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Chapter 9

.) After getting sprayed with perfume—-OH MY GOD!

[Vision, it seems your father is missing, huh. Isn’t it about time for him to have arrived in another country after his escape? Not just avoiding tax, he also did something else didn’t he? Your father is becoming a very hot topic in the royal palace now]

I take off the perfume lid.

Prepare yourself Vision! After playing with my heart like that, your sin is truly heavy!



With great vigor he raised his right hand, and for whatever reason he hit me with it.

With such a great momentum it made me flew off.

GYAAAAAA!!! The perfume splashed on my face! It’s in my eyes!

[It’s n-none of your business! Don’t you dare laugh at me anymore!]

My body is diving on to the ground!


My body rolls around violently on the ground.

[It’s such an eyesore, seeing you flattering that piggy duke… Ah, Oh yeah there is also a rumor floating around about how you can’t pay your own school expenses. Lately it seems like you need to cut out some expenses from your livelihood. The poor life is really well suited for you]

[Yeah yeah. Those who don’t pay their school expenses should just go back to their own place. Aah- I forgot about it, you don’t have one anymore. Then why don’t you just become a mercenary or an adventurer? Isn’t it a good idea since you have such confidence in your magic?]

[GUEE, GUEE. Ohook, Ohok. Gueee]

Everyone was watching as the dispute between Vision and all the student boys was taking place. There is no one paying attention to me. Please I beg you, anyone please worry about me! …Is this my retribution? Certainly!

[I won’t become a mercenary or an adventurer! If I can graduate from this school then the way to serve a high noble or become a researcher will open widely! And after that there will be a way to revive my household! Those insults you throw at me just now, I won’t ever forget them!]

[Is that why you make a move to that piggy duke? Don’t you know about him too!? Even the topic of that piggy duke is a taboo in the Dening household, even his family has given up on him! You should know about it too, Vision! You’re so pitiful it unpleasant to look at you!]

Ah, yeah.

That’s true.

But it’s not just my family, even my two knight who served me since I was a child left me.

…I wonder if they are fine now.

[Guee… Guee]

I pull out my handkerchief, and while still collapsed on the ground, I scrub my face really hard.

Oh my god! The smell is coming out! monsters will be coming here! I have to wash my face ASAP!

[Shutupshutupshutup! I will graduate no matter what it takes… De-Dening-sama! You still have some power, right? If the Dening household is willing to pay for my expenses, I will event lick your shoes right now!] (Ed notes: ewww, but maybe they taste like carnitas?) (Tl notes: no, if you are talking about shoes taste it would be like rubber, with sand, dirt, and some unknown substance)

While half crying, Vision looked at me. It seems he didn’t even think about all this when he hit me that hard. Oi, Don’t joke with me! Isn’t it your fault that monsters will come and attack me!

After that, I stand up from the ground while brushing off the dirt from my uniform.

And then, I honestly told Vision the truth.

[Nope… I have no such power anymore]

With a hopeless face he looked at me.

Wha-what is it… But it’s the truth isn’t it. Even the people in this country knows about it, that I fell from my candidacy in my House.

But, it’s all old talk from the black piggy duke!

From this day on, to see myself as the great white piggy duke, I will use all my power to achieve it.

[…Hit other people. Vision]

But, I feel a tiny bit of pity for him.

Do you want to say something else, Vision?

You are the only student I have been talking to all this week.

…That’s why, if it’s just a little I can lend you money from my own pocket, maybe…

N-No! It’s not like I think of him as a friend!

[You… you’re lying right! Dening-sama! I can absolutely become your power! No matter if it’s breakfast, lunch, or even dinner, I will prepare it for you! If it’s you it will work! Because the old you—]

My body suddenly stopped. Isn’t there some fascinating words, mixed on it?

Not just breakfast but even lunch? And even Dinner?!

…Ah, Hey! I always told you I’m on a diet! Such temptation! If you want to be my friend help me on my diet! Or at least accompany me when I run!

[You, you can even test me Dening-sama! Then, please watch my power! Do you think that I, who hold this great magic will become a commoner?! Don’t joke with me! I am a NOBLE!]

After saying that, Vision’s cane changed.

When I see his appearance my face turned pale.  The wind spirit answers Vision’s feelings, they are assembling the other spirits with them! Damn, this is the exercise ground! There are many different kind of spirit assembling around Vision now!

[Ooh, wind and fire spirit! Heed my voice!]

Vision desperate struggle seems to invite the amused water and earth spirit, even the darkness spirit joins in the fray. Wait, What?! How come there is a darkness spirit in here! Is there any student with darkness attribute here!?

Aah, hey you guys! You are also contributing to make vision rampage like this now!

[Oi you reckless Vision! You’re joking right!]

[Rokomoko Sensei! There! Vision is dangerous!]

In the distance I can see Rokomoko sensei swinging his cane while facing Vision. Earth magic is Rokomoko sensei’s speciality, and his magic is clashing with Vision’s making such a loud sound!

It’s bad! There will be no time in that distance!

Damn! It will explode anytime!

There is no such event in the anime!

[There is no way my father’s doing something bad!]

[Then why did your father disappeared!?]

[Shutupshutupshutup! Like hell I care about thaaaaaaaaaat!!!]

The spirits assembled by Vision started to shine and release their power all at once.

Aargh! It’s just a lower class spirit but it was such a hassle! If it’s just comparing the spirits that assembled, vision magic is comparable with any advance magic! But look carefully! It’s impossible for Vision, he can’t control that kind of high magic!

[Dening-sama! I will devote myself to show you the magic you’ve shown me when you were a child! That’s why, I ! ! I-!]

Oi Vision!

The situation looked pretty bad now, because of you there are so many student wounded!

He looks at us with bloodshot eyes. The other students persuasion doesn’t seems to be working!

[The blood of Greytroad who loves harvest, passionate wind shout to the heaven!]

Damn it! You forced me to do it!

[Ooh Violent wind! Clad with fire, show your strength! WIND BANNING!]

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