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Chapter 51

51.) The legend begin with Pig headed Knights

It felt stuffy and also smells bad.

As if to show all the people here what was the cause of this bad smell, we can hear a noisy monster’s sound from the outside.

[Slow-kun. That monster sound and also this smell. It was already crystal clear what happen in here now] (Headmaster)

[Yeah, I have smelled this once before. There is no doubt that this smell is the monster attracting perfume. It seems the container inside this building was also destroyed when this building collapsed] (Slow)

[…..It seems that was the case. We don’t even have the time to think about what to do with this rain here] (Headmaster)

After he finished looking at the sky, the headmaster starting to climb down the mountainous rubble right here.

My head starting to feel dizzy after smelling the thick smell here.

Even though I have been keep asking Art Ange so many times about how much perfume was kept here, with this thick smell I can only wonder how many perfume did she kept here.

Besides the monsters scream, I can clearly heard the terrified scream from all the students clearly.

[I  think we are in a really bad situation right now. We can only wish that the barrier we put at the dungeon will hold out.] (Headmaster)

[The monster that will come here won’t be just the one lurking in the dungeon. Those monsters living in the forest will soon come into our doorstep. And also those monsters that was lurking around the highway towards Yolem, won’t they…] (Slow)

[Worry not, there is still hope. Right now Cardinal Maldini is leading ‘Royal Knight’ and currently stationed themselves there.] (Headmaster)

I think it was a blessing for us that the barrier surrounding this academy still stand strong and there is no side shown any sign of getting trespassed despite this attack.

So, guess the only way those monster to come in was either by the gate…..or sky huh.

If it was only those weak monster that lurking around the the forest and not the one from the dungeon, I think the students from this magic academy should be enough to take care of them.

[Let’s summon a bird and quickly inform them about what happened to the academy] {Headmaster)

[No….You can’t do that] (Slow)

I seize Headmaster’s hand before he swing it.

[Slow-kun. That mercenary is not the main problem now. As the Headmaster I have my duty to protect the academy no matter what.] (Headmaster)

I point my finger toward the sky.

The rain spread around the dark sky, and there we can hear a thunderous noise from  the storm.

I can see numerous bird’s silhouette soaring the night sky.

No matter how fast these perfume spread out, those monsters just came to fast.

[If you summon a  bird now, there is a high probability that it will get attacked by those monsters] (Slow)

[…But the highway also overflowed by the monsters, what can we do to inform Yolem then.] (Headmaster)

The Headmaster become quiet and lost in his thought.

Those monsters in the sky–.

They still haven’t showed any sign to attack us here.

But if those monster were starting to move by some chance, I’m sure they will start attacking every living being in this academy.

Can’t I just use a fire beacon and fire it?

…Nope, impossible.

Not in this kind of rain.

Guess I need to prepare myself.

I already know what I need to do in this kind of time after all.

[….Buhi] (Slow)

But this perfume sm

ell was also abnormal.

If we leave it as it is there will be an unimaginable damage on the Academy.

I remembered those people’s faces inside the academy.

And I can hear their scream, the scream from the students.

Hundreds, and even thousands of those monsters will come and raze the academy.

Even for someone with this kind of power will shivered at that sight.

There are also a lot of  powerless people who can’t even use any kind of magic there.

Well then, Slow Dening.

The time for your greatest scene has come.

Don’t be a chicken now.

And I believe there is no one besides me inside the academy could fill this role besides me.

[———-I’ll go] (Slow)

We need to let them know what happened to the academy, and then we need to ask for reinforcement from them.

[———-It seems the highway still easy to cross for now.] (Slow)

This is a race with time.

If I take my sweet time here, the perfume smell will be spread and it will only make more and more monster gather on the highway and the academy.

Hearing what I said, the headmaster can’t mutter a word.

[——I’ll do this with a bang, Headmaster Morozov. The greatest scene for my comeback finally arrived] (Slow)

The headmaster was someone most important when protecting the academy.

If he is not here, this school will be easily devoured by those monsters in less than an hour.

And there is also the fact that we don’t know when will this perfume effect would last.

I don’t know how long he could protect the people in the academy, but at least his existence will give them an important mental support.

[B-being brave and reckless isn’t the same! The highway towards the academy will be flooded by monster in no time! I admit that you have an exceptional power and an extraordinary student, on top of that you are also an ‘Elemental Master’! But as someone that I should protect from the academy, I can’t let you do something so dangerous!] (Headmaster)

[Headmaster. Since Rokomoko-sensei not here, I was the only person qualified for this] (Slow)

[You have already used a lot of your power after you fought that mercenary! Do you want to die so badly Slow-kun!?] (Headmaster)

[I’m still okay you know….Like this….Buhibuhibuhii…..] (Slow)

Then I release my power.

I swing my wand and show the headmaster the power of someone that he wanted to protect.

I can still remember those ‘formation’ are placed under the trees near already collapsed research building.

[Turn into Water, thou that has fallen to the darkness,] (Slow)

It was Natalia’s magic formation that I meddle with before.

[Turn into water, Thou that has become light] (Slow)

From those magic formation inside the academy, torrent of magic power rise up in to sky violently.

[Thou wish upon me, thou who seek thee, thou who want to fulfilled] (Slow)

Numerous blue pillar piercing  the sky.

The blue pillar stand strong, blindly lightened up the academy night sky.

Amidst the heavy rain, the magic formation take in the surrounding water and mold it into humanoid shape.

[Thou who born from water, devote thou life to me and turn as my will] (Slow)

It was something far more elaborate if it was compared to the Nanashi’s water doll, the ‘water knight’.

The armor on its body was created by combining water and soil, and it is holding a thick ‘water sword’ in front of its own chest.

And finally the ‘knights’ head slowly starting to shape up.

[I was the one whom received thou blessing, the ‘Elemental master’! Come ‘Water Pig(Orc) Knight’! Buhiiii!] (Slow)

That easy to breath nose, and two of those charming big ears.

And those pair of shining orc eyes makes them complete.

The air around it hardened.

The Orc knight was shining while it stand on top of the magic formation, even the headmaster forget to blink his eyes seeing the spectacle before him.

He keep gazing at it.

Still gazing at it.

He can’t stop gazing at it.

And suddenly the headmaster snap out of it and soon start to laugh.

[Buha, fuhahahahaha!]

As if they were purposely waiting for my magic sequence completed, not long after that I can hear a lot of scream from the academy.

Those guys in the academy must be very surprised after seeing a group of ‘water incarnations’ suddenly showing right in front of them.

Buhihi, I did it!

And just as planned, their voices soon turned into laughter.

[….This is the posture of a ‘Royal Knight’! But their face was just like an orc! Fuha, this was, this was, this was truly such a masterpiece!] (Headmaster)

It was a posture of Daris’s knights offering their loyalty towards the royalty.

Right now that exact posture was posed by the ‘Orc knight’ that was manifested in every place inside the Kurushu magic academy with bluish light radiating from those knight are.

These guys will stay dormant as long as there are nobody trying to harm those people living inside the academy.

…..but well, no matter how cool they are, they’re face still that of an orc thou.

[Fuhaha! Those amount of magic power…….you even trying to playing using those kind of power! Slow-kun….You are really interesting! It seems that The ‘Wind Prodigy’ is also a great ‘creator’ at the same time! Fuhahaha!] (Headmaster)

[I wish that my power, no matter how small it is, could also protect the academy. And please look especially at those face.] (Slow

Buhibuhi! Buhiiii! Did you see that headmaster!

This is my last ‘entertainment’ to give before I graduate from this academy!

[……If you really become one of the teacher here I’m afraid there will be orc wherever I see! Fuhaha! This is truly a masterpiece!] (Headmaster)

The serious atmosphere from before has gone.

While trying to wipe the tears from his face, the headmaster looking at me while still laughing.

All the children in Daris has always been dreaming to become a royal knight when growing up while watching their figure when those knight protect the royalty.

The same as those children, I also raised to loved this country and also hoping to be like those knight, to become a splendid person.

Natalia Windle.

If you are also born in this land of Daris, you will also yearn to be one of those Royal knight.

[Slow-kun. As I thought…..You are the most ‘unique’ student that I have ever taught since I first starting to teach.] (Headmaster)

[Buhi!] (Slow)

Well, those guys are ‘orc knight’ thou!

Those water orc knight of mine was standing splendidly while holding the sword with both of their hand! It’s really cool!

[Well then, Slow-kun. I want you to go through the already monsters filled highway  and convey to the Yolem about the crisis that is currently happened in this academy. If it was only that much, I believe it wasn’t too much for you] (Headmaster)

After hearing the headmaster words I nod my head and starting to run.

Buhiiiiii! Just dooo ittttttt!

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