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Chapter 50

50.) The Hot Blooded Diviner (Fire Diviner)

Suddenly everything looks black. My body was like being squeezed and I can feel my power was leaving my own body. I can’t control this miserable and this feeling of emptiness creeping on me. I am trying my best to hold myself from shouting out loud.

Natalia was left right under my nose.

At some point I thought that everything will be going smoothly according to my plan. It was all because I believe in this ‘almighty knowledge’ of mine that I could relied on.

But the truth was…

[Buooh buooooh….]

I was plunged towards the mud and got mud all over my face.

Damn it, what the heck with that giant bird.

Who would have thought there was an owl like that damn it!?


I was an idiot.

That’s right, Natalia was risking her own life doing her job as the mercenary.

She must have preparing to escape from here in so many ways carefully.

She must have lived this kind of situation many many times in her live. As expected from  ‘the last person of the Windle baron family’.

That was exactly the things that the empire wanted.

That’s right, her skill and her power, no wonder that Shuya and co. was having a hard time catching her.

For a pig like me trying to change Natalia’s fate, it was probably only my own selfishness working here.

An empty like feeling  starting to penetrating my body together with the coldness from water .


As I try to breath in, I also accidently sucked the muddy water.

Guee…. It taste bad…….


No, it’s not good.

This helpless feeling starting to drown me inside.

I am starting to sink into the deep darkness again.

Please comeback, white piggy duke!

If it’s going on like this, I-


Suddenly a strong forces starting to  pull me up.

I felt the heat from the arm that pull me back up from the dark deep abyss.


Wait, heat?


It seems someone holding this arm of mine that already fallen this far.

That strong arm starting to pull me up from the abyss where I have been.

Who is it that forcing me to rise up again without minding my own will.

Who is it?

Who are you buhi?

I was just one miserable pig buhi.

I was just some frail pig that was depressed from failing to catch an escaping mercenary.

And the one  that pull me up from the mud here are—-


[What are you doing here! Piggy duke! Your clothes are full of mud! It’s not like you at all!]

—–As I thought it was Shuya

The protagonist from the anime, the one who has  blazing hair trademark.

Even though there are numbers of  droplets of water streamed down from his hair, he never let my hand go.

[I came here because there is some big sound coming from the research building! When I came close to where the headmaster was I had this bad premonition! Oh yeah by the way, did you smell something weird?]

I can see that he was looking at me without minding anything else.

Ah, yeah right.

He was running towards this place after hearing headmaster’s voices.

And he wasn’t mind coming near me despite how I looks, as expected from the protagonist from the original anime.

[You told me before that you were playing hide and seek! And then you asked for a divination! And wasn’t that just now the headmaster&rsq

uo;s voice we heard?! And then my crystal ball was somewhat affected by something and it doesn’t tell me what happen here! It was the first time it happen!]

And then it’s also because you are the protagonist, you can melt Natalia’s frozen heart by barely touching it.

Barely enough to make her regret her ‘This is my choice in life’.



And how about me?

[But I can see it clearly!!]

Shuya’s passionate pair of eyes look straight at me.

Then the hero that I was admired, right now he is standing right in front of me.

[I see it, I can see it, I can clearly see it! I can see it clearly that you are fighting a bad person by yourself! And then you were defeated!!!]

I know he could know about anything, but he knows awfully a lot!

And with 100% accuracy too!

…geez, the name ‘fire diviner’ wasn’t just a fancy name it seems.

The Hero of the south with his wet crystal ball.

The anime protagonist that was soaking wet right now. just like me.

Just as usual, he could make a ripple in my heart just with his divination.

[What a miserable face you have there, piggy duke!!! If that is the case just let me catch that person in your place! Because I, the bright red sword of Daris! I won’t lose! Not to anyone!]

Shuya’s hot blooded thought transmitted to me.

Aah, I’ll admit it….

Shuya, I will admit that you are someone who truly fit to be a protagonist.

You are not a protagonist in name only.

Because even right now, your hot feeling could melt my heart.

You melt my heart that was about to turned black once more.

Those black, dark feeling that as creeping inside my heart was gone without any traces.

[Where is that bad person you are chasing, Piggy duke!! I see it, I can see it, I can clearly see it!]

You are the heat, you are the fire, you are the crimson, you are truly the blaze itself.

You are the fire demon who could turn everything into nothingness, you are the protagonist whose heart can’t be bent together with his dreadful great fire spirit.


Then, what about me?

—–I am a pig.


I was just a pig which has fallen to his desire, and his partner, the so called ‘wind great spirit’ but in actuality was just a fat cat.

…..I shouldn’t told that Chuuni like speeches because I have been a bit more successful on my diet.

Yeah, you are right.

I ‘am’ a pig.

And both of us had a very different starting point right from the very beggining, Shuya.

[Show me your fighting spirit Piggy Duke! The fight was only starting from now on! I know it because I can seeeeeeeeee iiiiiiiiiiit!!]

You are a fire, and I am the windy piggy.

No matter how strong a wind was, it can’t melt and a block of ice in one breath.

[You’re too hot for me Shuyaa. But you helped me there. Thank you]

But who dare decides things like that.

But I don’t want to show you my pathetic self.

Because of Shuyaa’s usual hot blooded, my white piggy duke souls has returned once again.

He is right, the fight is still ongoing.

[Oi, where is that bad person go to piggy duke!]

When I look towards the sky, I can’t see Natalia’s figure anymore.

After this she should be go to Yolem first, then continue towards the empire’s northern district and disappear.

[There is no bad person here! Like you said before, I was just lose my fight!]

The one who decides when our fights end wasn’t you, Natalia.

It was me, this White buhi buhi.

On top of the what left from the research building, the headmaster standing there while blood was running through his forehead.

It was such a pitiful sight from this building, where just by putting a wrong footing on it, it would then easily crumbled.

But skillfully I climb up while choosing a place that was not easily crumbled and get to where the headmaster is.

It seems that the headmasters holding something on his hand, and he looks like trying to sniff the thing that is in his hand.


When I was looking at the headmaster, he was pointing at where I stand right now.

And suddenly there was this sudden squall, and I heard something was rolling right beneath me.


My spine froze suddenly.

I can finally smell the smell that was filled this place, and I really hope it was a lie.

It was a really dense smell and it was coming from the already crumbled school building where the headmaster standing right now.

The rain become heavier by the minute. And the wind that was come along with it brought the smell too every direction it could take.

I was hoping that all these water will be able to dissolve this dense smell.

I could remember it clearly.

Cause I know what smell this is.

And then from where I stand, I could hear voices coming into my ear.







Ah, I think this is bad.

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