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84.) Enchanted Sword of Daris

[You are not fair young master, you can use all kind of magic by yourself. But right now I could even use some magic you know. As long as I have this sword, I can somehow use light magic]

[Enchanted Sword huh…..But what kind of weapon is it? There is almost no information about how it used as a weapon.]

It has been a while since I left the academy to cross the highway.

The monsters should have filled up the highway thanks to the perfume. It will take more time to get back to the academy compared to when I was running here.

Dang it, I’ll just blow those monsters away with my wind magic along the way! Or so I thought, but it was impossible since I will run out of magic power in no time if I really do that now.

[Ah, this guy? Hmmm, this guy huh, this little guys here let me use light magic, well at least some simple light magic]

[Of course, I know it lets you use some light magic. I mean other than that, is there any?]

[Umm, well, all the magic power needed to use magic, every last bit of it, it will use the great light spirit rather than using my own magic power. Oh, and I can use it as much as I want. I hope you will keep this as a secret young master since it will be bad if the other country knows about it]

[I can’t believe it, this country still has some secret that I don’t know about……Wait a sec…What did you say just now?]

[Eh? Is it the sword let me use light magic?]

[Not that, the one after that!]

The national treasure of Daris, the Enchanted Sword.

A sword that was forged from a mysterious metal called magic crystal.

It is possible to enchant a tool with magic, but to enchant something with magic needs a large portion of magic crystals.

For normal magic tools, it only needs a small amount of magic crystal to make it. But for Daris’s Enchanted Sword it used an extremely large number of magic crystals, so many of it the sword let whoever hold it to be able to use magic just like a normal magic user.

[I can use magic as much as I want. And it used the great spirit’s magic power as its source]

All the former “Guardian” were all noble, and I thought at that time the sword was only let people who didn’t have any aptitude with light spirits to use light magic.

That is the reason I don’t have any interest in this Enchanted Sword until now that is.

How can I know that it lets us use magic with great light spirit as its source of power?

[….Good job Silva. Now just lent that sword to me. Come gimme gimee]

[Eh? What the heck did you say just now?]

[It’s boring to just use it to cast light magic. Let me use it to cast some wind magic]

[Haa? This sword was blessed by the great light spirit’s magic you know!? Young master, you should have know right?! You need at least a great spirit level of power to grant this enchanted sword with another attribute, you know it right?!]

Silva unconsciously let his mouth open agape.

He looks at me as if looking an idiot talking.

What a rude person, well it’s normal for you though.

[No problem, no problem. Well Silva—-]

[No no no no, there is nothing but problems here! Then please tell me, did you somehow by some chance, had a very good relationship with a great spirit somewhere? Well, no right? If you really have it, I won’t mind even if you work me 100 times harder than ever]

[It’s not a lie though, I already have a contract with the great wind spirit, Art Ange. Don’t forget about what you said just now okay?]


Just before his mouth could say ‘dang it!’ Silva able to shut his mouth.

Did he just forget that his master was once called ‘the wind prodigy’?

Buhihi, I will still hold that promise of yours though.

Well then, I guess it’s time to make that wind great spirit to work hard, isn’t it?

[Young master Slow…..Your face look liked someone that think he just did something great.]


[Ahh, this pattern is when something goes worst from bad…..Just like that time in the past….]

I don’t know whether my body could hold the power of a great spirit or not that is why I never use it, but if I use this Enchanted Sword as a medium, then it will be a different story then.

This enchanted sword was a sword made from magic crystals with the highest purity and blessed with The great light spirit’s magic.

While laughing, I proudly declare it to Silva.

[Now, my knight Silva. Together with this Enchanted sword, the One called Enchanted Daris, this is the beginning of our time! This is the beginning of our legend!!]

Art Ange!

I know you’re just rolling around, aren’t you!?

I always the one working hard! Now let me use your power as much as I want!

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