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55.) The Sign of A Hero

The boy who was called  'The wind prodigy' could only utter one word while he was running through the forest on top of the white horse, he could only say 'thank you'.

It was the only word Slow Denning could only think of.

After watching Slow Denning's gone, Vision Greytoad hurry running towards the cathedral in a hurry as fast as he could.

[The man who was chosen by Headmaster Morozov! Everyone already knows who he is! He was the revived monster who got the highest score on magic exercise at the entrance exam! No matter how shitty is he, he is a person from that Denning Household! Give him a salute!] (???)

After Slow Denning advance himself, a lot of magic was released from the gate towards the heard of monsters.

With the third year as its center, they shot fire, water, earth, and wind magic towards those monsters.

[I'll leave it to you Slow denning! You are someone who keeps silent even though you are in love with a girl! Until you comeback and bring the royal knight here, we swear we won't tell this to anyone and bring it to our grave!] (???)

Even if it was said like that, the people there are still wondering 'is that really the piggy duke from the second year? That Slow Denning? I still can't believe my eyes'.

[Prepare for the big one, don't waste your magic! Let's bring those monster in a blast! It will be a long night!]

It was not because a simple thing like a fat person became slim——-.

————–The wind prodigy that has disappeared once, right now was making everyone in awe with his appeal once more.

56.) The Collapse of The Barrier

Even though the smell of the perfume has become somewhat weaker thanks to this rain, it has reached into the dungeon inside the forest of lost.

[DAAA! What the heck with this smell!] (cyclops)

Cyclops The dungeon master at that dungeon, hastily stopped pounding the barrier in front of him.

The moment he smelled that, his head was pounding so hard and his body was so hot it felt like it was boiled.

It seems The Cyclops somehow still could stay sane, but that wasn't the same for the monsters behind him that was waiting for the barrier to broken.

Somehow the dungeon monsters became really excited.

And those monsters have already started to kill each other.

Seeing that situation the cyclops making a fast decision, he took away the squarish lump of black dungeon core from an armored orc, and gulp it down.

[Aah! The dungeon core just got eaten buhii! I'm mad buhii!] (certain orc)

[I'm the boss here!! Not that demon army there!] (cyclops)

Suddenly, steam coming out from the cyclops body, there was something coming out from its chest.

Without any caution, the cyclops body shakes and it became bigger and bigger.

Its body like it wanted to burst and the muscle that wasn't there before came into the surface.

The dungeon core was the heart of a dungeon, one of its function was to produce monsters in the dungeon.

And there is also this other function, it will become a power-up item for the dungeon master to stop the intruder from reaching the bottom of the dungeon.

[OOO, Amazing! With this, I can even defeat those all high and mighty demon army! I can even defeat that Aerith with all her bullshit she had!!] (cyclops)

I can feel the power.

With this, I can even rival with those demons army.

As if it wants to test his strength, the cyclops try to hit the barrier.

After he did that, there is a crack on top of the thin barrier that should have quite strong and elastic.

Up till now whatever attack they used to break the barrier it doesn't even show any scratch, and then the monsters quickly react after seeing that there is an attack that could affect the barrier.

[Amazing Buhii! Just a little more Cyclops-sama buhii!] (certain orc)

The armor wearing orc said that excitedly.

[It's just obvious! It's natural for the Strongest me, the cyclops can do it!] (cyclops)

After being cheered, he continues hitting the barrier.

He continues to smell the fragrance that makes his head feels weirder while keep pounding the barrier.

[You can do it! You can do it! Buhii1] (certain orc)

[Uraaaa!!!!!] (cyclops)

And then it happened, it all happened when Slow Denning just got on the highway.

[ShaaaaaAAAA!!] (cyclops)

A big hole was made in the barrier.

Good, the barrier has collapsed.

With Cyclops, the dungeon master leading them, an absurd number of monster walking after him coming out from the dark entrance of the dungeon.


More than half of those monsters have lost their reasoning.

The strong monsters Slowly losing their sense of self and starting to search for the Smells source.

They ran full speed toward the center of the fragrance.

[BUhii! By the way, that smell was  somewhat amazing!] (certain orc)

[Damn you piggy! You are just a mere orc,  don't just sniff that fragrance and lose your mind like the other! Once I kill that Aerith and take her place, I will make you the boss of all orc!] (cyclops)

[Don't just put me together with all them because I also said Buhi, Buhiii!!!] (certain orc)

The monster caller perfume was very effective.

It will dissolve itself into the water, it will ride the wind, the perfume fragrance will spread to every place.

The fragrance was crossing beyond the forest, even beyond the mountain, it travels so far it reaches towards the Black Dragon Sekhmet.

[…..] (Sekhmet)

Calmly the Black Dragon Sekhmet move his wings and change its course.

Somehow he had a headache that hurts so much it drove it mad.

Its body became heavier.

It was wondering whether it was because of its age or because he slept too much.

And as if it was called by the fragrance, he flew towards the place where it came out.

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