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92.) The Return of The Wind Prodigy (part 2)


Until just a few moments ago all ago everyone was so scared they can't even move.

They have already given up their life after seeing those flames coming from the black dragon happily dancing surrounding them.

But suddenly all the refugee feels like they just saw a dream, they just saw something impossible happening tight in front of their eyes.

The monsters are running away.

The flames were burning their body, the water was rushing at them, the wind was chopping their flesh. While the lights were baking their eyes and the darkness shake their hearts.

A scene where someone could do an offering towards six spirits, it was something beyond everyone imaginations.

Charlotte trying to get to where Slow is, but a sudden wind barrier is surrounding her and makes her unable to proceed.

It was a barrier that no one can break.

The barrier was one of Silva’s specialty, and It was made using by taking a whole lot of the great wind spirit, Art Ange’s magic power. It was such a simple specialty, it’s so simple it becomes a very strong barrier.

Then the wind prodigy shouts with a loud voice to call a certain name. His voice was so loud not just Charlotte could hear him, but his voice even echoed throughout the cathedral.


[—–Don’t move from where you stand, Brady] (Slow)


His voice was heard by each and every person inside the cathedral.

Huh, Brady? Who's that?

Everyone confused.

The only one who could understand that was only Charlotte.


It was her name when she was a child.


[I was wondering who is it could make you, the one I swore to protect scared. Never have I imagine this 'monster' here will show up here in this place] (Slow)


When hearing the word 'monster', the lord of the sky flinched.

Looking towards the boy, the black dragon let loose its breath to burn the boy.

Everyone was shrieking and shouting, thinking that there is no hope for the boy beside becoming charcoal.

But then something happens.

Out of nowhere, a swordsman was appearing inside the flame. He was dispersing the flame like a candle with a powerful gust of wind.

As if protecting the boy, the swordsman was holding a shining sword was standing in front of him.

When the swordsman swang his sword, the wind will dance together with the fire…


[I'm sure that you will be faced with a lot of danger from now on] (Slow)


Some amazing things keep happening, whether it was in front of the boy, or even behind him

Everyone inside the cathedral could do nothing besides watching the boy in front of him.


[I know who you really are, Brady] (Slow)


Silva nods his head while Charlotte's face stiffened after hearing what Slow said.

Just outside the barrier where she was standing, the boy stand firm facing the sky while pointing his cane to where the black dragon float.

He has defeated a countless number of monsters.

Whether it was with fire, water, earth, wind, light, or darkness.

It was a spectacle that anyone could only see when they read a tale or a legend.


[I know about you since a long time ago] (Slow)


A lot of girls were crying inside the cathedral.

When the boy's voice finally reach them, they were still crying at that time.

They cried because of fear.

The Cyclops was charging straight towards the wind swordsman from the front while the orc king silently going from the wind swordman's back.


[I choose to protect you by myself, and you choose to hold everything by yourself]


The swordsman turns his face around and decided to shorten his distance with the orc king.

When the orc king about to slash the swordsman, a very strong wind blow it away into the distance star while he screams.

The wind swordsman mutter in a small voice, 'I still can't control the wind very well, while pulling out his tongue.

The Cyclops saw a chance when the swordsman turns his back against him, but the Smugged faced Cyclops has turned into a confused Cyclops after it watched how easily his left hand was brushed off by a single shining sword.


[But all those foolish things shall end today]


The Cyclops was thrown towards the School building and destroyed the wall there, making everyone could see what was inside the school building from the outside.

At the top floor of the school building Shuuya and a maid figure could be seen, their face shows how scared they are. But soon after the swordsman was chasing after the Cyclops, seeing that figure, both of the scared bunch could breathe out relieved.

A sudden strength enters their body once they saw an ally coming for them.

At the same time, the monsters rushing, trying to attack the boy.

But before they can even touch him, rain of thunder was coming from the sky and burn them to crisp.

And about the Cyclops, it never came out from the school building, a bloodied swordsman came out instead.


[Uwaaaaa!! He can defeat it! He defeats the Cyclops!!!]


[awesome! Eh, Whaaaat!?? Isn't that the enchanted sword!?!]


[Oy, can anybody with good eyes see who it is!? Someone tell me who is that swordsman!]


The boys who saw how the swordsman defeat the monsters was in awe.

There is no difference between a noble and a commoner here, they are all in awe.

It was unknown who start it first, but the boys starting to give that swordsman cheers.

The black-haired swordsman was once again standing in front of the boy while holding the shining sword in his hand.

There are no more monsters in this place that can stand toe to toe with them anymore.

And then the wind swordsman also draws his sword and point it toward the sky.


[That man was Silva! I have seen him somewhere before!]


[A black hair with a quite long bang! And on top of that, that lazy face! That is the real Silva!]


[The uprising commoner night!? Isn't he also one of the candidates to be princess Karina's guardian!?]


Rokomoko can only groan when he hears all those comments.

Then all the girl were focusing towards the mage boy there.


[Hey, who is that!? Anybody know which class is he!?]


[I don't know either! Hey stop pushing me!]


Anyone here never saw him before.

He was so cool standing there and even with his pompous face, anyone can't hate how his look. His pointy eyes that looking at the battlefield was so dreamy just like inside a picture.

They never have seen such a handsome boy inside the academy.

Those girls who were crying and wetting their eyes from before are no longer there, instead, those girls are rushing towards the entrance trying to take a glimpse of the young mage.

These girls were enchanted by his aria incarnation.

It was as if that area was sent directly to them.

But sadly, the truth is these wind spirits could only send the message to everyone here since they don't even know who or how Charlotte look like.

The message was made by Art Ange, The great wind spirits without stop, then it will be conveyed to the wind spirits so these guys could spread the message.


[From the looks of it that Cyclops was these monsters boss. In that case, these monsters will become, quite for now]


The girls at the cathedral's entrance saw that the boy turn his back against the dragon for a mere second.

When Vision saw that he can only open his mouth and thought,

'Ah, we lose. Eh? Wait a sec. That twinkle eyes, I believe that was Slow-sama's eyes'.

'But, Why did he wear a commoner uniform?'.

'I believe there will be no one here could realize that the person in front of us here was the person they called Piggy Duke, Slow Denning.', Vision really regret that last part.


[Well then, I think it's time to end this talk about the past]


At the same time, the black dragon shot his flame towards these two people.

It was an extremely big and hot flame.

It was so big it can even block the black dragon from view for an instant.

It was a fire that supposed to be able to melt anything on its path, but even though the people inside the cathedral saw that no one even raise a voice.

The wind swordsman swings his enchanted sword and creates a wind that erased the giant flame.

The fire disappeared, and then the figure of a black dragon could be seen floating in the sky.


[It's time to rewrite the legend of the black dragon. It's time to start a new story—]


But those things happened there didn't even faze all the people inside the cathedral.

They were all just got mesmerized by a very charming boy.


[—-my story]


As he finished saying that, the unknown boy walk towards the black dragon.

'His story huh?'

Among the students there only a very few people who can successfully guess who he was just like Vision.




From up above the sky the black dragon Sekhmet look towards the two people who suddenly appear.

Then he remembers about the person with the Denning blood in his vein told him before.


(…..I even wandering is that child a smaller version of you? That child said to be the descendant of Denning…..I see now, he has your blood in his vein that is why he can call all those spirits, more than that those spirits as if trying to compete on who can amuse him the most. Since they wanted your blood, that is why that kind of Aria…..)


Moreover, he also interested in the swordsman besides the boys.

That swordsman was holding a sword that was blessed by the great wind spirit.


(…..that means you are—–)


The black dragon becomes a bit nervous after finding out that they have something to do with the wind great spirit.

Monsters and the spirits don't have a good affinity between them.

But for the black dragon, he was already a demon for more than a thousand years.

He was more or less already become one with nature, so sensing a powerful existence like the great wind spirit is an easy task for him.

But he could only realize it when he finally saw them directly


(…….. I see)


The black dragon finally understood.

He finally knows the reason why did Charlotte so hard headedly not coming outside despite things happened.


(It seems I have been someone become in their way now….That means, you already protecting her…..the one with Denning's blood)


The black dragon Sekhmet breath out a small flame from his mouth.


(….So, it was like that, Shirley. That boy's honor, his power, it was all for the sake of protecting her. And for that sake I also…)


'As I thought, you have never changed', he said it with a bitter smile and a bit of flame escaped his mouth.


(I think I'm also too old, it was a mystery even for me why did I still exist in this world…. But with this, I can sleep for a long time. But you know what, Shirley. I can't give the title of dragon slayer to him that easily)


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