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63.) The Wind Prodigy and The Imperial Princess

The people of Denning household are living in a place full of greenery wherever your eyes looking at.
It was a place where the people inside it were loved by the wind spirit, even when you just living normally and you can't see it for yourselves you know it was the place loved by the wind spirits.

[Claude, Silva. Come with me, it's an emergency.]

[Slow-sama. Where are we going to now?]

It a six-year-old child with his two personal knights.
The child was wearing splendid clothes and walking on top of the red carpet inside a big building.
The two knights with a black overcoat on their back follow that child in haste.
The butler and the servants stand along in the corridor and watch those people go with a smile on their face.

[The duke will get mad at you again you know]

[I won't get caught as long as you're not telling him thou. Afterall, my father is still in the capital of Daris.]

After the big knight in front of him finish talking, a still growing up boy with black hair follow the two in front of him while nodding.

[Fuwaaaah, so sleepy. I have told you many times master Claude, how many more till you will understand…..Our job is only to follow Young master Slow from behind.]

[…..You're just too careless, Silva. Don't forget about those assassins, it's the time when they still can freely come and go even inside the Denning household territory.]

[I will, of course, help out at that time].

It was a conversation between young people between a knight called Claude and Silva that hasn't past 20 years old while watching over Slow in front of them.
The third son of the Denning family, Slow Denning. This beloved son of Duke Denning has a bad habit
The third son of Denning Household, the beloved son of duke Denning, Slow Denning has a habit to walk alone outside the house. Making him an easy target of assassins numerous times.

[You are too full of yourself, this world is vast just so you know]

[Master Claude, aren't you also never take a step out from Daris? What the heck you said just now?]

One person was called Claude Mustard.
He was a noble that was employed by the Denning household, he is the second son of the Mustard household packed with a lot of useful knowledge.
He was a young man with reddish hair with a very serious look on his face.
He mostly firmly shut his mouth while doing his job to watch over Slow.

[Master Claude. Young master Slow sure changed a lot since those empire people invade us.]

The other one was called Silva, a commoner.
Someone who was proclaimed to be the one whom saved Slow from an assassin and have a considerably good skill for the sword.
Even though he was still a young boy at that time, his sword skill was good enough it could make even the Vardeloy Denning groan.
The boy himself was entrusted with one and the only job, to protect Slow.

[It looks to me that Slow-sama worried about something. …..What a good person he is. And also Silva, please stop calling master. I'm still 22 years old, I'm not that old to be called master yet.]

[Master Claude, you still have your bed hair]

[Muu….thank you, you help me there Silva.]


The great wind spirit-sama is coming.
The great wind spirit-sama is coming here, Slow.

It is so angry.
Slow, please don't go there.
You will be killed, you will be killed.


That very morning those people already running on top of their horses at the forest path.
Watching the people working on their farm and paying respect to the animals that live in nature, The horses are letting comfortable cries that blend perfectly with the wind while their riders are eating bread while riding the horses.
Usually, these two knights will always follow Slow running in these branching road while enjoying the refreshing breeze on their face.
But today Silva and Claude showing some disapproval towards their master.

[Slow-sama. This road ahead will bring us towards the Empire territory. We can't go further than this.

[young master Slow,.Even I can't approve if we go further than this. It will be bad for master Claude if we go further than this]

Following Silva, the horse that rode by Slow also narrowing its eyes watching the three branch road in front of its eyes.

[No, I won't go there]

Using his head, Slow show them the right road he wanted to pick.

[There. There are some people giving me a bad vibe this way]


Nonono you can't do that Slow.
You can't go there.


The horses keep running following down the road.
The light piercing the forest, heaven for all the animal living there. A light rain suddenly fall down upon them, it made the weather a bit chilly for them.
While Claude having a bad mood combing his hair because some branch stuck there, those two knights keep following Slow from behind.

[I wonder what is it beyond here huh? Young master Slow]

After they walk through the forest, what welcome them then was an open space before them.
There is a lot of cart and horse wagon stopping here and there.
There are a lot of people there, from the rich looking people to a roguelike people there.
And from among them 10-odds people are standing on stage and was looked by the people around that place full of interest.

[….Master Claude. If I remember correctly, isn't slavery prohibited in Daris?]

[This country always upheld its law and tradition, of course, it was prohibited. Do you still remember that time during the conclusion of our country alliance Silva? we had an argument with the free federation at that time because of that]

Walking between the tree shades, those three are watching those slave trader doing their things.
There is a dozen of people standing on stage there.
Even before listening to what the spirit said, Slow already understood what happened here.

(… seems they have escaped from the Imperial territory….and somehow along the way towards the border they got caught by a slave trader from the free federation)

I heard that most of the Imperial citizen is trying to escape from the eastern part of The Imperial territory, through Sarkista and continue towards Southeast. But they seem can't escape from the free federation that easily.
…..It seems there is someone from Daris got their hand on this.

[Yeah, that should be the case. Ah, look there, young master Slow. the necklace wearing old man there, that upside cross was the sign of a traitor. I can't believe it one of the rebel guilds from the free federation is right here on our teritory]

[Just how good that eyes of yours, Silva]

[Master Claude, your eyes as thin as ever, are you perhaps still need more sleep?]

[Don't joke with me you little]

Daris was one of the countries that prohibited slavery in their territory.
No matter how the relation between Daris and the free federation will turn into, but in this country, the law itself must be upheld.
Suddenly Slows expression change when he saw someone among the slave that the slave trader has brought with him, he freezes when he saw a girl among them.

"That is the girl, Slow"

Even after the war ended, the empire still sending more and more people towards the former Imperial territory.
'Is there something only those guys know?'
Then Slow piecing together the information he has got from the spirits.
They are searching for the Empire princess, Charlotte Lili hughjack.
The Dostork Empire trying to get their hand on the power to controlling monsters.
The very same ability that the princess of The Imperial has.


Unconsciously Slow grab the branch in his hand with to much power and breaking it.

[My dear knight, Claude, Silva!! Buy that slave for me! No matter how much it takes! I wanted to take her out of there no matter what!]

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