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Chapter 32



I was at Charlotte’s room now.

As I sat on the chair inside Charlotte’s room, I was drinking the tea in front of me while I kept moving the prepared sweets into my mouth. While seeing me eating like that, Charlotte—with an experienced hand—keeps refilling my cup with black tea.


[Gulp. Hum, delicious. And it is sweet]


Right now, the people that were living inside the girls’ dorm for the attendantsare currently looking at me, who is sitting inside Charlotte’s room, from the corridor.

When I was still the dark piggy duke, I never once stepped inside Charlotte’s room at all. When I was still a dark piggy duke with bad reputation, people in this academy frantically tried to think there was no connection between me and Charlotte as much as possible.

BUT, it’s different now.

Because, right now, I have successfully morphed into a pure white orc.


[This is so~ friggin delicious buhii!]


Ah, it’s not an orc, it’s the pure white piggy duke.

Yes. I have truly reborn from that pitch black piggy duke into this pure white piggy duke!

While I’m gulping down the sweets  in front of me, I was also thinking how to save this world. It was the only thing I would think of whenever I was going to bed! How to save the world!

It was the thing that all of the junior high students always think of when they are going to sleep!


[Ee, so is this something that Alicia brought last time? Even though she was always weak in the morning… And then, what kind of things did you girls talk about?]


[That was… about books and various… secrets. Excuse me, but rather than that, here is your new uniform!]


It was my school uniform, and I received that uniform with green line at its chest area from Charlotte.

Truthfully, I have already bought one more uniform with one size smaller!


[Congratulations, Slow-sama! It’s wonderful! Your diet is doing you good!]


I was trembled by an unknown feeling from deep inside of me.

It reminded me of the past when I was still a child and I was able to learn severalspells. Surely, I can’t help that achievements make me happy.

And now, I’m having that kind of feeling once again.

I have become thinner with my diet program.

Also, my uniform size has become more and more smaller than before… Buhiiiiiiii! Buhaaaaaaaaa!


[oooo… N?]


Actually, I noticed that Charlotte was somewhat restless since before. 

She was walking around aimlessly inside her room.

She was taking out a book from her full packed bookshelf and looking outside the windows every now and then.


[Umm… Slow-sama, did you perhaps, a long time ago… Ah, nothing, please forget what I said]



Umm, Charlotte-san?

The book you are holding is upside down…


[Charlotte, did you have something to say? Has Alicia told you something? Because Alicia had become somewhat noisy]


[NO! There is nothing at all! Alicia-sama was truly nice to me!]


After Charlotte’s mouth became Awawa for a while, she co

mpletely shut it.

Hmm, it can’t be helped. I should start the conversation.

After all, there is a reason why I came to Charlotte’s room.


[Charlotte, I actually have something to say]




[I was hoping for you to take a trip outside for a while]


[….Ah, yes. Eh?]


I told her everything.

Right now, there is a dangerous mercenary lurking around in this academy. I have been asked by the principal to find this certain mercenary. Charlotte is currently looking at me seriously while nodding her head. 

And when she heard that this mercenary was actually searching about the student’s information, Charlotte’s expression drastically changed.

Ah, this is bad.

I shouldn’t have said that.

Charlotte has been living while hiding her true identity.


[It’s alright, everything‘s gonna be alright! Even though I was talking about the student’s information, it was only about their progress with magic!]


[Of course it is… I am only an attendant… also, I have almost never used magic… Umm, is this information also a secret even to Alicia-sama?]


[Yeah, it is a secret even to Alicia. She can’t hide the expression on her face at all, and she is also a blabbermouth on top of that]


And there is also that weird nuance between her and the mercenary shown on the anime.

If possible, I want to keep her away from meeting that mercenary.

Actually, I was asking the great wind spirit-san to check out on Aruru for these past few days… But I think it won’t even do that.

Perhaps, from the great wind spirit-san’s point of view, it is not even a problem to leave that mercenary alone.

When I took a glance at the top of the bed, I saw it sleeping like it was dead.

…Is it really dead?

Ah, it moved. Thank God it is still alive.


For now, let’s just find some proof about the mercenary’s true identity while destroying the magic formations that have been laid around this academy!

Of course, I won’t forget about my diet! I will try my best!

There is nothing that can hinder my becoming  the main protagoniiiiiiiist!! Buhi!!



So, it has been a few days since I was running around inside this vast academy.

I think it was thanks to me checking places whenever I was not in any class, I have checked around the boy’s dorm, besides the academy entrance, inside the storage, and even successfully found some magic formation that was ingeniously drawn on a scribble on the wall.

And after that, I just need to find some time when there are no people looking at it to smash all the magic formations.

Most of them were magic formations of water doll that will attack people when it gets activated. I will just use the things I have on hand to destroy the magic formations.


[Sometimes, the advanced magic formation needs some compensation to be activated]


On this world, there is an entity we call the spirits; they don’t like the houses or the districts that the humans have made.

The spirit itself is actually an existence that cannot be separated from nature.

If there are more of the manmade objects or if the nature has declined, the spirits will be harder to see.

And then, if you want to call those spirits to a place where they aren’t quite fond of, you need to give them some kind of offering.

If the one who gives them the offering is someone they like, it could be any kind of items.


[There is no way to run those kinds of advanced magic formations without an offering]


A lot of offerings are needed. After all, the magic formation is to call two different spirits, the water and the darkness ones, and both of them need different offerings.

A beautiful waterside, a wild grass and a rare nocturnal gem. It’s needed to draw the magic formation on the ground and put those items at the centre, but even knowing all those things, I still can’t identify the person who can possibly pull it off.


[Isn’t it about time I hit some jackpot? Buhibuhi?]


It is now at the building where all the staffs were living.

Near that three-storey building, at the place where the trees don’t have any light hitting them, there is another magic formation.


[This one is huge. Well then, please show me who was the one who made you with these offerings]


It was at the centre of the magic formation.

The spirits right now disorderly gather into the heart of the magic formation, and the formation is turning into a new one.

After digging the ground for a bit, I found some bundle of hair there.

It was a brown hair with a slightly barakiku’s scent on it.


[—–so it has been decided it was Aruru-sensei. No, the legendary mercenary-san!]


And so, I run with full speed to report my findings to the headmaster!

Move, move, move you spirits!




Flabby body, with adult mind! The great detective, Buhi-sama is coming through!

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