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Chapter 52

52.) The Genius Wind Swordsman

[Call the leader here! Fast! Hurry up! If this is going on like this we will be wiped out in no time!] (random mob A)

[But vice-leader! We will get killed! He will surely kill us if he sees us like this right now!] (Random mob b)

It was Slow Denning’s determination.

Even though he was a student that should enjoy his cozy life and graduate from the academy, He chooses to run across the storm itself.

But it was not only the Wind prodigy himself that has resolved himself, there was also a man in Yolem that also pick they choice he picked.

It was a resolve from a man, he was a commoner that has been chosen as the guardian of the next queen of the knightdom of Daris, Princess Karina, even without anyone backing him up.

The adult anime, “Girl&Shuya”.

He was the commoner attendant that follow the piggy duke before Charlotte came and will give him advice from time to time with masked on his face and leave soon

after he gave Piggy duke advice.

It was one of the mysteries inside the anime, He was someone who protects Charlotte even if he has to break through the confinement of the Empire’s army while risking his life, because of that there was a lot of speculation of their relationship.

And after the anime end, it was already clear what kind of connection this two have.

Yes, that masked person was the Piggy Duke——–Slow Denning’s attendant when he was a child.

[It’s time for those guys to pay their debt! Those Vajra mercenary people!]

It was in one of the abandoned factories at the factory district of the Yolem city.

There is a section of a rundown factory that was used by a large number of hoodlums to gather, and that place was where Silva fight.

The intense fight till now the already rundown factory became more and more unfixable, we can see how intense that fight was from the scorched wall that was the result of the explosive those mercenaries used.

[What a bad luck, to be locked

locked on by Young master Slow! You will live a proper live from now on!] (Silva)

The enemy was a group of mercenaries that was wearing a combination of black and yellow as their clothes and their reputation was also really bad.

It was a group that was operating inside Daris, those guys will do any bad things for the sake of money.

[Your captived woman, the real Aruru-sensei, has been released! Come now and tell me where is your boss! Giantman, the wicked among the wicked, the man worth a hundred golds for his head!]

The woman was put in one of the fully guarded rundown factories, the information they got from her was perfectly matched with the content of ‘his’ letter.

Among the mercenary inside the Vajra mercenary group, there were actually some people who could use magic, but those things are already meaningless in front of Silva.

When Silva swung his ‘Enchanted Sword’ the mercenaries stop their breathing.

Those Vajra’s mercenaries can’t understand what happened in front of them.

What kind of power he has!

Who the heck

the heck is this black haired guy who can just screw us like a baby while humming!?

[Well then, with this I have taken care of everyone here——uwo!] (Silva)

That kind of Silva was made to turn his body in haste.

One the mercenaries that should have been defeated suddenly fly to Silva.

In a corner of the already rundown factory, in one of the doors where a man was calmly walk in.

[Oioi he is one of your comrades right?  to throw him like that, that was really too old fashioned.] (Silva)

[Who the hell are you, how can you find this place?] (Giantman)

That person who was asking with a domineering attitude.

He was literally like a rock.

[Iyaaa, my bad my bad. I was told by a certain problematic child to search this place. …..Aah, my name? Sorry, there but it was a secret. You know, I was like, hate my own name. Even though I was blacked haired, why the heck they gave me this name.] (Silva)

Standing there was the leader of Vajra mercenary group, the Giantman.

Those scar the Giantman.

Those scar on his face was proof of his long service on the military. And his head was also wanted with an absurd amount of money.

[You have a loudmouth. ….Stand back you useless people.] (Giantman)

The giant man was picking those lying mercenaries and throw them away towards the wall.

He did that because He thought they were blocking his way.

Seeing the giant body approaching him while he kicking those mercenaries that should have been his friend, Silva prepared his sword.

The ‘Enchanted Sword’ which received the Light Great spirits blessings shine brighter.

[I will predict your future now big guy—–] (Silva)

Silva’s heart was throbbing madly right now.

It was not the kind of throbbing you have when you are fighting.

It was a throbbing after eagerly waiting for something.

[—-in a moment you will know the worm’s feeling when they grovel themselves on the ground.] (Silva)

Young master Slow has returned.

Young master Slow has returned in this boring world.

I can’t stop myself to be this excited.

I wonder, what kind of spectacle will that Wind prodigy show me this time.

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