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Chapter 51: Stop Rubbing Her Head

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Even though Cain could pick up her scent in the air, he could not find her!

At that moment, Cain was so angry that he wanted to destroy everything in his path!

He left his cave sullenly and raised his head as he roared.

All the beasts promptly stopped what they were doing and headed to the open space in front of the cliff in an organized manner.

Su Tang was thinking about her teaching plans when Cain’s roar startled her.

She quickly composed herself and said softly, “Cain, is that you?”

The moment she finished her sentence, Cain appeared before Su Tang with a stern look on his face.

Su Tang failed to detect anything amiss with Cain. Instead, she sulked and felt indignant.

“Cain, this rock is too high. I’m stuck!”

Su Tang’s adorable whining tone surprisingly had a calming effect on Cain. He carried Su Tang in his arms and pursed his lips.

“I’ll bring you down!”

Su Tang was startled by the swarm of beastmen beneath the cliff when she arrived on the ground.

She pulled Cain’s arm and asked softly, “Did something happen?”

Cain stroked Su Tang’s head and replied softly, “Nope.”

He raised his hand at the beastmen expressionlessly. “It’s fine. Get on with your work!”

The beastmen left promptly, and only a small group of people remained.

After most of the other beastmen had left, Big Bear asked in a muffled tone, “Chief, are you hunting with us today?”

Cain replied, “Yeah! Give me a moment!”

He waved to Green Fruit not far from them. “Take Su Tang with you to gather thorny fruit. Take good care of her and make sure she doesn’t get hurt!”

Green Fruit nodded. “Don’t worry, Chief! I will take good care of Tangtang!”

Cain was still a little worried, so he ordered two Beast Warriors to protect the female gatherers before he stopped frowning.

Su Tang could not help feeling upset. “Cain, I’m a grownup. I can take care of myself! Don’t worry!”

Cain said nothing as he rubbed the top of Su Tang’s head gently again. The affectionate look in his eyes left all the other beasts uneasy!

Was this still their stern and cold chief?

Su Tang pulled Cain’s hand off her head and said unhappily, “Stop rubbing my head! Or else, I won’t be able to grow any taller!”

A thought crossed Cain’s head before he merely smiled and said, “Fine! I’ll stop!”

“Take care while you’re hunting. Don’t get hurt!”

Cain nodded. “Okay!”

Su Tang saw Big Bear anxiously spinning circles as well as the teasing look in Green Fruit’s eyes, so she shyly pushed Cain away.

“Enough. Just go! I’m going with Green Fruit to gather thorny fruit!”

She went up to Green Fruit, pulled her arm, and ran off without looking back.

After Su Tang was nowhere in sight, he turned to say to Big Bear calmly, “Let’s go!”

Su Tang felt curious about the team of gatherers.

“Tangtang, did you sleep in the same cave as Chief last night?”

Yellow Fruit was a young female around 25 to 26 years old. She was around 1.8 meters tall, so she looked like a little giant when she stood next to Su Tang!

Su Tang nodded. “Uh-huh!”

Yellow Fruit looked at her in shock. “You are so small that you look just like a baby. How could Chief mate with you?”

“Cough, cough, cough… Huh? What did you just say?”

Su Tang was taken aback by Yellow Fruit’s candor!

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