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"What was that thing I just said to you?" The gazes of Jia Ya and the rest were all gathered on Wei Suo.

Even if this Ancient Heavenly Dragon was completely exhausted, its aura would still be earth-shattering, making it unstoppable. Furthermore, since it could communicate directly with Wei Suo with its spiritual sense, it could naturally let Wei Suo know what it wanted to say with its spiritual sense.

Furthermore, Wei Suo naturally could not understand the dragon's roar. He knew what this Ancient Heavenly Dragon was talking about. It was definitely because this Ancient Heavenly Dragon had used its divine sense to let him know what it was talking about when it let out the dragon's roar.

He had also used his spiritual sense to let Wei Suo know and even issued a dragon cry. This sentence was definitely extremely important.

"If the tree is in the forest, the wind will destroy it … When a fish or dragon transforms into a dragon, the heavens will surely be jealous … " Wei Suo looked at the white ancient dragon in front of him, his eyes flashing.

"That's it?" Han Weiwei gaped in surprise. These words were usually spoken in such a way that they could be heard quite a few times.

"It used the experience from ancient times to advise me. When he was speaking with me in particular, he instantly imbued me with a lot of information. Although the time is too short and the difference between the spiritual sense of us cultivators and his is too great, I still feel some fragments. " Wei Suo looked at Han Weiwei, Jia Ya and explained, "It instantly instilled information for me about how it went from a dragon to a dragon, and how it experienced so many years and how many powerful demon beasts like fishes and dragons that have a better chance of becoming a dragon died. Even this young man who had inherited the legacy of the Three Sovereigns seemed to have become an example of him persuading me. It meant that if any living creature was too outstanding, they would suffer even more calamities. If the fortune they received was too astonishing, disaster would descend upon the world. From its point of view, it is impossible for me to let go and empty-handed travel to make this Dragon Tomb everlasting. However, just the items that are left behind, in its eyes, are all good fortune that is too shocking, and could easily lead to disaster. "

"When it said this sentence, there should be a deeper meaning instilled in me. However, its consciousness is too enormous and mine is too weak, so it could only grasp onto these fragments for now."

"If a person is outstanding, they would naturally stand at the heart of the struggle." Yin Lihua frowned, "But good fortune is too thick, and disasters will fall from the heavens. Is this the rule of the heavens and earth?"

"The meaning of this Ancient Celestial Dragon should be that both cultivators and demonic beasts can't be overly greedy. If they were to suddenly erupt and go berserk, they would instead be coveted." The female cultivator frowned and pondered.

"That should be the case." "This Ancient Heavenly Dragon's consciousness is too huge, it can directly probe my consciousness and find out my true thoughts. If I didn't sincerely agree to its conditions and tried to leave everything here behind, it would have immediately sensed that its claws would fall and kill me."

The complexions of Jia Ya, the female cultivator, and the others changed slightly. Although it sounded easy to hear from Wei Suo, they all knew how dangerous it was.

The final dignity of a dragon cannot be matched. A mistake in a single thought can determine life and death.

Wei Suo extended his hand and grabbed. True essence surged out and a white pill bead appeared in his hand.

Because there was a wondrous tree fragment in his body, under the constant refinement of large amounts of blood energy, the true essence in Wei Suo's body had already recovered quite a bit in just a short period of time.

This white pearl that exuded an ancient aura was glowing with a bright water light. It was the demonic core of this white ancient dragon.

After picking up this Heavenly Dragon Dragon Pill, Wei Suo merely turned his head to look at the 'Demonic Enchantress Deer' that seemed to still be in a state of incomparable shock. He did not do anything unnecessary.

"Crack!" "Crack!" "Crack!"

Under the urging of the white light emanating from the white ancient dragon, the enormous ancient dragon skeletons slid down from the rainbow jade mountain and sank into the ground.

Some of the bones were intact. Under the white light, they sank into the ground beside the rainbow jade mountain.

Some of the bones had already been broken by the wind. White light scattered them and turned them into dust, scattering them where they stood. The people who saw this could not help but feel a sense of vicissitudes of life.

As for some bones, even after they were broken and turned to dirt, the white light still continued to fly forward. The white ancient dragon's final fall was to use his unparalleled spiritual sense to lock onto every single skeleton of the water attribute Heavenly Dragon, pushing it down. The white light would not change, and the power of the white light was exactly the same as Nangong Yuqing and the female cultivator's; it was not strong at all. With Wei Suo's cultivation level, if he tried to block it, he would definitely be able to stop a few more Heavenly Dragon skeletons.

But at this moment, when Wei Suo saw the broken pieces of the Sky Dragon Bone Stick, he reached out his hand and pushed them off the rainbow jade mountain with his true essence.

"There are still so many Celestial Dragon bones!" The last part of the Ancient Celestial Dragon's words were true. Just the amount of Sky Dragon Skeleton alone was already an enormous fortune for cultivators. Even if they were Golden Core Stage cultivators or Divine Profound Realm cultivators from a super big sect, they would personally come and snatch it! " Han Weiwei saw that when all the white light disappeared from the rainbow jade mountain, all the Heavenly Dragon Skeletons that had been pushed away by the white light had slid down the rainbow jade mountain. There were still more than a dozen Heavenly Dragon Skeletons and a few incomplete Sky Dragon Skeleton remaining on the mountain.

The remaining Sky Dragon Skeleton emitted either strong or weak water elemental energy. They were all water attribute Sky Dragon skeletons.

Many of these water attribute dragon bones had lost their dragon essence, but Han Weiwei could see plump dragon cores shining among them.

The water and dragon origin energy contained in the beast cores were also amazing.

An Ancient Heavenly Dragon was at least equivalent to a grand cultivator of the Divine Profound Realm, and its total amount of True Essence was even stronger than a Divine Profound Realm cultivator's. Even if only a tenth of it was left, it was already extremely terrifying.

After pushing all of the non-water type Sky Dragon's bones into the rainbow jade mountain, the white light on the white Ancient Sky Dragon in front of Wei Suo slowly disappeared.

"Wei Suo, it's also a water attribute Heavenly Dragon. It left its remains for you?" Yin Lihua asked Wei Suo as she looked at this white Ancient Heavenly Dragon that had finally perished.

"Although it left its remains to me, it sacrificed its life to protect Dragon Tomb, and in the end, it did not burn me down. This is equivalent to letting me live, so I had to maintain some respect and respect for it." Wei Suo looked at the white Heavenly Dragon Demon Pellet that was even bigger than his golden pellet and then looked at the white Heavenly Dragon. Wei Suo looked at the white Heavenly Dragon Demon Pellet that was even bigger than his golden pellet and then looked at the white dragon.

The massive white Heavenly Dragon beast core and white Heavenly Dragon slowly sank below the rainbow jade mountain.

Seeing Wei Suo's action, the female cultivator's eyes also revealed a look of respect. In her heart, Wei Suo was different from ordinary cultivators. Although this guy was only interested in profit and fought desperately for benefits, there were many times when there was a trace of warmth that other cultivators did not have. It could also be said that he was a bit of human. However, the higher the cultivation and sacred art of a cultivator, the less they would feel this human emotion.

That was because the higher one's position was, the more one would control the power of life and death. The colder one would be, the more one would pursue power and authority.


However, just at this moment, as the white Heavenly Dragon Demonic Core and the white Ancient Heavenly Dragon sank together, the Ancient Heavenly Dragon whose body had already dissipated in white light suddenly emitted a ray of golden light and pierced into the center of Wei Suo's brows.


"What is this?"

At first, Wei Suo was shocked, but he found that he wasn't injured at all. He only felt a massive amount of willpower flood into his consciousness like a tidal wave. Immediately after, an extremely shocking scene appeared in his mind.

A cultivator stood at the top of a city.

This cultivator's aura was not necessarily massive, and it even far exceeded that of the white ancient dragon. Within the enormous city, tens of thousands of cultivators were crawling on the ground, their hearts trembling. They were under the awe of this cultivator, as if they were paying respects to him, and even the great Aurous Core stage cultivator who was forming his own form of spiritual energy was among them. The cultivator standing at the very top of the city was like the legendary Celestial King!

"Is that a Mysterious God Dharma Idol?" Wei Suo exclaimed in shock.

He saw the dazzling divine light emanating from this cultivator. Above his head was a Dao Sovereign that was hundreds of meters tall.

The Venerable One's body also radiated with boundless divine light and a terrifying might. Furthermore, this Dao Sovereign was a physical entity. He was like a cultivator with multiple magical items hovering in front of him. He continuously performed incantation gestures with his hands. Massive circles of light patterns shot out from the Dao Sovereign's hands. Within several hundred miles, heaven and earth origin energy trembled with these light patterns.

The power of this spell was completely beyond Wei Suo's imagination.

At this moment, countless rays of light shot out from the city that this cultivator was in. It was as if there were countless seals placed within the city, all of which had been activated.

And the sky above this cultivator seemed to shatter, revealing countless beams of light.

"This …!"

In the blink of an eye, within his consciousness, Wei Suo once again gasped in shock. Countless rays of light instantly descended. Shockingly, countless terrifying thunderbolts, light pillars, meteorites, fireballs …

Every inch of the area within a radius of thousands of miles was filled with an endless amount of power falling from the sky.

Inside the city, the restrictions were broken one by one. Countless cultivators let out miserable screams as they were turned into dust. The entire world was like a purgatory.

In the end, all of the restrictions in the city completely shattered. There was not a single cultivator left alive inside the city. The entire city was smashed into pieces by the endless pressure.

As for that Godking like cultivator, after all of his magic treasures had been destroyed, he finally could not endure it anymore. The countless profound light patterns that he released shattered one by one, and finally, with a cry of unwillingness, this Godking like cultivator, under the impact of boundless might, turned into ashes.

In the last moment, Wei Suo saw that this God-like cultivator's face was actually identical to his own.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Wei Suo woke up with a start, his whole body drenched in cold sweat as if he had experienced it himself.

"Wei Suo, what's wrong? Are you alright?" Ji Ya, Ji Hao, and the others screamed out in anxiousness, and one after another, their voices reached Ji Hao's ears.

At this time, the white dragon's corpse and beast core had completely sunk down, and the last white light had completely vanished. Dust filled the air, and the land beneath the rainbow jade mountain had already closed up.

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