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Chapter 24

4.) The Wind Great Spirit is just A Big Lazy Cat

Having the knowledge from the anime is really making my life easier.

I am really grateful for that and I said my thanks to it in my heart.

[Let’s eat!!!]

[I’ll make it with everything I have!] (Charlotte)

The faceless woman, even if you only know a bit about the dark world you should heard about No face. Nobody knows whether that person was a she or he, she stood in front of the protagonists to disturb them many times, especially towards Alicia. I wonder when was it that she stopped appearing in the anime, but it seems she was one of those people who defeated the piggy duke from behind the scenes.

She usually changes into a woman when she is infiltrating somewhere, only when it is impossible to infiltrate as a woman she would change herself into a man. But since she easily went inside the academy, I doubt she would’ve turned herself into a man.

If taking into account her personality, she will absolutely change into a woman, and not as a normal student but as a teacher here.

[How is it Slow-sama? I have confidence especially in the soup I made, I used a little bit of the spice the head chef (of the Inn) gave me, so it should have a bit of a spicy sensation… Slow-sama, why are you making such a face? Is there something troubling your mind right now?]

I think I will make Art Ange stay beside Charlotte in case something outside my predictions happens. And I need to somehow take care of that fellow secret base in Yolem city in case she wants to escape.

Fumu, I guess I need one more person to help me with this plan.

Eh, Ah.

Charlotte who sits across of me becomes really worried and it shows on her face.

[Ah, sorry, there are things I need to think for a bit… Woah, this is good. Especially this fish and that one that look like wrap up on something, it’s really unique. It’s nice having this kind of fresh food like this, it’s really delicious!]

Lined up on top of the table there are several plates full of beautiful food that smells good and are still piping hot.

Let’s put aside the thing with that ‘rat’ for now.

For me, this moment here is the most important.

I eat all the food prepared by Charlotte greedily like they will disappear any second.

[This is good! That one is good too! Everything in here is so delicious! Since when you have become this good Charlotte?!]

[Slow-sama you eat too fast. Eat more slowly please. It is said that if you eat more slowly you will be feel more satisfied because you can savour the food and that makes you to not over eating!]

[It’s so good I can even eat Charlotte’s portion now!]

[Wha, whaa, then I need to hurriedly eat my food before is taken away by Slow-sama!]

After saying that, she began to eat her food in a hurry.

Well then I also need to eat more of this food!

While I eat noisily here, a certain great spirit keeps looking at us while lying around lazily on top of the bed.


It was using an old doll as its pillow.

I am really surprised Charlotte still have that, somehow it reminds me about the past. Thanks to that doll I could befriend Charlotte at that time.

Oy Art Ange, don’t use that shared memory as your pillow, geez.


When I feel a gaze in front of me I look towards it, what I see is Charlotte looking straight at me. When our eyes met for an instant, she looks down in a hurry.

…Buhi? Buhibuhi?

Somehow my eyes fell into the shelf behind the chair is Charlotte sitting at, and then my eyes got stuck observing the most expensive looking bottle there.

Charlotte seems to realize where I am looking now.

[…What are you looking at Slow-sama? Ah… That is umm, it is to make the hair look more dazzling. Alicia-sama gave it to me to thank me for the beauty medicine. We are beauty companions after all]

The price of that can make quite a hole in the pocket…

Those beauty needs are really expensive as far as I know… Geez, how much money did you poured just for the sake to become beautiful Alicia?

[Now that I think about it, you used to have long hair isn’t that right Charlotte? Why did you cut it?]

She had such beautiful hair; even since the first time I brought her back home, all the maids were surprised at seeing how beautiful it was.

[It’s difficult to take care of it… And I am just an attendant here so I need to pay some____] (Charlotte)

[____wanna see it] (Buta)

[…Eh?] (Charlotte)

When she heard that, she suddenly stopped eating.

I am also surprised at myself for speaking my feelings so straight forwardly like that.

[Ah, no. I was just thinking it would be good if I can again see Charlotte with long hair, like in the past]

Oh yeah, I think my hair is also already long enough now.

The bangs are covering my eyes.

I try to deceive Charlotte by playing with my bangs to hide my embarrassment.

[Eh, eh, eh… Are you sure?]

[Yeah, but to imitate Alicia who tries so hard to be beautiful it’s no good, but I want to see a fashionable Charlotte even for a bit. Well, this is the academy so you don’t need to worry about how others see you… Ah, somehow I just said something so selfish]

Charlotte just looks down at her tableware.

Ugh, I think I said too much.

[Slow-sama has become selfish indeed… But, well… That’s… I’ll try]

Somehow Charlotte’s voice sounds like someone who was embarrassed about something. After that, we finish our meal without saying another word.

[It was really good. Well then, see you tomorrow]

[Yes, goodnight Slow-sama]

After making sure the girl’s dormitory manager saw me leaving, using the back door I come back to the girl’s dorm attendant section. I am sneaking around in the darkness while talking with the floating chubby great spirit san. The same one who before was lazying around on top of the bed.

[Art Ange, there is a skillful mercenary inside the academy now]

[There is no malice directed to Charlotte nya. You don’t need to worry nya]

While floating lazily, Art Ange responded to me.

This great wind spirit san has known me since around the time I meet Charlotte. Besides her and me, it basically ignores any other human being.

Did you know how high this thing is being revered by the people?

It was revered so highly by up to the country level, but for me who knows what it is like in reality I can’t revered it so highly.

This thing just a cat who can use magic you know?

I’m being serious here.

[By any chance, don’t leave Charlotte side okay, Art Ange]

[Even if you don’t say it I know nyaa]

[What the heck with I don’t need to say it. You have done it once before, you said your instinct to hunt suddenly came back, and you went to hunt a mouse leaving Charlotte’s side]

[That was because it was my prey nyaa… It was fun scaring it with wind magic nyaa]

The wind Great spirit san is a spirit.

It is a mysterious being that a normal human can’t even see, that’s why it will be kinda strange if someone sees me talking with it right now. Well it’s the work of one of the protagonist’s compensation.

As expected, I can’t talk with Art Ange if Charlotte is near me. This cat here is a weirdo.

[…You should move a little. Charlotte will hate you for sure if you are that fat… Well, she can’t even see you though]

The great spirit san will make a perfect protection for Charlotte, while I catch that sneaky ‘rat’ in this academy.

Without even minding my anxiety towards Charlotte, this cat will absolutely laze around and rolls happily when it gets near Charlotte.

[Good luck capturing that mercenary nyaa. That’s why Slow, just leave Charlotte’s safety to me]

After saying that, that cat is floating lazily toward the girl’s dorm entrance.

[What a free piggy cat, I envy you sometimes… Well, I think I should go back too]

While thinking for a plan to capture that rat, I walk leisurely in the dark road of the academy.

While I was having trouble thinking about what should I do to capture that rat, an idea suddenly struck me.

[…Ah, right]

What a great idea I have there.

[Let’s go get a divination from Shuya!]

What a great idea!

At The same time I think of that great Idea I run full speed towards the boy’s dorm!

Seeing me coming out of the darkness, all the students around the dorm yell scared to the point that their legs lose strength.


[Hiii! Something is coming out!!]

I’m sorry! But this is an emergency, please understand!

It’s because that rat has enter this academy! I really am sorry! This is really an emergency!

Wait for me Shuya! This time your world will spin around!!!

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