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Published at 26th of June 2019 05:45:42 AM
Chapter 95

95 . ) The Orc King returns

Proofread & editing : Xinshou

It was in the middle of a giant swamp .

Bubbles could be seen rising from the ground and the only thing that was floating on that kind of ground was the thing on top of the crossed log there .

It was some kind of altar . Twigs, leaves and other burnable materials were thrown there, and not long after smoke could be seen floating into the night sky .  

[Bubu-sama, our orc general has died buhi . What happened back there buhi… . . ]

[Isn’t that because Bubu-sama was eating something bad?]

[Well, now that you mentioned it, he ate almost everything buhi . There was also a time when he almost ate me buhi . ]

[Are you serious Buhi?]

A lot of bipedal loin-cloth wearing monsters were walking around the altar .

The orcs had curled tails with the same color as their body .

Hundreds of them were gathering there, some of them whispering to each other to amuse themselves .

And among those orcs there were some who got tripped and fell into the swamp because they were so drunk, there were also some orcs that were trying to help their fellow orcs out of the swamp .

In general, orcs were dumb monsters .

And these monsters were currently making a funeral for their orc general after he died mysteriously .

[You need to decide a new leader as soon as possible . If you fail to do so each and every one of you will be annihilated]

[But we don’t know what we need to do when Bubu-sama is not here Buhi . … . And our promising young people also have begun their journey to the outside world buhi]

[What did you just say? When you are talking about going outside the territory are you talking about that?!! That Frenda, why did she make things harder for me!?]

Above the orcs, a pixie was flying with her fluttering wings .

She was as big as an adult male and as tall as small orcs .

Usually, pixies would not be as big as her, but she was a different variety of pixie .

Most of her body was of pink color with a crown knitted from grass and white flowers on her head .

If one only looks from afar, all one would only see a cute little pixie flying there, but after  getting close the stern face she had, when looking at the orcs, would be visible .

She was the one who looked after the monsters in the empire .

She was also the one who united the northern demon king’s army into one and gathered them into the current castle . Her name was Aerith .

[We have tried to stop them too, but since they heard they could become the orc king they won’t listen]

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[It is said that to become an orc king a certain quality was needed – someone who can become an orc king is very rarely found . Are you guys stupid? No, are you guys simply dumb?]

Aerith, the demon king’s older sister was mad while puffing her cheek, since the orcs were creatures that couldn’t listen to others .

The flying pixie was looking towards the orcs who now trembled in fear .

Aerith was one variety of  Pixie who didn’t have any fighting power, but everyone knew that the demon king Frenda herself put her in this kind of high position for some reason .

That was why she was trying her best to be a monster that was appropriate for her current position, but sadly the orcs only thought of her as someone who easily got angry .

Well, most of it was the orcs fault though .

[A, Aerith-sama . The old man who loves to do fortune telling wanted to say something]

[What is it? And what do you mean with the old man who loves fortune telling there? Then wouldn’t it be a fortune teller?]

While fluttering her wings, she told some orcs to hurriedly find the old man .

Hmm? Did I just hear someone talking?

Since orcs looked all the same to her, she can’t find who was speaking .

[Old man, what is it buhi? … . . fumu fumu . According to the old man’s readings, when the stars are twinkling in the sky, the orc king will come with it, buhi]


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[Oh! What a great reading!]

[Orc king! Orc king! Buhii!]

[… . What a very convenient reading you have there… . There is no way such a reading will just easily happen like that]


Something was flying fast, passing Aerith .

Wondering what that thing was she looked up to the sky, but found nothing .

Only a sky full of stars .

But suddenly something was hitting the altar and created an extremely loud sound .

The orcs wondered, if it was an attack from some ferocious monsters .

[It’s hot, it’s hot buhiiiii… . ]

Hearing certain characteristic words in his sentence, the orcs deemed him as one of their own and started to help him by throwing buckets of water on him .

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[Buhiiiii . Buhi?]

And as expected, the one showing his face from inside the burnt altar was also an Orc .

The orcs were shouting with their buhi buhi while Aerith was trying to distance herself from them . Their shouts were so loud it made her head hurt .

[OOOO! You are Buhitta!]

[Buhitta! Aren’t you on a journey to hone your skills!? It is rather strange for someone to come back by falling from the sky though buhi… . . ]

[Buhitta, that armor! Don’t tell me, you have successfully evolved into an Orc knight!?]

After Buhitta looked around, he tried to understand where he was .

The swamp, Orcs, and also there was an altar .

Did I just die? Or so Buhitta thought .

And after that he finally understood where he was, after he saw Aerith-sama’s figure flying in the sky .

[Eh? Did I just return to the Orc’s village?]

On his left chest, a red mark of the king was engraved .

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