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91.) The Return of Wind Prodigy (part 1)

[——-Charlotte. I will always be myself. I have never changed since the time I saved you back then.] (Slow)

Those words will become the girls only support from now on.
Since the boy will stay the same no matter happen, the girl then swears she will be always by his side.

[……I will protect you,——Or so I said to Art Ange back then. Well then, that is all the clue I can give to you. Well, then Charlotte. Since I need to attend the secret sweet convection, I need to bid you good night for now. Good night.] (Slow)

[…..Art……Ange?] (Charlotte)

Charlotte can only tilt her head after hearing what Slow said.
It was as if she heard a very nostalgic name.
But thanks to ho hard her daily life (training) in the Denning household, he forgot what was her life back when she was still in Hugh Jack Empire.
And for a certain great wind spirit which floating above Charlotte's head, after knowing the facts that Charlotte forgets its name, it's fall right on the bed.
The black cat just feels tired and wanted to put its head on a fluffy bed.

(….Charlotte's bloodline was a secret nyaa, but now that I think about it even after knowing who she really was it doesn't even affect you nyaa. Oh well, you can just adapt to the situation needed, I will leave it all to you nyaa. I sleep for now nyaa.) (Art Ange)


The snow was still falling on Yolem non-stop.
The true nature of the snow was a crystallization of water magic with the highest purity, 'Heal'.
But sadly, there is no one doubt that it was a blessing from the great light spirit himself.

[…..Duke-sama! Please, your body still…!] (random soldier A)

[Royal knights, listen to me! Can't you hear that sound!?] (Vardeloy)

Vardeloy Denning has appeared with his youthful face despite his own ages.
The wound from when he fought the black dragon has already closed. Once he regains his consciousness, the first thing he did was to find cardinal Maldini and get near him as fast as possible.

[The spirits are singing! It was the same at that time! It was exactly the same just like when he was born! Those spirits will only sing together with him!] (Vardeloy)

Vardeloy Denning then looks towards the direction of the academy.
Cardinal Maldini together with some dozen Royal knights with him, finally makes his decision.

[Slow! I believe you will be the one who did it! You will be the one who will defeat the black dragon!] (Vardeloy)


[Cyclops-sama! I can't hold it anymore! My head is hurting so much buhiii!] (soon to be orc king I guess?)

[Yeha you're right pig head! Our play time is over! Now hear this great Cyclops-sama, you dungeon monsters! Do whatever you please!] (Cyclops)

[[Now, say it! With just one word you all will be saved!]] (Sekhmet)

At this point, everyone has already given up and it was shown clearly on everyone's face.
Even in this kind of situation, the girl didn’t stop to shout his name.

[Slow-sama will come! He will come for sure! Because he said it himself! He said to me he will change from the black piggy duke into the white piggy duke!] (Charlotte)

Tears starting to fall from the girl's eyes.
She has no more place to escape, not anymore.

[And also…….Who the heck is Art Ange anyway!?] (Charlotte)

(…..somehow I feel so empty nyaa) (Art Ange)

And also there is a great wind spirit who still feels empty because of its unrewarded feelings.


Shuya Nukolln feels something.
Whenever this hot-blooded diviner saw something, that thing will be 100% accurate.

[I can see that something is coming here! ….AAH! Oy, wait a sec! Stoooop!] (Shuya)

A maid was suddenly shut Shuya's mouth.
She has awakened thanks to Shuya's loud voice.
The Girl was frantically trying to shut Shuya's mouth while thinking, 'Why did he suddenly shout like that!? Those monsters will find us!'

[Yo-You're too noisy! *whisper, whisper……So, what was coming toward us?….] (Alicia maybe?)

[MMmmpph, mmmpph…….wind?] (Shuya)


The monsters from the sky were descending.
The monsters at the ground were jumping and stomping all over.
The monsters are surrounding the place in all 4 direction.
For Charlotte, the world is like moving in slow motion, in that slow-motion world he called him.

[And then, Slow -sama just confess his feeling to me! I refuse if I can't meet him at all!] (Charlotte)

She recalled what was Slow has said to her when he was starting his diet challenge.

[[I will become someone who suited for you]] (Slow)

It just felt he has decided on something.
It was as if he was always treating her like a princess.
Then in the most desperate times, there should be a prince in a white horse helping the princess.

[Help—–] (Charlotte)

[[Then, from now on we are bound by the contract. Now I shall——]] (Sekhmet)

The black dragon was in in the middle of opening its own mouth.
And just when the flame would escape from its mouth, it was made clear it wasn't the black dragon she is going to call.
There is only one person the girl will call for help.

[———–Slow-sama] (Charlotte)

[Sorry for being late———-Charlotte] (Slow)

The moment his voice was heard, all lights disappear from the academy.
Without any exception, all the people inside the academy, those people that barricade themselves inside the cathedral, the crowd of monsters, even the king of the sky, the black dragon himself, each and every one of them can't see a thing.
Darkness has completely enveloped Kurushu magic academy.
But there is only one person can still see inside the academy, it was the girl.
Then in the midst of darkness, right in front of her eyes, a man she was familiar with arrived on top of a white horse.
Suddenly seeing him in front of her makes her mind confused, but also make her mind at ease, but also confused, but then she is happy seeing him there. Torrents of feelings were mixed together and it makes her don't know what kind of feelings she should have or show for that moment.

[You are late……, UWAAAAN. And you have become slim somehow, Uwaaaaaaan. Slow-sama is not a pig anymoooooooore, Uwaaaaaaaan]

[Buhi!?…..Eh. Don't tell me, did my diet success?]

The boy called the wind prodigy thought that he always did things too far since a long time ago.
Right now, in front of him, Charlotte was crying without minding her surrounding.
Thanks to that crying, the boy doesn't know what to say towards her.
The first time they met, the girl also cried a lot.
But now, she was not crying because of something sad happened to her.
She was crying because she believed that he will return, and that makes her so happy tears can't stop falling from her eyes.


When he was running crossing the highway, he even forgets how many times he loses his breath while marching towards the academy.
Then a wind spirit told him a message from Art Ange.
'The Black Dragon is here'
At that moment, without minding anything else, he was marching towards the academy like there is no tomorrow.

[….I'm sorry, it seems I was a bit late here] (Slow)

[Idiooooot. You are so laaaate] (Charlotte)

When he saw the girl in front of her was crying like a little kid, he realizes something.
'Oh yeah, Charlotte was a cry baby for a long time ago'.
'She can't even have a good sleep unless she holds her plushy in her hand. She was also so thin and fragile looking at that time'
'Even with that weak looking body, she keeps trying to serve as an attendant in the Denning household even though it was hard.'
He was surprised since It was something that never shown even inside the anime.

Slowly, Slow approach the attendant girl in front of him to hug her.
This time he wasn't thrust away like last time.

Back when he was still running on the highway, he was talking about many things with his former knight.they are running while drawing and power from the great wind spirit, Art Ange.
They are not just running, but they also fly in the sky.
Sometimes the horses will bring them flying as high as the tree that has grown alongside the highway.
The one who leads the convoy was a wind knight, he was holding the enchanted sword on his hand.
He was blowing the monsters away with his magic while creating a stream of wind that was flowing from behind them to their front.
Both of them keep running forward while riding the horses.
With every step they took, the horses are getting better and better on riding the wind.
And it could clearly be seen that the horses are also enjoying themselves when they riding the wind.
Right now, when the boy and the girl were hugging each other, Art Ange was lying exhausted on Charlotte's feet.

[…..Sorry but, I can't bring the Royal Knights with me.] (Slow)

When Silva and Slow crossing the highway, both master and his former knight were talking about a lot of things.
Without holding anything back, the wind prodigy told him everything.
When they were on the highway, his thought was finally spilled.

'Finally, I'm not alone anymore'

' It's the best feeling ever'

'That's why, I also wanted to say it to you, Charlotte.'

Surprisingly, crossing his way back to the academy through the highway was a good thing for him.
When he talked to his knight about a period in his life when he called himself the black piggy duke, his knight was laughing.
Then the darkness resides and lights return into the academy.
This darkness phenomenon was something done by the light spirits following the great light spirit's instruction. It seems it was some kind of service for Slow.

[I think there is no problem. What do you think, Silva?] (Slow)

Suddenly besides Slow, a single knight was standing there.

[——What kind of problem you are talking about? Forget about that, let's talk about before, you said it was only a 'jump', but it was not. That kind of thing was already categorized as flying you know. That was really something, flying using the wind. Oh, it has been a long time Charlotte-chan. Aww, what a poor girl, you were crying. What did you do to her young master?] (Silva)

Silva was doing a 'tsukomi' while holding the glittering sword in his hand.

[….Hic…. Ah……Silvsan….] (Charlotte)

[Silva. Let’s bring Charlotte to the Cathedral. After that, take care of those small fries.] (Slow)

[Yeah, yeah,.. I'll do it] (Silva)


(You lot use my power too much) (Art Ange)

Thanks for those two people who use Art Ange's power without any reserve, it becomes so exhausted.
But Art Ange didn't hate them since it can feel to some extent what Slow Denning truly felt.
It was simply a bright optimistic feeling, there is no such a thing doubt or 'worst case scenario' kind of feeling.
The wind prodigy believes in what he did.
There is no such thought about not arriving at all.
Because of that feeling, it makes Art Ange believe in it too.
He will surely arrive without fail, there is no way he will not come on time.
It really made a close call when he arrived, but thankfully the result was still good.

[Well then, it's time for our show then] (Slow)

The rain has stopped for a while.
The black cloud that was covering the sky was removed thanks to the huge wind blowing it away.
Charlotte lift face.that was wet because of her tears.
There you can see a beautiful crescent moon was drawn on that face.


After she has returned to the cathedral, as if she was put into a special seat, she was watching his back while he protects everyone.
The last time she saw him, even the size of his uniform was far different than now. When she looked at him from behind, it was really hard to recognize him since he really looks like someone else entirely.

Beside her there were also Rokomoko and Vision lying powerlessly, they can only watch as the two people that bring them here walk away without able to say something.
The one Rokomoko was looking at the wind knight, Silva the commoner.
He can only mutter, 'You are so late, you blockhead' towards him.
While Vision was looking at the Wind Prodigy, Slow Denning.
With a vexed feeling, he just said 'You really come at a very crucial time' while groaning.

[What are you!!??!] (Cyclops)

[Buhi! Who are you!?] (Buhitta the orc)

An outsider suddenly appeared before them, on top of that these two were some warrior with an unknown power.
The darkness starts to disappear.
Some mysterious light was illuminating the academy.
And standing in front of the cathedral, 2 men standing while light shines upon them like a spotlight.
Especially the one who wears a commoner uniform, a man with hair color of a mix between black and gold.

[——Hey you, what a weird right hand you have there. Ah, isn't that you their mister orc? It seems Cosplay has become a trend for orc nowadays. That time when I was the lord of darkness was so fun, I believe you will enjoy it too] (Slow)

[BUHIIIIII!! This great Buhitta is the orc king buhii! Watch what you said to me buhiiii!] (Buhita)

The rain has fully stopped.

[I am the vessel of the spirits] (Slow)

It should be impossible for those people who still confined inside the cathedral to notice.

[Water is blue , fire is red ] (Slow)

He recites that aria with a small voice.
He recites something that the spirits only allowed him to do so.
Even though you can hear the voices, you can't hear the word from it.

[The wind is fast , the earth is deep ] (Slow)

An existence that rules all of the elements, the elemental master.
Magic the spirits only allowed someone who can see and hear them.
The truth was, he never needed a cane to use any kind of magic, it was a secret only he and his father know.

[Light is lighten us , darkness is concealed ] (Slow)

Somehow his voice mysteriously even reached to the people inside the cathedral.
His voice was so nice to hear, it was almost like a song.
Even the monsters were frozen in place watching him as if the time itself was stopped.

[I am the one who can hear the spirits, I am the elemental master] (Slow)

Before anyone could recognize it, he already casting wind magic around him.
Standing there alone, drops of blood was flowing from within his palm to the ground——-.

[I have given you my offerings. Now let me borrowed your strength, all six spirits] (Slow)

——–and with that, the time for the monsters has come to an end.


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