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Chapter 61

61.) The Cathedral

{I should have hate humans before nyaa~} (Art Ange)

the same thing that was happening to Slow Denning was also felt by the fat black cat, it got slimmer.
The great wind spirit, Art Ange, sprawled on top of the cathedral rooftop while it watched the human child fighting against the wave of monsters coming towards them.
Beside Art Ange, there is also headmaster Morozov standing there holding a cane with bluish light coming from it.
He was talking with a kind voice towards the students, but in reality, he was showing such a grim face forcing himself trying to maintain the barrier around him.

{This old man, he really fighting harder than I thought Nyaa} (Art Ange)

It was the impression Art Ange, the great wind spirit has about Headmaster Morozov.
Art Ange fly towards the sky. It fly through the sky full of flying monsters that was has been killed again and again by the students until finally, it could see the road that Slow Denning cross by himself.

{…..Slow. Even though you are someone that was called the wind prodigy in human world…..It was all wrong. If it’s you, you can do anything nyaa. It was only because you met me first nyaa. You are the ‘Elemental Master’. You are the human that was loved by all the spirit in the world nyaa} (Art Ange)

Art Ange was reminiscing about their past.
Even while yawning, it

still reminded about the human who made the contract with it.

{Hurry up and come back. Charlotte has been waiting for your return} (Art Ange)


A thin and transparent blue membrane was enveloping the Cathedral.
While the human could easily go past through easily, it will bring a lot of pain to the monsters whenever they come in contact with that membrane, it was one hell of a barrier for those monsters who trying to get past it.

There is nothing that could disturb the barrier, not even the heavy rain nor the thunder that accompany it could do it.
It has been a few decades for Headmaster Morozov since his first time connected to this academy, and within that few decades, he amasses his magic power from time to time in one single cane.
It was a very rare and precious cane that only the magic country of Minerva could produce.

[The inside of the barrier is safe! Those monsters can’t get inside here! I want all the water magician to treat those who wounded! Those wound they have is the proof of their honor!] (Headmaster)

Those people that were huddling together at the Cathedral are shaking in fear.
From the window that was opened, they could only felt it was a nightmare after they saw those monsters were flying in the sky.
Those who had watched the nightmare outside the window could only wish for the Royal Knights to come as

as soon as possible.

[It will be alright, Charlotte-san! I have heard that Headmaster Morozov has been studying on that magic country Minerva long time ago! There is no way for a mere monster to break this barrier!] (Alicia)

[Y, you are right….. Alicisama] (Charlotte)

[Yes! Everything is going to be okay!] (Alicia)

Alicia was sitting beside Charlotte.
Alicia was encouraging Charlotte, both of them are hugging each other while sitting on a bench.
Both of them saw things.
Male students who gave his seat to someone else.
Those who lost himself and shut himself out.
Those who call their family name over and over.
Those who grasp their own hand harder and harder trying to reassure themselves.
And there is also a lot of people who offer their prayer towards the statue of Goddess Lilia.
If someone saw outside the window, all they could see was the disgusting figure of those monsters.
For these powerless people here, once they step outside the Cathedral they will soon see the other world without a doubt.

[….] (Charlotte)

[By the way, where did that Shuya disappear?] (Alicia)

Right now Charlotte’s mind was not in its place.
Even though the monsters outside was so scary just like nightmares, she can’t even think about that right now.
She can’t help to think the words that were left behind for her.
Right now in her hometown, the Hughjack Empire, the white lily should have bloomed beautifully.
And even

/> And even so, the castle where she was born into was known for its beautiful garden full of white lilies.
For Charlotte, the most remarkable scene from her childhood was when she saw the castle’s garden from within the castle.
Is it a coincidence for that words really resemble her memory from her past?

[….There is no way right] (Charlotte)

Why did Slow-sama tell me about my hometown, on top of that why did he use ‘white lily’ when he told me that?
The more I try to think about it the more it confused me.
Wait, is it possible that Slow-sama knows about who I was?
I need to stop to overthink it.
Sooner or later I need to tell Slow-sama who I am.
After all, a master and his attendant should have been one body and soul.
And there is also this conversation I heard at noon, I want my conversation with Slow-sama will be as friendly as possible to the point we can fight with each other.
And there is also that ‘thing’ Slow-sama told me this noon—-
—-And for Charlotte who lost in her own mind, she will not realize what happened at that time.

[Alicisama, Charlotte-san. I will take a look outside for a bit, it won’t help anyone just sitting here and doing nothing.]

Vision Greytoad push people aside trying to go outside the Cathedral.
Outside the cathedral, a grand battle could be seen right at the center of the plaza.
center style="margin-top:25px"> of the plaza.
Luckily there is still no casualty from the academy, but no one knows how long this luck will continue.

[As I thought, he is his best friend indeed] (Alicia)

Among the refugee inside the Cathedral, after seeing how hard the seniors fight against those monsters, those who think they have some power on their own little by little go outside on their own volition help those guys to protect the people here.
There is only one single thing that keeps these students continue to fight against these monsters from the forest of lost, even though the only monsters they ever met was only a weakling.

[Piggy Slow will surely arrive at Yolem soon. That is why there is no need to worried about it.] (Alicia)

Alicia said it convinced herself.
But those monologue of her was heard by the others.

[Slow? Slow Denning!? No way is that piggy duke the one who cross the highway!?]

[Eh? Piggy Duke was the one who goes to Yolem!?]

Well then, in one small corner of the Four Southern Alliance, the Royal Knights will soon learn about the hell that has been brought upon one of The Daris’s famous school.

Those students at the academy will feel the cold hell in this long night till they drowned in despair.
But don’t get confused with this hellish night——–
—–Because this hellish night was the right stage for the return of the Wind Prodigy.

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