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Chapter 53

53,) Hihihihiiiin!

Right now I was walking with a certain good white horse that was one size bigger than the average horses.

It was calling toward me when I was walking near the tree on grassland section.

[Hihihihiiin!] (white horse)

A mysterious cry comes into my ears.

It was the horse with a weird cry that was competing with me before.

[This is our time to raise our cane and wield our sword! Be ready to receive the attack from those monsters at the gate! To students, the future of Daris! This will not as easy as your class before! This battle will be a battle for our life! Hit those monster with everything you have learned with your cane!] (Headmaster)

There is no guarantee that the horse that I will ride will be able to come back to the academy.

There must be some monsters that will jump up to attack from the forest, and there is also a surprise attack from the sky. And physical strength will be reduced when running inside this heavy rain. There is also a possibility to trip from this muddy road.

But the white horse, as if asking me to ride him, continue to cry.

[For those who raise a significant military deed will be given a recommendation to any unit inside the military wherever he wished! Even if it was the Duke Denning’s unit which controls the military directly! If you show me your power now I won’t mind writing many of that recommendation! For the teacher in the faculty building, I want you to go to my personal room in the topmost of the building! Inside the small pond, there should be a blue cane there! I want you to bring it to the cathedral!] (Headmaster)

Tonight, the headmaster’s voice can be heard all over the academy.

Those monsters are flying in the dark sky screaming everywhere as if they wanted to spread the horror itself.

And I really feel like watching Jurassic park here seeing those swaggering dinosaur there.

There is some scene in that movie where the human was running around in a panic trying to escape from the dinosaur, but thanks to the headmaster’s calm voice the academy didn’t get those panic attack.

[Toward my student who decided to fight! Fight till you hit your limit, once you do so go to the cathedral as fast as possible! This fight also your chance to improve yourself! For those who don’t fight go straight toward the cathedral! Everyone! We go to the cathedral! Teachers, guide the student to there! We don’t need to panic here! Right now because there is a selection test to become the next Princess Karina’s Guardian, the royal knight was already in the city of Yolem! It was actually a secret from you, but the circumstances were forced us to reveal it! That knight will surely come here and help us in no time!](Headmaster)

I can see from afar that a lot of people was going straight to the cathedral with only the cloth they wear.

Most of them have fear painted on their face, while some female student can be seen crying.

But those changed after they hear what the headmasters said.

There is no one in this country that don’t know about the elite knight of Daris, the Royal Knight.

They believe that if the royal knight really comes everything will be alright, there is also some chance they can see those knight fight, coupled with those expectation in their heart their faces are raise in awe.

[Well then. It was my job to bring that royal knight here.] (Piggy Duke)

My eyes stop at some corner of the plaza in front of the cathedral, there are some group of boys that making some racket.

It was a group noble from the third year.

Those boys rather than going into the cathedral for safety, they are curre

ntly welcoming their visitor by shooting the monster in the sky.

[He said princess Karina is here! You guys, I have only met princess Karina once in the royal garden you know!? And ‘that’ things she was awesome! Those things are good indeed! It was as if it was the ‘Devil’s breast’ itself!]

[OOO! How big was it? What kind of lovely figure does princess Karina showed to you!?]

Somehow they are talking something really interesting there, it made me want to listen more.

[With that fluffy blond hair, and that timid behavior!]

[Fluffy! Blond hair! Timid! That’s good!]

[And the ‘Devil’s breast’!]

[OOOOOOOOOO!!! All hail Darisssss!]

[All Hail Daris! Daris Banzai!]


Wait there!

It’s not me who said that just now!

It was an excited cry from this white horse!

The third-year senior is looking at me riding the white horse, it seems they are talking about something there.

[Hey! That white horse! Isn’t that the white horse that nobody can ride in class because of its high pride? Who the hell can ride that?]

[…Don’t know. There should be only the piggy duke can play at this kind of time….but it won’t be possible. I can’t see him clearly but his not as fat as the piggy duke.]

[That aside, did you see that water knight the headmaster made? That magic was so splendidly done, it was as if the real knights were here. Well, the head was ridiculously a pig though.]


I thought those guys will talk about,‘What the hell is that person thinking riding horse at this kind of time’ but I guess they’re not.

[Rather than thinking about that thing, isn’t it better for us to prepare ourselves? Those first year and the commoners are getting cold feet here, we are at least have some experience subduing some monsters aren’t we?]

[Banzai Banzai! Princess Karina Banzai! Daris Banzai!]


When I look towards the sky, as if those guys in the academy encouraging me, those guys beautifully paint the sky with colorful magic just like a firework.

Even though I have never taken any horse riding class, the white horse was running following my will.

Running in the long road crossing plaza, I was riding it like I was riding it for years.

While I was running, I can see that a lot of curious people are currently looking at the standstill ‘water orc knight’.

Good luck out there orc knight, please protect the people in the academy.

And it happens when I was in the middle of cheering my own magic.

[Piggy Slow!] [Alicia]

Hmm? Me?

Suddenly someone called me with a loud voice.

When I was looking around trying to find the source, there is a female student come closer towards me.

[Are you trying to make yourself look cool by riding a horse now?! The monsters are attacking us! We need to hurry to go to the cathedral now!] [Alicia]

So it was Alicia.

It seems she was in the middle of running towards the cathedral while her little body was trembling.

I think she was running with all her power in the middle of this rain, her breath a bit rough.

[So it’s Alicia. The cathedral was the other way you know?] (piggy duke)

[Piggy Slow! Why did you running towards the gate in a hurry!?] (Alicia)

[Well, that was…] (Piggy Duke

[Is it because your magic was good you are thinking to fight those monsters?] (Alicia)

[Yeah, something like that] (Piggy Duke)

[….Now that I think of it, that water magic was yours isn’t it?] (Alicia)

[Aah, the piggy knights. Nope, it was headmaster’s magic. Isn’t that magic amazing, it was prepared inside the academy and will be used when it was emergency.] (piggy duke)

[Are thinking of making a fool out of me? There is no way headmaster Morozov will make that kind of things!] (Alicia)

How sharp, Alicia.

Well, when we think about it calmly she is right, but right now is not the time for that.

[More than that Alicia. You need to go to the cathedral as fast as you can.] (piggy duke)

[Isn’t this the time when you said, ‘I will protect you’?] (Alicia)

[Sorry but, there is something I need to do right now.] (Piggy duke)

Somehow I think that Alicia was pouting when she said that just now, why?

But there is this nostalgic feeling in my chest when I see Alicia like this.

When we were a child I was often the one who calms her down whenever she was pouting each time she failed at her magic practice.

[Right now a certain brave man with great power was running towards the city of Yolem with great speed! I can’t reveal his name here, but I want to tell him this! I will protect this academy until you come back! That’s why don’t worry about things here and go! Go, young man with exceptional bravery!] (headmaster)

And as if she was feeling something from the headmaster’s speech just now—-

[Well it’s time for me to go. You need to go to cathedral, Alicia.] (piggy duke)

[Don’t tell me, it is you piggy Slow! Wait, wait up there!] (Alicia)

—The road has opened.

As if I don’t hear Alicia’s voice just now I urge the white horse to continue running.

I am running against the flood of students and maids that is trying to go to the cathedral.

[For those who can’t fight! No need to worry yourselves, gather in the cathedral! I will let you see the power of my barrier yourselves. Worry not, those imperial knights in the city of Yolem will come soon!] (headmaster)

[I’m not allowing you to go—–don’t go Slow!!!] (Alicia)

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