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Chapter 8


Hey guys I love you all, let’s start the practical magic class ! I have received the smaller size uniform from Charlote and now I’m jumping out from my room. It’s such a pity but for my the stair I only use it to go up.

Dosun! Hearing such a loud sound, all the student around  looking at me wandering what’s going on.

[A always, that piggy duke making such a noise…]

[Aa piggy duke huh…I thought it was a meteor just now…]

I am thinner right? Or so I try to rebuke myself while I walk.

The exercise ground is a space with at least one meter depth of pit surrounding it. It was made so if something strange happen when some magic phenomenon happening it won’t affect the place around it, but the student’s magic in the magic academy is not that high level yet.

Other than that this class is my favorite class. Because, you know, there is no one better at using magic than me. Even the third year student cannot be compared to me.This one is my own speciality. Buhibuhi.

[Oi. You lass, gather around-]

While walking with touching the perfume bottle in my trouser pocket, I walk to the center of exercise ground where Rokomoko-sensei located.

What should I do with this perfume-. We will have an expedition to a goblin forest. In the anime there should be an event where the protagonist will sneaks in to that forest, in there Shuya and his friend will be fighting a stray Ogre. After that he will awaken his fire magic and get a power up but….

According to the wind,  forget about fighting an ogre, his adventure finished even before it start. It seems a patroling sensei saw him sneaking around and and scold him now.

If I was that dark piggy duke I will wait for my next chance and splash it on him when opportunity arises, but now I’m a white piggy duke.

I won’t do such despicable things.

If he is truly the protagonist please get stronger with your own power buhibuhi.

[The class will be starting soon-. You lass come here.]

I have hurriedly to Rokomoko sensei’s place. He is an eccentric but cool looking guy with afro hair also wearing a black stylish shirt.

In sensei’s class he will give each of us an assignment then he will group the student according to the assignment, after that he will point out where we need to improve.

Oh yeah by the way I was always praised for gaining perfect score everytime, buhibuhi I already told you didin’t I.

Well well, let’s do a perfect point again today. Just tell me what kind of artistic magic i should do~

[Okay, today I want you to make a pair, each of you will tell your partner’s magic where it is lacking. After that you need to make a report according to what your partner said, You have to finish it before next week–]

What a devilish word you said!

I am standing alone dumbfounded.

Like a zombie I walk to the edge of the field while watching the scene in front of me.

Slowly but surely I can see the students succeed making pair one after another. There are also some intimate friend or even a pair of lover among them. Aa, they begin to spread out.

I feel really isolated and left behind.

I don’t have anyone to be partnered with!

You’ve done well thinking this kind of devilish thought Rokomoko sensei!

While I looked at Rokomoko Sensei our eyes meet each other.


While looking at me he close his one eye.

Disgusting! No, is that a wink ?! Is this the helping hand from Rokomoko sensei to me?! It has been a week since I thought to become a white piggy duke. But, y

ou want to said to me to make friends even though the only thing i succeed at still only my diet?!

Did the rumor about me trying to reform myself has been spread among teachers?

When I was running i remember being talked badly behind my back, but it seems I was looked warmly by the teachers!

Yeah, now my fighting spirit has risen! I have to try hard too buhii!

Is there anyone left behind? This kind magic expert the piggy duke will help you, you know?

This is also another  Achievement for me! Helping an unknown boy from the first year, guiding him to get his earth magic, that’s also another achievement!

But there is no one left behind.

Eh, How strange? Did everyone have a friend? Their great aren’t they….. Then this piggy duke will do the magic assignment alone now….. Is there really no one want  to be partnered with me? …..Well, I don’t have a friend afterall.

As I walk to the corner of the field wondering why there is no one still alone, I can hear sound from behind.

[Dening-sama. Do you mind partnering up with me?]

It come! I knew it! Magic is my only redeeming feature! Then, who are you!

When I turn to see who is it, what i found is the familiar blond hair I used to see. It’s the voice that I always hear in the morning, He is Vision Greytroad! As always his face looks so handsome and that blue eyes that looked like sapphire is looking at me now. In his neck there is a blue scarf coiling around it, Are you joking around!

Damn it he is looking good as usual, DAMN IT. Oh yeah I think he said to call him whenever I want to, but I forget about it recently.

Vision’s father is Lord Greytroad, in his place they produce a great fighter also a good quality wine, next time you go home please send me one of those good wine. Not just that, Vision is also a wind magic user, I think the reason he respect me is because how skillful I use wind magic. But please lower your voice when you are praising me with a loud voice in the dining room, it’s always made me embarrassed.

Oh right! I have you now!

Vision! We are friend aren’t we!? With this i can make a pair!

When I see Rokomoko sensei, he raise his thumb to me.

I will try my best! It all start with one friend!

When I walk to the corner to begin my magic practice with vision, once again a voice come from my back.

[Oi, cut it out! Stop that shameful act Vision!]

N? Vision, who are you talking to now?

And shameful act? What does that mean?

[Even though your father doing some stupid things and makes him turn into an ordinary commoner, you seems able to act like that in front of piggy duke aren’t you! To become a lacky from someone like that, how stupid are you! Oi Vision! Say something!?]

The cold hard truth crashing me.

Vision! You are someone I believe to be my first friend!

You are the only person to help me when I crush my seat in the dining hall!

You, I see. You are just using me after all!

It doesn’t even make  any sense why did you making contact with the taboo piggy duke from Dening household!

I give Vision a side look, let this piggy duke confirm what kind of face you have now!

When i see him his face turn red while looking down, his hand holding the can gold it tightly it trembles.

…Hey, shouldn’t I the who hurt the most?

You make me trust you in just a week!

If it was only bad mouthing the damage to me won’t be this great!

Slowly I put out the perfume bottle from my pocket.

This sadness I felt! You’re not the protagonist but I will splash it on you!

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