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77.) The WInd Prodigy and The Imperial Princess (part 7)

Both of them was in an elegant room at the moment.
Inside that gorgeous room, there was a picture decoring the wall, a large bed, and warm light are coming straight from the window.
It was after the conclusion from when they were at the four great countries alliance's territory, both of them were inside a lovely and inviting room as if the room itself was coming out from the fairy tale itself.
It was the room of The third son of Denning, a great family that was leading a large number of soldiers under him inside the great Knightdom of Daris, he was called Slow Denning.

When he arrived at his home together with Charlotte, he told the people there the details of the incident that happened.
Then those maids take the dirtied clothes from Charlotte and give her clean clothes to wear.
It was the kind of cute clothes children usually wear.
But to their surprise, those people in the residence never imagine the girls in front of them moved naturally as she used to that kind of treatment, the maids are merrily gossipping about who is that girl really was and how mysterious she was.

When her preparation has finished, she goes straight towards the dinner table.
She ate everything greedily like there is no tomorrow.
Her childlike behavior makes her looks more loveable.

[…Hey, where are the other people from before?]

while still in the middle of drinking her soup, she suddenly became curious about those two people from before.

[Hmm? Aah they are—-]

After that incident, Claude, together with a large number of the soldier from the Duke around the place starting to move.
The people from the Free Federation couldn't spout any excuse after those people caught red-handed, they can't escape their responsibility to pay to this country for all they have done.
Moreover, since those people also trying to apprehend those reverse cross rebels, those big traders from the free federation will willingly pay a huge pile of money to capture them.
Those people are so full of themselves they even broke their own country, the free federation's policy.
The free federation had a policy, "Be free, never forget the spirits of rebellion, but remember, to leave a little bit careful about the other country's policy if you are in their soil".

[—–Please don't worry about them, they are alright.]

[I see….Um…you see…]

Charlotte starting to trust Slow little by little.
She felt a familiarity with him since she was once the princess from a certain country and Slow was someone from a well known noble family.

[ummm….you see]

Charlotte stops her hand which she used to move the soup to her mouth and move her eyes towards Slow that sit near her.
He was reading a book at that time.
He immediately told the people in the residence on how to treat her.
The butler even said, "Master Slow's bad habit come out again" like it always happened.
These people already guess that Slow, the Wind Prodigy, will be the next head of the Duke Denning family.
It was also impossible for these people to straightly refuse him since it was a cute affection to others that everyone has when they were only a child.
And those feeling will mostly disappear as they grown up.
But of course, there is no one but the wind prodigy himself knows how much resolution he holds about Charlotte here.

[….Thank you]

As Charlotte said those words, her face turned red, then she continues drinking her soup.
Slow was feeling really good hearing her said that.
He closes the book he was reading.
It was a black covered picture book telling many stories that were counted as a legend from the legendary Hugh Jack empire.
Since Charlotte was so busy with her food, she doesn't realize what was Slow read.
And Slow actually not just leisurely reading, actually he was thinking all sort of arrangement from now on.
And then without any warning, he told her what he was thinking all this time.

[Charlotte, I want you to become my attendance from now on]

Blinking her eyes in surprise, Charlotte really looks like an angel with her silver hair.
After blinking numerous times, with the spoon in her hand, she asked Slow.
By the way, she already finished her first bowl of soup a long time ago. This soup she ate was her third bowl.


The young Charlotte looks confused even her eyes turned into a line. >>like this (- -) <<

[Yes, I need someone to take care of all of my needs]

[….Will I take care of you Slow?]

[Yes you will. And in exchange, you will be able to drink all the delicious soup as much as you can, and also I will protect you from all the things outside.]

The young girl once again blinking in surprise and make a line again with both of her eyes.
For Charlotte who has tasted how hard life could be, an offer for having a delicious soup every day was very charming for her.
That was why she said it.

[Yup. I'll do it]

[Alright, Then it has been decided. Do you want more soup?]


78) The Academy in Nightmare (part 3)

[[To the people who still live! Get inside the barrier! We had hit our limit! From this moment onward, It was forbidden for anyone to get past the barrier!]]

More and more students which are wounded and already ran out of mana increase by the minute.
As time passed, it wasn't the winged monsters appeared alone, not only monsters with the strong body also appear one after another but also monsters that could shake the ground with each of its steps could be seen at the academy's gate.
The third-year students that were defending the gate before being succeeded in retreating back into the cathedral.
Even for Vision Greytoad, he successfully retreated back inside the cathedral by himself.
People who know him walking inside the cathedral were calling towards him, these people are also those who hope for the arrival of the royal knights.

[Sir Vision! Are you alright?!]

Most of his acquaintance were commoner.
It was beginning from his roommate and expand to the maids and those noble's attendants.
He had such a strong bond among the commoner inside the academy, it was only natural since he his leg are already stuck together with the commoners.
Without even any need for Vision to explain how scary outside, some maids here are already trying to calm down themselves as they were was tremble nonstop while say it will be alright.
When a person walks outside the cathedral even for just one step, they will soon be welcomed by a monsters night parade.


When the girls saw Vision drenched in monsters blood, they were trembling more and more. It made Vision a bit down seeing that.
He really felt bitter seeing the girl didn't understand the off in the battlefield, and this wound was a wound of honor.

[Then everyone, did everyone you know already here?]

Even in this kind of situation he never forgets to use such polite sentences.
For Vision Greytoad, even if those were only a commoner, no matter who they are, he will not care about it and still made them his friends.
And that was why he also, just like Slow Denning, loves the people inside the academy regardless of their social standing.

[Yes…..Ah, but there are still some people who haven't be who still not here yet. I believe these people are taking shelter somewhere.]

[There are some people who become confused because of what happened after all]

[…Really. …..Where are you little Deppa?]

The last part from the girls didn't even reach to Vision's ear since he was looking over the condition inside the cathedral.
Even though it should be really hot inside the cathedral since there were so many people packed inside, the horror from the atmosphere makes it feels colder than it should be.
Not only the atmosphere, but the number of pessimist people was also increasing steadily.
And those brave heroes from the senior year were all already lied down, wasted around the cathedral’s door. Each time they tried to breathe air into their lungs, the pain was assaulting them without mercy.
It was a symptom when someone experiencing magic power deficiency.

[Look whos here….. Welcome back, Vision]

From one of the long benches there, Alicia calling out Vision.
The noble student that was sitting beside Alicia, after seeing Vision's state, gave him his seat.
Even though he was an unknown student B, when he saw Vision there was a glittering respect like a child watching his hero.

[….What happens, Miss Alicia?]

Alicia shivered.

[…Umm…I thought it will going to be alright in the end…..but it was not…..It was scary… becomes really scary in no time…..]

She was shivering non-stop.
Seeing her small figure shivered, it makes Vision thought he was watching a thrown away kitten right in front of him.
The usual Alicia who always shows such a strong vibe has gone, or so Vision thought.
They already turned into a prey that was locked in a cage right now.
There was no escape, and outside the cathedral has turned into hell.
The usual power level inside this academy has just turned upside down.

[——-It will be alright, miss Alicia]

Hearing a voice he was familiar with, Vision throws his vision to where was the voice originated.
It was Charlotte's voice who was sitting across Alicia.
When Vision saw her condition, he surprised.

His friend attendant should have been shivering after hearing from Vision's mouth his best friend's message.
It was not because of fear of monsters, but because some reason only Charlotte knew.
But right now, the one in front of him looked like a different person altogether.

[But…everyone keep saying piggy slow already dead…..]

[He is not, I believe master Slow has already crossed the highway]

She has stopped her trembling.
And surprisingly, she was helping to cheer Alicia that was crying at that time.

[…why. Why did you say that?..]

Inside the cathedral, numerous people were trying to hide their own breathing, as if trying to hide from the monsters that surrounded them.
Most of the people here won't believe that Slow Denning will success crossing the highway.
Normally it will take a few hours for someone to cross the highway even on top of a horse, and he was crossing it alone?
In this condition, right now?
Impossible, it was absolutely impossible.
Only his friend Vision that believes in him and will not run away by himself no matter how many lives he has.
Of course, it was because Vision has earned those beliefs with time he has with Slow.

[…..Miss Alicia, don't you believe in Master Slow?]

[….I wanted to, but this situation now…..]

Charlotte looks at her with a look of pity.
A noble student who thought she will die and an attendant of a man who was hated with the name of the piggy duke.
Right now it was Charlotte was the one who holds Alicia's hands strongly.
There is no any sign of hesitation on her face.

[I was always thinking about it, about master Slow. I was always thinking why did he said those words, what were those words truly means.]

Alicia saw Charlotte's resolute face.
She wanted to know why did she totally believe him without any hesitation in it, she wanted to know.

[Master Slow was someone with a lot of secrets. His feelings, he hides it, he keeps it away from people so nobody knows it, only until a while ago I also don't know a lot of things about him]

Alicia also agrees with those words.
He was always a show-off.
The story about the talent of the wind prodigy and also his exploit in battle was reached even inside Alicia's hometown, Sarkista.
Alicia, who was become the fiance of that man, was so proud of it.
So, in order to not be an embarrassment of him, she was trying so hard to at least become pretty.

But he was changed.
He turned into something laughable and a joke.
No one knows why, when he was asked about it he will only ignore those question.
He was someone who loves keeping secrets from other.

[And that exact same master Slow, he told me. I will surely cross the highway. …..Isn't that right Vision-san?]

[…..yeah, just as she said]

Vision was surprised how strong Charlotte's heart was.

[For someone who loves keeping secrets like master Slow, then when it was coming out from his mouth it will surely become true. It will surely, without a doubt, it will be alright.]

Alicia just blanks out after hearing Charlotte's words, she was just looking at her and nodded her head.

[Did you also think just like me, Miss Alicia?]

Alicia nod surely.
She nods many many times.
He is not dead yet.
He should not dead yet
Just like that joke orc-faced water knight.
You are one ridiculous person, you will absolutely cross that highway without dying.

I was so stupid

Alicia was cursing herself since before.
He was going out there alone without anyone help
He was prepared to do it by himself
Even though he was her fiance a long time ago it was cruel of him.
That is why Alicia thought that she will get very angry at him once he returns.

[…..It seems you saw my pathetic self this time Charlotte-san. …..yes, you are right. He is not someone who could easily die. ….. He's just like that water pig there…. He was one crazy man…..]

[Yes. and also, Master Slow was so strong since a long time ago]

Somehow when seeing those two people in front of him he also feels proud.
Those two girls were thinking so much about his one best friend, and well, he also laughs a little when he thought how ridiculous those water pigs are
But there is also someone who was surprised seeing that exact event.
That one was not a human.
Art Ange, the great wind spirit was floating around. It smiles when it watch how serious Charlotte was when she said those words.

Then it happens.
No one could expect it happened.

"The inside of cathedral will always be a safe haven, it was human own conceited thought"

"Oo flame. Burn those who oppose you"


The chatedral was engulf in fire, scream could be heard everywhere.


[my armor was melting buhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Without my armor I was also a normal orc buhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii]

It was a cry like nothing before, it was an ear-splitting cry.
Inside the cathedral, once again, students scream filled the space there.


It was an existence coming with together with the flame.
The entire barrier was baked in the fire, outside the window there is only fire we could see.
Then, Morozov headmaster, he who still standing on top of the roof, saw that creature.

[Impossible…..How, how could….]

Its blazing eyes could be seen from inside the flame.
It was coming from the sky, the one monster that rules over the sky.
The dragon.
The one who brings chaos and destruction to the dostork empire, the lord of the sky.
When Morozov headmaster saw that monsters, he felt he was just defeated in an instance.

[forgive me…..Slow-kun…..Please, do forgive me….]

As if he was admitting his defeat, Morozov headmaster, the one who was the key person who protects the academy, fall to his knees.


If this continues, the whole academy has fallen into despair.
But there is no savior who will come to save them.
The supposed to be a savior, Shuya Nucorn hasn't shown any sign to be awakened.

That is why, it was impossible, utterly unthinkable, for that man to be a savior.
The die has been cast
The fate will correct itself, it will turn into what it supposed to be.

Then it repeats once again, someone was crossing the highway once again.
The clock was ticking, since a while now monsters that were walk-in on the highway was flying one after another.
But right now, that someone was not alone.
It was not just one person who cross the highway now.

It was the knightdom of Daris most treasured.
It was the sword that was blessed by the great light spirit, the enchanted sword.
The one who was once The wind prodigy former knight, once again, he returned to where his belong and ride together with him.

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