooding and silent since his wife paid. He felt that he had dragged his family down, so he whenever he had the opportunity, he would work. Every spring, he went to the mountains to plow the land. He always thought about supporting the family with additional crops.

Luo Yi after getting the answer, bowed his head and didn’t talk, and looked a bit complicated.

Luo Fei felt the strange atmosphere and also frowned.

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