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Chapter 1226 - Where is the Road Forward?

Realm Tomb, a broken and desolate place.

Many stars were withering, the damage severe. There were many continents, countless internal worlds, all of them suffering the most ferocious attacks, in complete tatters.

The silver warship's speed was extremely great, passing the dusky misty region, corpses floating all around them. They now began to head back.


A hand suddenly slapped down, carrying large amounts of shadows behind it. Many great stars shook, moving along with it!

The large hand was pitch-black like ink, covering the sky as it smashed down towards the silver warship, striking fiercely. The scene was absolutely frightening, stars in the surroundings going dim and falling.

"Not good, there is someone attacking!" Forget about Heavenly Deity Institution's students, even the elders cried out. This type of pressure was too terrifying, the scene leaving everyone frightened.

This made everyone feel a bit dispirited. Before this large hand, their individual strength really was too insignificant. This person could definitely pick stars and capture the moon, tear down the sun.

It was terrifyingly black, covering heavenly space, descending just like that. The surrounding void continuously shattered, terrifying great cracks extending in every direction.

The silver warship swayed about, about to collapse. If not for all types of bone texts interweaving, powerful formations defending this place, it would have already turned into ashes.

This power was absolutely ridiculous, exceeding everyone's imagination.

"Rise!" Second Elder shoulder. He produced a precious diagram that flowed with chaotic energy. It erupted with sky reaching radiance, cutting across heavenly space and stopping that large hand.


The large hand was stopped by the precious diagram, chaotic energy rushing in all directions. The damaged stars and floating continents quickly cracked apart. With a tremendous rumbling sound, this place was drowned out by divine light.

This was a wave of destructive power that made everyone's legs shake, their bodies trembling with fear.

Everyone was shocked. Right now, they couldn't see anything anymore. The warship creaked and groaned, as if it might explode at any time.

"What a pity!" That voice was full of regret. It was an ancient existence, the large hand his projection. He couldn't capture the silver warship, and it was too hard for him to release a second attack.

Ten Realms Diagram, an immortal dao secret treasure, one that could face the true Heaven and Earth Pouch. It was brought by Second Elder to use as defense, displaying great use this time to protect the students.

Otherwise, everyone would have died right here. They were actually almost completely wiped out before they left!

The warship was like an immortal arrow that left a bowstring, quickly disappearing into the distance. Second Elder put away the Ten Realms diagram, his expression grave as he looked at the endless heaven and earth ruins behind him.

"It is that person!"

Previously, when they entered realm grave, they had seen a terrifying indistinct figure, bearing strong hostility against everyone. Now, it took action again.

"He has already been sealed, this is just a projection!"

It was just a projection, yet it still had such terrifying power, making everyone terrified.

They all knew that just now, they definitely passed by the place where he was sealed, thus receiving a strike from him. However, this still almost resulted in a great disaster.

"Don't tell me this is also someone from a foreign emperor clan, one that was sealed here?"

Everyone carried suspicions. The warship left Realm Tomb, its speed becoming faster and faster, in the end, gradually becoming indistinct. After the elders produced a bone material altar, it tore open the void, starting to move past this world.


At the center of Heavenly Deity Institution, silver radiance flickered about. After experiencing a round of dangers, everyone returned, finally arriving at a safe place.

Even though their returns this time weren't small, everyone obtaining dao seeds of their own, still can be considered a rewarding journey, there were still some losses.

A few powerful individuals died, no lack of experts among them. One had to bear in mind that these were all the elites among geniuses, or else why would they dare tread on the path of cultivating ancient methods?"

"Yu Ming died, Huo Meng disappeared…" As names were read out one after another, everyone immediately realized that being able to come back alive really wasn't that easy.

This was especially when one stepped on Heavenly Deity Institution's territory, this type of feeling becoming more and more clear. Being alive was better than anything else.

Inside the academy, divine mountains rested one after another, silver waterfalls descending, purple energy rising. This was a peaceful and auspicious pure land far from places of danger, making everyone's bodies and spirits completely relax.

"If you all wish to preserve this type of pure land, then you need to fight to protect it in the future. If you want your descendants to be far from slaughter, not have to experience blood and flames, the only way is for you all to fight, calm the world, defeat the vicious enemies!" An elder said.

"Only a dozen or so of you died this time, compared to the future, it is completely negligible. When the time comes, you all will understand what is true bitterness, what the so-called blood higher than the skies is. For the sake of living, you all must do your best to rise up, truly grasp your own fate. Otherwise, everything will be turned into ashes!" An elder said seriously.

Everyone knew that they were speaking the truth.

Since you all obtained seeds, we will now enter a period of seclusion. Start your transformations now, aim for the highest peak!"

"The seed has already been obtained and can be merged with. All of you can now cultivate immortal dao ancient scriptures!"

Everyone was excited, wishing to quickly break through, walk on their own glorious paths. It was because time was pressing, the amount of opportunities left for them not that many anymore.

"What a pity, there were no perfect seeds to be found!" Someone said with a soft sigh, feeling extremely frustrated, not wanting to accept this. This was naturally a young supreme being with three strands of immortal energy who spoke.

Shi Hao also silently thought about this. He wasn't able to grasp a perfect seed this time, leaving him helpless and regretful.

Everyone knew that those things could only be encountered and not wished for. If one wanted to obtain one, it was extremely difficult. Since the ancient times, just how many of them were there if they were all added up?

"Wu, there is someone who grasps the World Tree Sapling, another who grasps the Yin Yang Seed, this can already be considered incredible." Second Elder said.

When these words were spoken, everyone sighed, and then they began to discuss among themselves, this place becoming noisy. There was actually someone who grasped the Yin Yang Seed?

The changes of yin and yang were were the extremes of heaven and earth's profound mysteries, all things able to be explain through yin and yang. These were two sides of the dao, the embodiment of opposition and unity.

Yin Yang Seed, this was the fruit of yin yang exchange, a seed nurtured by heaven and earth, the embodiment of the dao, almost no one seeing such a thing before. Yet now, someone obtained it.

This was an unmatched precious seed without a doubt!

There was actually this kind of person among them, grasping an exceptional seed.

Everyone discussed among themselves, all of them guessing at who it was that had that. They all felt jealousy and envy.

Shi Hao sighed, feeling great disappointment inside, truly unwilling to continue just like this. Otherwise, it would affect his dao fruit for the rest of his life. He needed a heavenly seed.

When the crowd dispersed, Shi Hao walked up, consulting Second Elder for guidance, saying, "Can a person merge with more than one seed?"

"That is a path of death, there is no way through, there are those who already tried it before!" Second Elder shook his head. He naturally knew what the young man before him meant, wishing to use large amounts of seeds to make up for their innate inferiority.

Unfortunately, true unmatched precious seeds were only those few in number. It was quite the pity that this youth couldn't obtain one. Second Elder also thought highly of Shi Hao's potential.

"Are there really no other opportunities?" Shi Hao asked, feeling a bit disappointed and frustrated. If he couldn't achieve unmatched martial dao due to a lack of a seed, then that really would be too regretful.

He had long made preparations, and he was confident that he had that type of potential, able to rise up, soar into the heavens when chaos descended, only, the path before his eyes was blocked.

He understood well that the future great battle was definitely going to be cruel, full of blood. War would fill the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, cultivators dying everywhere. Could it be that he could only watch as others strove for the peak?

If one didn't become the most powerful, then they could only look up to others, whether or not he would live, or die, would depend on the victory or defeat of another. He didn't want to accept this kind of result!

"The path is something predecessors have walked, dao methods are established by the ancients, who can say that this is the final destination? Not having the most powerful seed might not necessarily mean that you cannot take the most powerful path." Second Elder consoled.

"It is just like the present world method, when everyone thought that the end had been reached, didn't Sacred Academy appear, starting to break through the limits, walking the path of extremes?" Second Elder added.

Of course, these were still words of consoling. He didn't feel like one person could reconstruct a peak, continue a broken path. This was something only possible through the joint efforts of many generations.

Shi Hao left silently, walking into the distance. Qing Yi caught up, walking with him side by side, consoling, "It might not necessarily be impossible."

Behind them, Second Elder seemed to have thought of something, saying, "Perhaps there are still a few methods, Immortal Academy might have an unmatched precious seed hidden!"

"En?" Shi Hao turned around, looking towards him again.

"A true most powerful seed, one that is hard to destroy, heaven difficult to extinguish, earth difficult to bury. Even though it had previously merged with someone, when that person died, it will still condense once more." Second Elder said.

Based on his speculations, Immortal Academy might have preserved this type of unmatched 'ancient seed', because they excavated many immortal traces, all of them caves left behind after the Immortal Ancient War.

"Perhaps there is a way to make up for it!" Qing Yi revealed a smile, advising Shi Hao not to be in a rush to enter seclusion and merge with the seed.

"It is someone else's seed after all, how can they gift it to me for no cause or reason." Shi Hao said. It was because he knew Immortal Academy's disciples were all individuals a group of old monsters personally instructed, not like Heavenly Deity institution that widely accepted people with immortal energy, accepting disciples from the public. If they had precious seeds saved, it would likely be passed down to their disciples.

"Not necessarily. If you are stunning enough, those old monsters might very well grant you the hidden unmatched ancient seed!" Second Elder said.

When he spoke up to here, he paused slightly, feeling like there was more of a chance the longer he thought about it.

Then, Second Elder transmitted sound, informing all of the young supreme beings who had three strands of immortal energy to temporarily not enter isolation to merge with dao seeds, instead wait for other opportunities.

If Immortal Academy really did have a perfect seed, the competition would definitely be fierce. For the sake of fairness, for the sake of giving everyone a chance, he informed all of the individuals with potential.

Wang Xi, Lu Tuo, Yao Yue, and the others were originally silent, feeling extremely unwilling, but when they heard this rumor, they were naturally moved, all of them waiting for the new opportunity.

In reality, Immortal Academy's people were even faster than what they had thought, arriving just two days later.

"All of those who are merging with seeds, stop for now!" This kind of voice sounded in the skies, shaking up Heavenly Deity Institution.

That was a giant figure who covered the heavenly sun, vast and boundless, the clouds around it scattered, its presence grand.

This wasn't a warship, nor was it a normal flight magical artifact, but rather a star. It looked like it was made of stone material, incredibly large. It descended from beyond the heavens.

Everyone became stupefied. Using a star as a magical ship to cross stellar space, this really was shocking.

It was clear that the stone material star definitely had endless symbols within it. This was a hidden warship, should be even more terrifying than precious artifacts and other things, definitely something that possessed powerful offensive strength.

Immortal Academy's people arrived, bringing their elite disciples to visit Heavenly Deity Institution.

The same day, Sacred Academy's people came, also bringing a group of the most powerful disciples, descending in Heavenly Deity Institution.

There were rumors a long time ago that the heroes of the two academies would arrive to interact with Heavenly Deity institution. They unexpectedly arrived the same day.

"Immortal Academy's Little Sky King has come."

"Sacred Academy's Little Saint has arrived as well!"

The two academies' people had just arrived, yet this type of news was already sent out. As expected, the most powerful disciples all arrived, heroic talents gathering here.

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