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Chapter 471: Chapter 471, Great Tang Weiyang

Lady Zhao did not react for a moment.

Old Lady Zhao almost fainted when she heard this. “Second daughter-in-law, you, you really did such a shameless thing?”

Second Lady Zhao collapsed on the ground and said, “At that time, eldest sister-in-law was already in her third child. I was also anxious. Eldest sister-in-law and I married into the Zhao family in the same year, so we wanted to go to the Prime Minister Temple to pray for a child. It was that darn bald donkey that forced me…”

“Later on, after I got pregnant, I also thought that no one else would know about this matter. Moreover, I wanted a child too much, so I took the risk and made the mistake. Everything that happened after that was the work of a great master. It had nothing to do with me!”!

“What heaven-ordained Fozi? The Heavenly Fiend Lone Star was all fabricated by that darn bald donkey for the sake of his son being able to inherit the title of nobility. I could only keep my mouth shut for the sake of clear spring!”

Hearing this, First Lady Zhao kept shaking her head. wasn’t she just a joke all these years?

She was certain that her son was the Heavenly Fiend Lonestar, so she doted on her nephew. However, she did not expect Zhao Qingquan’s background to be so unbearable.

Second Master Zhao was really angry. He kicked Second Lady Zhao several times on the ground. “Slut, Slut!”

Then, he knelt in front of ling xuan and said, “I have let you down, let Father Down, let Big Brother Down!”

Ling Xuan made second Master Zhao stand up and said, “This junior does not deserve such a kneel from you.”


Eldest Madam Zhao looked at Ling Xuan, her eyes full of guilt and regret. “Ling Xuan… Mother has let you down! I have let you down!”

With that, eldest madam Zhao fainted.

The Zhao family’s matter could not be hidden in Chang ‘an city, and the reputation of the prime minister temple was ruined.

The wedding of the Emperor was approaching, and the arrival of a foreign court was undoubtedly the biggest joke in Chang ‘an.

As a result, a master was whipped to death, and second Madam Zhao directly gave him a cup of poisoned wine. Zhao Qingquan was innocent, but he could not escape being implicated in this matter.

After first Madam Zhao woke up, she went crazy. She hugged a pillow and thought it was her last child.

The Prime Minister Temple was sealed and the monks inside were all dispersed.

Ling Xuan Sighed heavily when he heard about this.

Lu Xi later ordered Ling Xuan to become the national temple and spread the correct Buddhism among the people instead of those evil rumors.

In the early summer of May, cicadas chirped. Lu Xi’s wedding and the foreign imperial court came. The entire Chang ‘an was bustling for a whole month.

However, after Lu Xi’s wedding, the people from the Ministry of Rites still did not have the slightest bit of leisure. After His Majesty’s wedding, it would be Princess Weiyang’s wedding.

His Majesty originally only had one sister. Weiyang had been pampered by the royal family since she was young. Even if the wedding was more grand than His Majesty’s wedding, His Majesty and the Empress would probably not say anything.

As long as the Ministry of Rites made it as luxurious as possible.

However, when the officials of the Ministry of Rites prepared for the Princess’wedding, they had a terrible headache.

Lu Weiyang saw the list of wedding banquets presented by the officials of the ministry of Rites and kept frowning.

The Minister of Rites said helplessly, “Your Highness, this is really the lowest list of wedding banquets for the royal family. You must know that when the concubine Princess of the Su Royal Family gets married, it is also the same list of wedding banquets!”

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Lu Weiyang said, “No, no, this is too expensive. A table like this costs a hundred taels of silver. Can’t we use some fish, shrimp, or something cheaper…”

The Minister of Rites said helplessly, “Your Highness, this is Chang ‘an, not Lingnan. Ordinary officials in Chang ‘an city have to pay a hundred taels of silver for a wedding…”

Qiao Nihong chuckled. “Weiyang, don’t make things difficult for the old minister. Look at how much his hair is missing! The Prime Minister’s Temple is closed. The minister won’t be able to find a place to become a monk.”

Lu Weiyang puffed his cheeks and said, “It’s so expensive. Why don’t we go to the Hundred Savory restaurant to entertain the guests? We won’t need to spend so much silver…”

The Minister of Rites was really afraid that Lu Weiyang would go to the Hundred Savory restaurant to entertain the guests, so he quickly said, “I’ll think about it again. It’ll definitely save us a lot of money.”

Lu Weiyang flipped through the other books and held Qiao Nihong’s hand. “Cousin, my heart aches. If I knew that getting married was so expensive, I wouldn’t have gotten married.”

Qiao Nihong smiled. “There are still plenty of opportunities to go back on my words now.”

Lu Weiyang looked at Ling Xuan, who had just entered the room, and went over to explain, “Ling Xuan, don’t listen to cousin. I still want to get married.”

Ling Xuan smiled lightly. “I know. That’s what you’re thinking. Our wedding is indeed not so grand. With this money, it’s better to do good. The capable will help the world.”

Lu Weiyang said, “Yes, yes, yes, that’s what I think.”

Ling Xuan said, “Minister, everything about the wedding can be simple.”

When the Minister of Rites heard the Prince Consort Say the same thing, he felt that the hair on his head was falling even more.

The Minister of Rites had no choice but to look for Lu Chen and Qiao Jinniang. He went there to show his loyalty. It was not that he had mistreated the princess, the wedding of the princess was so simple.

Qiao Jinniang also knew her daughter’s character. Other than the days when Ling Xuan was unwilling to return to the secular world, Lu Weiyang had never been generous. Usually, he had to spend every penny carefully.

So she let the Minister of Rites Follow Weiyang’s thoughts.

In order to save money for the banquet, Lu Weiyang had specially set the wedding date on the same day as Qiao Jinniang’s birthday. It was both a wedding banquet and a birthday banquet.

Qiao Jinniang did not want to celebrate the birthday banquet to remind herself that she was one year older, but she had to accept the “Little cotton-padded jacket”’s kindness.

In order to show his love for his sister, His Majesty specially ordered someone to rebuild Weiyang Palace in Chang ‘an and give it to Weiyang as a new princess residence. Everyone thought that the wedding would be extremely luxurious.

However, on the wedding day, everyone looked at the pomp and ceremony of the Princess’wedding and felt extremely cold.

Even the princess, who was not favored by the imperial family, would not be so cold.

Before everyone could react, some scholars had written poems praising Princess Weiyang for her diligence and thrift, and the empress dowager, the empress dowager, the empress dowager, and the Pope’s daughter. In an instant, the reputation of the princess in Chang ‘an for hundreds of years had been reversed.

In the past, when the princess was mentioned, there was only extravagance and extravagance.

Now, when the princess was mentioned, she was thrifty and loved the people. For a time, many daughters of prestigious families followed her example of thrift.

Lu Weiyang and Ling Xuan left Chang ‘an to go to various places to preach Buddhism. When Lu Weiyang heard these compliments in Luoyang City, he could not help but smile. “I didn’t expect that being stingy would also have benefits.”

Ling Xuan said, “It’s because I’m frugal, not stingy.”

Lu Weiyang smiled at Ling Xuan. “Although I’ve been doted on since I was young, no one understands my frugality.”

Only Ling Xuan was willing to live frugally with her. Although she had spent a lot of money on this trip back to Chang ‘an, it was not a loss to exchange for a husband.

Ling Xuan held Lu Weiyang’s hand and said, “You have me to accompany you.”

Lu Weiyang looked down at the prosperous Luoyang city from the city wall of Luoyang. She saw her father, mother, second brother, and second sister-in-law playing in the city. She smiled lightly and interlocked her fingers with Ling Xuan’s.

“Ling Xuan, do you have any ideals?”

Ling Xuan said, “Spread the dharma to the whole of Datang.”

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