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89.) The Academy in Nightmare (Part 6)

[Did I hit it?!]

It was advance magic of wind and fire, and it was clearly hit its target.
The Cyclops was trapped inside a tornado made from wind and fire, Vision was sure he already stab the Cyclops's body, he even pierces its heart.


The Cyclops came out from inside the tornado without any meaningful injury.
Without any hesitation, the Cyclops was thrusting his right arm as if he was trying to protect his heart from the sword.

[Don't, don't come out!]

[This much is not enough to kill me, you moron! I have the dungeon core on my right hand, That was really dangerous for a sec there! But it hurts me a lot you know!]

With its left hand, the Cyclops grab Vision's head and then raise him up while only holding his head on its hand.


[You will be the first one]

The bloodshot-eyed monsters Outside the Cathedral were already filled with
The Despaired people inside the cathedral.
Morozov headmaster already looked liked he was in pain at the Cathedral's rooftop,
Above the Cathedral's sky, the black dragon was keeping an eye on those below.
From the school building to all the way towards the Cathedral, everyone could see it clearly.
A death sentences
While the Cyclops grab Vision Greytoad's head within its giant hand, he saw something from within the cathedral.
He could see that fear was plastered on everyone's faces.
He could also see the girls his best friend swore to protect.
As if he wanted to encourage the girl, he somehow could move his lips.

[….Charlotte, san. Slow-sama will come for sure………that is why, please, don't worry.]

After watching her nod her head, Vision has nothing more to regret in that place.
If he was discharging his magic instantly this close, even a dungeon core will be —-destroyed.
He can feel it will be possible, but then.


The Cyclops took a glimpse of the girl and had a sudden interest on her.
Since there is no such thing as despair could be felt from her eyes.

[….Heee, what an interesting eye you have there! OY! You with the silver hair there, if you come here, I will allow you to help this one you know?]

[What a foolish things to say. I… a noble of Daris. My magic……ugu, I learned it from my father, it was all to destroy the likes of you!]

[What a wonderful thing to say! …..Aah, Greytoad, where did I see that name again……Oy, pig head! Tell me about Greytoad!]

[I think it was the same as Aerith-sama Buhii!]

[Hahaha! What a masterpiece! Now die, GREYTOAD BRAT!]

The dungeon master, the one-eyed monster Cyclops, increase its left-hand power to crush Vision's head.

[…N-No….Don't come here….]

He can't help but look with his opened eyes.
He can't help but look at the existence of a girl he was supposed to protect.
He can't help but look at a girl who can't use any kind of magic walk alone towards the world of monsters.

[Ahn?…..Oyoy! Look at her! She really comes out! She really walks towards here!]

[[Now, Come. She who holds HughJack empire's blood. Just one word is enough]]

The monsters open up a path for the girl.
The Cyclops then let go Vision from his hand and throw it towards where Rokomoko's collapsed.

[N-No……do-don’t come. Don't come to Charlotte-san! ……Eh, I can't move!? Why!?]

Even though Vision has already promised him.
Even though Vision has promised his friend, the wind prodigy to protect his attendant in his place.

[Oy! You're heavy! And isn't it because of your own magic you can't move now!? Now tell me, if you also got caught here with me, who will get us out of here now!?]

Right below Vision's body, Rokomoko was moaning his current fate.


Up above the sky, the black dragon was watching over the girl.

[[Just one word, 'help' is all you need to say. With that word as the beginning, I will bring an end to everything]].


[She is seriously coming here!! Oy, pig head! What the heck did you do there!? Is that an orc style you used!? Gyahahahaha!]

[Buhii!! BUHITTA wanted to make an image of a strong and cool orc buuhiii!!!!!!]

Even though Charlotte was concerned about her own safety, but she was not even concerned about the monsters. All she think about was her memory about the past.

[Gyahahaha!! Oy! Pig head!! There is a red crest on your left chest! This is not the time to do some evolution you idiot, gyahahahaha! There is no component to do so here!!!]

[Buhii!!! This is the crest of the king! I was skipping the general part, and go straight to be the orc king buhii!! I will become invincible with this buhiiii!!!!!]

The monsters were shouting as if something exciting were happening here.
These monsters also already reached their limit.
They already exposed to the perfume that was spread here for quite a long time and it makes, their head become weird.
They were basically different than the Cyclops and the orc knight here, these monsters here were something that was born from within the dungeon.
You can say that they were born solely for the sake of fighting.


[The White lily. Let's go to your hometown and watch the white lily change its color once I return.]


Why did Slow-sama say those words to me?
Tears starting to fall from the girl’s eyes.
She really wanted to know why did he know about it.


Is it possible that Slow-sama knows who I really am?
If so, since when did he knows about it?
The girl trying to find any kind of clue from her memories and find out, how did he knows about her.

[Now then! Tell that dragon there to hurry up and come here!!]

[BUHI! I feel so powerful!! This way I can even make an unrivaled kingdom of orc buhii——!!!]


[[Is this how a Royal Knights should act!? Can't you hear it!? You should also be able to hear the song now! Or do you want to say this Vardeloy Denning was the only one who hears it!?]]

[[So you wanted to act a bit violent, Mr. Elemental master. Well then, I will forgive you this time since I also owe you something from before. I hope our next meeting will be something more dramatic and romantic. Now then, Ooo light spirits, I beg you to bless him and lent him your power]]

[[….Something is coming. Something is running towards the academy. Aaah, I can see it, I can see it, I can see it! That child was calling you to her——-!! Oh yeah, I was also one of the people that bet on the success of your diet!]]

90.) The Wind Prodigy and The Imperial Princess {part 10)

[Why did you still staying here!? Shouldn’t you already go to meet the king since this morning!? Why did you still here!? AAH, And you also eat those sweets again!]

[Don't know, don't care about it. Buhihi-]

And then I changed.
Simply speaking, I become a truly unpleasant guy.

[Isn't the people also said Alicisama was crying after coming back home from here!? What in the god world really happening here!?]

[We were talking about some scary story all night long]

If I was only a normal commoner's child, the things I did will only be described as some cute acts in my rebellious age album.
But the problem is, I am a noble.

[You have eaten a lot yet you still eating, at this pace you will become so fat you will become people's laughing stock!]

[Now that you said it, there was this little kid around 3 years old calling me 'Piggy Duke'. Buhi buhi buhi, what a rude little fellow]

Even though I was looking like this now I was someone from the family of Duke Denning, one of the high noble in Daris.
Even though I was but only a third child of the Denning household, it was almost for sure I will become the next head of this family since even I was getting engaged with Sarkista's little princess.
And regarding my sudden transformation from a high spec from before into something unexplainable, the rumors even reach other countries by now.

[You there, bring me more of these sweets. Oh and don't let anyone come in for the rest of the day since I will go straight to my bed after I finished these sweets, understand?…..Ah, Charlotte, long time no see]

[Slow-sama. What happens with you lately? Everyone said you have been acting really weird!]

I keep eating those sweet for a few days now.
Until that night when Charlotte came to my room.
After she returned from the 'Survival training hell' called 'Denning Household Attendant Summer camp', it seems she has become somewhat stronger than before.
But then, she was in her pajamas.
No matter how cool looking she has become, she never forgets to wear a very cute pink pajama, like what she wears currently.
Personally, I think the cry baby Charlotte from before was cuter than the cool her, but her current cute self is good in a way.
Well for me as long as it was Charlotte, no matter what she will become it will be an instant cute for me.
That is a sure thing for me.
And for Charlotte that doesn't know my feeling towards her, it was a surprise for her after seeing me changed this much.

[What are you talking about Charlotte. I never changed. Didn't I told you before that I was a bad person?]

[…..That was a lie. It's weird……. Is it something that you can't even tell me?]

[There is nothing weird here. This is just how I really am.]

And then Charlotte just dropped her shoulder, feeling dejected. And just before she leaves the room, I called her.

[——-Wait a sec Charlotte. I will give you a hint then]


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