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Chapter 54

54.) White Lili and The Princess

From Kurushu magic academy and the city of Yolem, there is a long highway connecting this 2 places.

Right now at the academy gate, the one facing the entrance to that highway, there are a lot of people taking an offensive position.

They are consist of the third year students, both the noble students and commoner students that know how to handle a sword, with the teacher acting as the center of their formation.

Most of them are nervously clenching their sword tightly while looking the highway from their position now.

When the monsters starting to entering the gate they need to be ready themselves to be baptism by magic volley.

Below this dark heavy sky, I am riding this white horse alone without no one calling out my name. And when I cross this crowd of people slowly, the time for me to pass the gate has come.

[Did Slow-sama also joining the attack towards the monsters!? Eh, white horse? Slow-sama, you are riding a horse….wait, Isn’t the headmaster’s speech just now……Don’t tell me!] (vision)

There is a male student that is looking at me with his sapphire blue eyes.

Even though he was a noble, he was someone who works hard in his part-time job in the dining hall.

And his voice, the first friend I made in this Kurushu magic academy, is calling me below this gloomy sky.

[So it’s Vision, Yup I will cross this road now. It is really just like a protagonist-like action, cool right?] (Piggy duke)

[Wha! You will cross that road in this condition!? It will be suicide! You are crazy!] (Vision)

[You will die! Just stop it already! Those monster are in a strange condition!] (Vision)

Who is it that will cross this highway, who is that guy the headmaster said in his speech? The people who were at the back of the crowd are standing on their toe trying to see my figure and why did the seniors are panic. And not long after, there is a commotion coming from those crowd.

I don’t know who, but someone among them knows me.

[No wait! That is Slow Denning-The piggy duke!]

With pale white face, Vision is slowly walking towards me while pushing away the people who block his way until he comes in front of me.

I was already out of the gate and standing right on top of the highway. I can cross this road and this endless forest anytime.

[Hey it’s weird, he was different than what I remembered. He should be fatter than that!]

[Even the piggy duke can be that slim! What kind of monstrous magic he used!

[Aaah, you guys are noisy! I beg you, please pipe down a litte~~!] (Vision)

When Vision releases his magic, the noisy people’s clatter turns into silent in an instant.

There is a little demon that was running toward the academy before, but when Vision releases his ‘Wind bullet’ it died in no time.

Vision was, and still holding the top magic technique among the second year student in the academy.

He really has a talent for magic technique.

Well, even though he took the power up the event with Rokomoko-sensei from Shuya, the real anime protagonist, He really does has some traits to be a protagonist himself.

[Don’t joke around Slow-sama! Even I can see those monsters are coming out from the forest and flooding the highway from here!] (Vision)

Vision points his hand towards the highway.

One after another monsters is coming out from the forest and moving closer to this place.

The teaching staff and seniors have already killed dozens of those monster, their corpses are already lying on the highway.

It was a scene that will be never se

en by those powerless people that seeking protection in the cathedral, a scene like a horror movie is happening just outside of this academy.

[What was Headmaster Morozov Thinking!? How could he put you in this kind of danger!? Isn’t this kind of job left to the teachers!?] (Vision)

Then Vision looks to the people around him looking for some approval of what he said.

The teaching staff that suddenly become the victim here can only drop their shoulder and show such a grave look on their face.

The strong wind is the sign of a big storm will come, the range where a person can see is not too far, and lastly the already craze monsters out there.

Usually, it took a few hour from the Kurushu magic academy to Yolem, and that is on top of a horse.

But if it is now—–How many hours will it take now, I wonder.

I can understand why did the teacher flinch just now.

[I’ve been fighting monsters many times together with Rokomoko-sensei! That is why I know this for sure, if you go to highway right now you can’t even look at where will you got attacked! You will lose your life no matter how many you have there! Those people at Yolem will realize that something strange happened in the forest sooner or later! I beg you, just wait here, Slow-sama!] (Vision)

[….My bad Vision. I will still go. It is something I have to do no matter what.] (piggy duke)

As if the white horse understand what I was just thinking, he slowly walks towards the rain and the muddy highway road.

There is no time to waste anymore.

[Did Charlotte-san know about this!?] (Vision)

[Charlotte…..] (piggy duke)

That word caught me surprised and it made me stop.

I never think of finding Charlotte on my way here.

She must be seeking refuge in the cathedral, after all, there is this powerful barrier the headmaster made.

And besides Art Ange is together with Charlotte now.

A super powerful great wind spirit.

[i am honestly surprised. You never told her, Slow-sama]

[….Sorry. But right now I need to go to Yolem even 1 second faster and ask for their help am I?] (piggy duke)

[That is not the question here. I don’t have such a thing as an attendant, and I think I won’t have it no matter how much I twist my head. Slow-sama, what if you die while running on the highway……Charlotte-san who doesn’t know anything up till then will grieve for sure.]

This guy really knows my weak point.

Kuuu, what an unpleasant guy as ever.

But what Vision just said just now was so right I couldn’t deny that.

[Slow-sama, did you remember? That time you told Charlotte-san to give me a bag full of jewelry secretly.]

[….How can I forget about that? That time you instead of gratitude you poke me instead] (piggy duke)

[Haha, you are right about that. And truth be told, I was having a little chat with Charlotte-san on our way back from Yolem. And at that time all she talks was about Slow-sama, she was only talking about you.]


Eh, about me?

Even though the situation looked like this I can’t help but urge Vision to continue what he said. I can’t help it can I?

It’s THAT Charlotte we are talking about, I can’t help but wonder what kind of thing she usually talks about.

Damn you, Vision.

Even though you’re just Mr. poor noble, you dare to grind like that.

[No matter who talk with her that time, everyone will surely realize what it’s all about. Charlotte-san has a romantic feeling towards you. Towards such a girl, forget about she is your attendant, how can you walk out toward your death like this?] (Vision)

[…..] (piggy duke)

[Slow-sama. Your face looks so miserable right now. I can’t let you go out there with such face, can I? Honestly, I really want to come with you, but I know my own power the best. I don’t want to become your burden.] (Vision)

Geez, Vision. You little rascal.

What were you thinking to say that?

Once I know those things, it will only make it harder for me to leave this academy!

But, there is something that I need to do no matter what.

Even if I place Charlotte as my most important person, the people in this academy also important to me.

[Next time it will be my turn to help you out. Please continue your journey, Slow-sama. Then you can’t forget about the thing about Charlotte-san in while you crossing the highway and can’t stop thinking about it then you will fail to cross it. I can ‘see’ that you will soon meet your end like this.] (Vision)

[The heck, you sound just like Shuya….But, just like you said. I was really really worried about Charlotte, honestly, I also thought that there is a chance for me to fail here. Ah, let’s keep this between us. I don’t want to talk about pathetic things like this anywhere else.] (piggy duke)

He is a bit taller than me, he is a strange fellow who wears a waiter suit even though he is a noble.

And that strange noble was the one who walks straight towards me the moment he saw me.

I wonder is it because the condition we were in but seeing monsters blood on his face gives me a reassuring feeling.

There is this strong great wind spirit beside Charlotte right now, but I am the only one who can see it. It will put me at ease if there is someone besides Charlotte.

That is why I bow my head without hesitation.

[————Please, protect my attendant.] (piggy duke)

If my memory was correct there is no one I have ever bow my head to for as long as I live.

Bowing down my head to ask someone a favor, Isn’t it proof that I have grown up? Or so I thought.

[Fuu….With this I can feel that we really become a friend, I don’t like doing something because of a debt. Well, then Slow-sama. Is there anything you want to say to Charlotte-san? It could be the last thing you will do to her though] (Vision)

[….You talk to much Vision. If I die on my way there you guys here will also accompany me you know.] (Piggy Duke)

Oh right, I have confessed my feeling to Charlotte.

There is a lot going on after that, I wonder how many days I haven’t met her.

[What do you want to say Slow-sama. Say it, just say it to me!] (Vision)

Vision is waiting for what I am going to say.

Wait, could he be got drunk with this kind of situation?

How romantic can you be Vision.

Well, I am also a romantic man myself. If I not one it will be impossible for me to act like the past black piggy duke for such a long time.

Well then, for me to take another step forward, I need to think about tell her about the Imperial’s princess thing.

She always saves it to herself for her whole life.

Charlotte (the princess) and I always lied to each other up till now.

She always hiding the fact that she was the Imperial’s princess.

And I hide about knowing that she was the Imperial’s princess ever since the beginning.

[The white lily. Let’s go to your hometown and watch the white lily change its color once I return.] (Piggy Duke)

But I had enough of us lying to each other.

That is why Charlotte Lily Hughjack.

Let’s see the origin of your name, let’s see the white lily.

[That’s it, please tell Charlotte….Oy, why did you laugh, Stop it] (piggy duke)

[I just can’t believe you are so romantic, Slow-sama. But that statement just now will cause a few problems with the household of Duke Denning, is that fine? Well sooner or later everyone will hear about it though.] (Vision)

After that, I decided to go with what I said before.

I don’t give a damn who will hear it.

[Well then, have a safe journey Slow-sama. This lowly self, Vision Grey Toad–] (Vision)

There is a winged monster that dropped dead behind me.

It seems it was done with Vision’s magic just now.

That dignified and elegance figure of him while controlling the wind was exactly the things that loved by the wind spirits.

I fill my view with the highway that will lead me towards the city of Yolem.

Together with a strong smell that drifts towards this academy, a nightmare of monsters hoard are right in front of my eyes.

Power was surging from my own body.

That rascal Vision, see the power that you gave to me.

[Until the brave you come back to this academy, I promise to protect your attendant (White lily).] (Vision)

[I leave it to you, prince of the first floor. Well then——I’ll go for a while] (Piggy Duke)

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