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Chapter 23

23.) The Legendary Mercenary, I wonder who is it?

Once I enter the room, all I can see is a diversity of colorful plants. I was in awe seeing the spectacle of that vast room filled with so many plants and all kind of greenery. Oh yeah, I think I remember that Vision told me that the headmaster’s room is more like a botanical garden.

It seems the reason the headmaster could use strong magic is because he was keeping a good relationship with his spirit since a long time, that’s why he made this big room like this, because the water spirit loves this kind of huge place.

Ngg? How do I know? Of course from the anime, duh.

[Yha, Slow kun]

Suddenly, the headmaster comes out from the greenery.

He is wearing a grey robe with a long with beard covering his lower face and also long white hair covering his back. (Tl: he looks like gandalf I believe)

[…If I look closely, you’re not like what you used to be. From my perspective you look more cheerful now and you can look me straight in the eyes, before this you looked really dark like you’ve been hiding some big secret. I wonder if it’s because of all this years living in this academy, that I love seeing the moment a student suddenly change their way for the better. Sometime it happens, when a person disclose their feelings to the person they like the most, they suddenly realize their own weakness and start to be more of themselves. But your case is… Unique]

While saying that the headmaster put on his monocle.

[If it’s okay with you, please do share your reasons for why you changed in the first place, so for this old man to enjoy his remaining life will you? I have heard it was the ultimate love sickness story, but please, explain to this old man what does it truly mean?]

I told him.

I told him the reason why I live like this while throwing away the ties with my household.

And also that I want to convey my feelings to my special someone.

[Hou hou]

The headmaster listen to my story until the end while combing his white beard with his hand.

Guee, as the talk continue I become more and more embarrassed with my own story. I told him about my unreasonable request when I was a child. Also I told him how hard does it feels to be a child holding such a tremendous power on his own. And the reason why I never told this to anyone else, I think it was because I was drunk on my own thinking to protect everyone from the shadows.

I really wonder why people keep calling me the wonder child while seeing me like that.

[The Dening household is the centre of the defense power inside the Daris kingdom. Those who were born inside the duke’s household will pride themselves as the protector of this kingdom, and then it becomes their own mindset as they live on. But, you Slow kun. You choose a different path than those people. Never had I thought you would have told me these things so honestly]

The light the enters from the big glass window warms my entire body. To tell you the truth, I can’t stop talking in front of him. Is it his natural talent to makes people behave this way? He is such a good listener.

[…Somehow my mind is clearer than before]

[Even though I look like this I am the headmaster of this school. Hearing the students talk about their choices and pointing out the way they could follow it is my job… No, I think it’s more like my o

wn hobby. And also I hear qui~te a lot about you from Baldley you know… Fuha, are you surprised hearing that? Well, he was my student after all]

Ah, father indeed told me he also was from this academy. If I remember how long the headmaster has been leading this school, it is not strange that they know each other.

[Somehow I want to help you push through the way you have chosen and I don’t know why but Baldley, even now has always watched you closer than anyone. Even now he still chases down his own dream, but that’s… It seems it has been extremely burdening on you until now]

Extremely burdening.

All those expectations, well it is indeed troubling me quite a lot but just now, after hearing the headmaster’s words my chest feels a lot lighter.

[To progress with your rehabilitation like you have done so far is going to take some more time, I believe you actually don’t want that. Let’s just smash that, what do you think? Fuhaha, ‘smash’ it Slow kun. It doesn’t literally mean that, but right now I’ve been preparing the greatest stage for you in this academy]

His monocle reflects a suspicious glint of light.

It’s feels like someone who has already prepared a prank for someone.

…’Smash’ huh.

I like that, at times like this, momentum is the most important thing.

[I really want to do that… Smash’ that’s it. Buhi]

[Fuhaha, you are unique indeed… Umu, let’s ‘smash’ it in one breath. Well then, you will love the search for ‘rats’ inside this academy]


[Yes, ‘rats’. We only know of one with the name that has spread out among the mercenary, ‘No Face’ or we can call her ‘Faceless Woman’ to be precise. Haa, I was really troubled by it, I need you to find that fellow from inside the students, be careful though that person is quite skillful] (Tl note: whenever piggy talks in his mind it will use she because he knows her from the anime, when they talk they will use yatsu, or neutral gender. Yatsu being a rude way to say ‘that fellow’ or ‘that person’)

I was dumbfounded, what the heck did the headmaster just told me?

…It’s a lie isn’t it? There is no way that person is inside this academy right now, isn’t she? In the anime, It was later when her involvement appeared here.

[We already know this person’s goal. That fellow wants to collect the student roster and all the student’s personal information. Regretfully that person already got the student roster in their hands. I believe it will be spread out among those people involved in the darkness]

The student roster and personal information?

I suddenly remember something about that.

In the anime there was a case in which the students of this academy got kidnapped, it was centered on those students with low magic power. And it was finally solved thanks to the protagonist Shuya that found where all those students were taken off.

Ah, so that’s why, she already had the student’s personal information at this time.

[No Face can change faces freely, that person might make some mistake if their face keeps changing in a place like this academy… Or if that person maintains the same face all the time I can somehow interfere. And that fellow already got the student’s roster in their hands, I believe that person will leave the academy soon. Time is short Slow kun, and also No Face is the master of infiltration, a spy. That fellow never failed a given job, and also nobody knows that person’s real face]

Certainly in the anime those kidnapers really knew a whole lot about the students of this academy. If it wasn’t because of Shuya trying to earn some pocket money with his divination, nobody would have known about the kidnaping.

But for now let’s pretend to be surprised by that info.

[…We can believe that information, correct?]

[It comes from a trusted source. At first I wanted to ask for Rokomoko’s help on this but, that guy already has his own job to do for now, and I think you are competent enough to handle this one]


A trusted source… I wonder if it’s that guy from the empire.

The one who together with the protagonist toppled the empire prince.

The person who disguised as a man but is actually a girl. There is a theory that said she was actually useless as trash but there are still some doubts about that theory… Did that person really moved this fast?

If that’s so then it’s amazing, that trash theory has to be retracted.

[It is you who has disguised yourself as a pig against that No Face you can do it, I even think you are more skillful in hiding your personality than that person. Well then, will you accept it Slow kun?]

The mysterious No Face who can change her own face and body freely.

Damn it, what kind of cheat is that!

It’s not fair, give that to me! I will change myself into a macho man right here, right now with that!

If I had that kind of cheat when I was still the dark piggy duke I wouldn’t lose not even once!

And right now I kinda have that No Face information in my hand.

[Well then, let’s make that fellow regret for being crawling around in this academy, headmaster]

[What a reliable fellow you are… well then, legendary mercenary whom no one even knows your real face prepare yourself. Catch that No Face, than declare to the whole world once again, the rise of Slow Dening, the wind wonder child]

[….headmaster, wonder child is not suitable for the me right now]

Wind wonder child?

It was just my nickname long time ago.

It’s not suitable for myself to be called like that right now.

After all, right now I am…

[Hou, then what should we call you now?]

[_____The one who will flap his wings in this world, Slow Dening, The white piggy duke of the wind. Isn’t that a really strong name that I can for myself now?]

Hearing me said that, the headmaster laughs with a loud voice.

After I finish talking with the headmaster I go straight to my room.

Let’s start this show No Face!

It’s a pig against a rat!

I will let you feel what is it like to fight against a serious pig!

I will remove you from my stage and make you regret for ever trying to crawl around this school!

There is no way a rat will win against a pig! Buhi!


While I got excited by myself just now, my stomach growls.

I knew it! I really am a piggy duke!!.

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