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Published at 31st of January 2019 04:15:40 AM
Chapter 90

90 . ) The Wind Prodigy and The Imperial Princess {part 10)

[Why did you still staying here!? Shouldn’t you already go to meet the king since this morning!? Why did you still here!? AAH, And you also eat those sweets again!] (Some maid)

[Don’t know, don’t care about it . Buhihi-] (Slow)

And then I changed .
Simply speaking, I become a truly unpleasant guy .

[Isn’t the people also said Alicisama was crying after coming back home from here!? What in the god world really happening here!?] (still the same maid as above)

[We were talking about some scary story all night long] (Slow)

If I was only a normal commoner’s child, the things I did will only be described as some cute acts in my rebellious age album .
But the problem is, I am a noble .

[You have eaten a lot yet you still eating, at this pace you will become so fat you will become people’s laughing stock!] (Some maid)

[Now that you said it, there was this little kid around 3 years old calling me ‘Piggy Duke’ . Buhi buhi buhi, what a rude little fellow] (Slow)

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Even though I was looking like this now I was someone from the family of Duke Denning, one of the high noble in Daris .
Even though I was but only a third child of the Denning household, it was almost for sure I will become the next head of this family since even I was getting engaged with Sarkista’s little princess .
And regarding my sudden transformation from a high spec from before into something unexplainable, the rumors even reach other countries by now .

[You there, bring me more of these sweets . Oh and don’t let anyone come in for the rest of the day since I will go straight to my bed after I finished these sweets, understand?… . . Ah, Charlotte, long time no see] (Slow)

[Slow-sama . What happens with you lately? Everyone said you have been acting really weird!] (Charlotte)

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I keep eating those sweet for a few days now .
Until that night when Charlotte came to my room .
After she returned from the ‘Survival training hell’ called ‘Denning Household Attendant Summer camp’, it seems she has become somewhat stronger than before .
But then, she was in her pajamas .
No matter how cool looking she has become, she never forgets to wear a very cute pink pajama, like what she wears currently .
Personally, I think the cry baby Charlotte from before was cuter than the cool her, but her current cute self is good in a way .
Well for me as long as it was Charlotte, no matter what she will become it will be an instant cute for me .
That is a sure thing for me .
And for Charlotte that doesn’t know my feeling towards her, it was a surprise for her after seeing me changed this much .

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[What are you talking about Charlotte . I never changed . Didn’t I told you before that I was a bad person?] (Slow)

[… . . That was a lie . It’s weird…… . Is it something that you can’t even tell me?] (Charlotte)

[There is nothing weird here . This is just how I really am . ] (Slow)

And then Charlotte just dropped her shoulder, feeling dejected . And just before she leaves the room, I called her .

[——-Wait a sec Charlotte . I will give you a hint then] (Slow)

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