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Chapter 62

62.) When The Bell of Hell Ring, The Bell of The beginning also come with it.

In front of a dozen of third-year students that come from a family with a good pedigree and those student who have been studying hard to become a Royal Knight, also for the teachers that believe in their own skill—————————————————– It will be a miracle if those monster from the forest could past through.

The place that was quite before now was filled with those monsters coming from the dungeon.
At first, it was only some group of Kobold Soldier.
They have such a nimble body, so when the second year students trying to hit them with Ice arrow, those monsters can evade it easily.

[Step back! I’ll blast them away!]

The third-year students come up front, they cast ‘Kamaitachi’ on all four directions circling the Kobold Soldiers.
Those wind cut the kobolds feet, rendering them immobile.

[Pathetic buhii] (definitely not our MC)

The next one appears was an orc that has some cursed armor on some of his important body parts.
It can even be said it was an orc that already reaches its peak and becomes the so-called orc knight.

[BUHIIIIIIIIIIIIII] (definitely not our mc)

The orc knight holds the already dead monsters on the ground to become a shield from the magic attack.
Just like Kobold soldier, the orc knight has some special trait that the normal orc doesn’t have. The normal orc that everyone knows was a monster that known for its slow movement, but because of the training they had inside the dungeon, they evolved to become faster and closing their distance with the gate in no time.

[The monsters remain become shield !?]

The bell of hell shall rings.

[Is there any problem? Buhiii!] (an orc knight)

When the monsters remain turned into a rag, the orc knight takes the closest monsters remain and hold it in his hand again to become his shield.
The attack toward the orc knight has become

nulled and useless, it continues running without stopping.

[What a poor magic you have there buhiiiiii] (orc knight)

[We need a powerful magic here! Take down the one that using monsters remain as its shield!] (student army)

[Ye-yes! I’ll use fire magic then—–] (a certain fire mage)

[Wait there! Fire magic will only become weaker in this kind of rain! Earth! Use earth magic to stop it!]

When the orc knight see how panic the student at the gate, he throw the remains of the monster shield in his hand toward the student that was going to cast a fire magic.
And when it knows it was effective, he keeps throwing the monsters remains to the gate.


[Oi! You okay!?]

[Hey! That orc monster is gone!]

The orc knight disappears.
It seems the orc knight only running to built a momentum to jump, right now there is only a mountain of dead monsters there.
They lost their sight of the enemy in the dark.

[Th-there! Behind youuuuuuu!]


The orc knight comes from the sky.
The jumping power for the orc knight who struggles inside the dungeon until it can evolve exceed the student’s imagination.
The orc knight pulls out a dagger from its hair and come straight toward a red hair student and go straight for his heart.

[Die buhii] (an orc knight)

[Ah–] (a certain red-headed fire mage)

The moment the orc knight attack hit his body, Shuya understand what will happens to him.

If only I go to the Cathedral I will be okay.
Sorry father, mother, please forgive me.


I, I was murdered.


[Eei! What happen here!? Why the heck those monsters come out from the forest!?] (Cardinal Maldini)

Unlike the Kurushu magic academy, the city of Yolem has a lot of entrance all around the city.
There are quite a lot of houses that were built facing towards the forest of lost.
It was extremely rare

rare for monsters from the ‘forest of lost’ to actually came out, that is why a lot of people felt that there is no problem building their house near the forest.

That is why when Cardinal Maldini heard about a lot of monsters were coming out from the forest, he decided it will need the power of The Royal Knights to fix it.
With the Royal knight’s standing in line in front of the Feudal lord’s house, it shows that these knights are preparing to do some monsters extermination.

But no one there realizes what will happen to them now.
Right now, there is something that watching them from the sky.

[In order to protect Karinsama, half of you will stay here. The group that will follow me to subjugate those monster are sir Leon, sir Higuain——]

These knights keep running as they were told even when their body is shivering in cold without saying anything.
But suddenly without any warning, a lump of black thing drop right in front of their eyes and it made their mind freeze after seeing the thing that was dropped from the sky.


From ancient times a great the person will choose somewhere in a high place to live.
Therefore The Black Dragon Sekhmet choose the feudal lord’s home where Cardinal Maldini and Princess Karina, together with the royal knight, decided to stay.
It was one of its own desire to play around with its prey.
And watching their how will those guys react towards him.

And right in front of Cardinal Maldini and those knights, the big body of the black dragon Sekhmet———
———-are landing right in front of them.


The shock it causes when dropped could even shake the earth itself.
Its black body was so big, it was around ten times of a man’s body.
Imagine how big will its body when it fully opens its wings.
Right now right in front of these Royal knights, the giant showed its jet black body.
It was a monster called THE

called THE Dragon.
It was a monster that ruled over the northern side and was known not so friendly with the people from the south.
And right now, that kind of existence was right in front of their very eyes.
HOw, Why, why, why right now, why did it come at this kind of time?

[Ah] (Cardinal Maldini)

At this time, the light from its pupil reflects Cardinal Maldini on it.
After seeing that black pupil, Cardinal Maldini understood one thing—–

[Ah] (Cardinal Maldini)

No matter how many decades he achieved as Royal knight, or as an individual with his sword, Cardinal Maldini understand it immediately.
He has a different status as a living being with that dragon.
With just a look from that black dragon, it can give such a pressure to those who were seen by that pupils.

[…..guraa] (the black dragon Sekhmet)

Please don’t look at me, or so the Cardinal Maldini wish for.
It was clear as day that not a single person among the Royal knights here can move their body cause of fear.
Even thou there is some famous adventurer among these knights here that has delved deep into the dungeon, but the monster before them right now was far too different with the strong monsters they have fought in the past. It practically makes these knights looks just like a baby.


Their instinct keeps shouting a warning in their head.
Run, I don’t want to die here, just run!
Just before Cardinal Maldini and the Royal knights gave in to their instinct and start to run, they stop.
The black dragon Sekhmet threw up something from its mouth in front of their eyes.
It was a human being.


[Human…..It’s a Human! Cardinal!]

Everyones was wondering whether that person was dead or still alive.
It doesn’t show any movement at all, and with that deep wound in his chest, he appears as if he was dead.
When Cardinal Maldini saw the man in front of him, his mind freeze,
It’s, impossible right?
center style="margin-top:25px"> /> It’s, impossible right?
It’s a lie.
There is no way it wasn’t a lie.
But there is no way I can mistake that man’s face.
But, that man, that human in front of me was.

The man who supports this whole country.
The man that lead us and protect us all——–

[——-Duke Denning!] (Cardinal Maldini)

All the royal knight there stunned knowing who he was.
When everyone was still stunned, only Cardinal Maldini realize that the black dragon stomach was lightened up.

[Ah,ah,ah] (Cardinal Maldini)

He has seen it in some book some times ago.

“When A dragon abdomens part was lightened up, please be careful”

“He will shot out a breath that will burn everything in its path”

The black dragon slowly opens its mouth.
To fight the real thing abandoning their live, these people actually only need one simple reason.
It’s not the honor of the royal family nor the terror of hurting their pride.

Right now at the building behind them—–
—–the so-called Daris’s future is currently sleeping there.


Let the bells of hell rings

The black dragon Sekhmet was a true monster.

Let the bells of hell rings

Shuya has been prepared himself to die, Duke Denning, himself has been defeated.

Let the bells of hell rings

—–And with it let we shall ring the bell of beginning.

It’s not about the three musketeers, the hero from the north. Nor it’s not the man who contracted the fire spirit, Shuya Newcologne—–

[Come to me now—–This is our second round miss mercenary!!] (Piggy Duke)

He was running.
He was roaring.

Suddenly there are a lot of flying monsters coming from the sky right in front of the cathedral.

It was clear that it was a different class of monster than before.
Without any restraint, the injured person keep piling up.
But the wind great spirit still stretching on top of the cathedral’s roof without worry as if nothing happened.

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