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Chapter 22

22.) Let’s Go For It! The Protagonist’s Event!

It has been a week since we came back to Kurushu Magic Academy.

Rokomoko sensei told me that the headmaster wants to meet me tonight in his office, his office is located at the topmost floor of the staff’s building.

[Buhi, buhhi]

Inside that building each teacher has their own room for their personal use. They can leisurely read some books, research new magic, or they are doing some research I don’t really understand.

And the headmaster’s room is in the topmost of that building.

[Buhhi… Bufuu…]

Tonight will be a great night!

Charlotte will make dinner based on what she learned from The Brown Morning inn! Uooo, I can feel the power to run more!

[Bufu… bufu…]

While my heart is pounding so hard for the upcoming event with the headmaster and also for the dinner made by Charlotte, I continue my daily routine.


[Slow-sama! Let’s do our best to run around the research building for another week!]

I only realized it recently, but it seems I really say that buhi-buhi unconsciously whenever I talk. Even now while I’m running, Deppa that runs besides me keeps hearing me say buhi-buhi.

It seems I got this breathing when I was a dark piggy duke, I think it went from [Fuu… fuuu] to [Buhiii… Buhii] at that time.

I was feeling really perplexed about it the first time I realized it… Well, not really. I feel rather calm, it’s one of the thing that makes me, me after all. There are still a lot of things to think about rather than that!

[Slow-sama! Just a little bit more!]

Uooo, last spurt! This aren’t the heavy steps of a pig anymore! See my true form of running now! How is it!? There is not even the minor disturbance indicating that I will lose my fighting spirit for this! I will raise my speed one more gear!


[Wah! Please wait for me!]

Get out of my way you spirits!

White piggy duke-sama is coming through!

[Slow-sama! You sure can run fast now! And you seems more fearless than before! Awesome!]

Fuh, fuh, fuh.

It’s only just a week since I drank that weight reducing medicine. Even though this uniform it is still the biggest size, but what I’m wearing now is the mass production one.

Good bye special order uniform! Thank you eating competition! Thank you Kanibasami Corp for making that event!

Well then, I will go back to the dorm after this run while Deppa will continue his training.

[Not at all, you are more awesome compared to me. I was a failure and a pig before, I just became decent recently. But you, you train this hard every day since before coming here, passing the difficult test to enter this academy even though you are a commoner, and finally you can use magic now!]

I don’t know is it because I don’t want to lose to him, but I have this strong burning spirit inside me.

He wants to be better in magic, on top of that he always trains his martial arts to the extreme, and every morning he always runs alongside me with that kind of passion. If it was just me running alone, I think I would have been really frustrated while doing it.

[N-No way! Except for my martial arts I’m not good at all, and also it was thanks to you I can use earth magic now! I couldn’t use it before no matter how

many times sensei taught me! The reason I can try this hard to learn more is because of Slow-sama after all! If I can write it down it will be ‘SRSLY’!]

Kurushu Magic Academy was famous for its magic, but most of the commoner students are only able to learn sword techniques or any other knowledge, and even when they learn about magic here, it’s not rare to see that they can’t use any of it even after they graduate. Those students yearn to use magic themselves, that’s why most of the commoners in here see the nobility that can easily use magic with envy.

[Everyone is jealous of me now! They are always wondering why I can use magic now! If you allow it, can I say that I can because you taught me?]

[Ng? Ah, no problem]

[Uwaa, thank you very much! Slow-sama! Let’s keep training together!]

And after saying that, Deppa shows me a very dazzling smile.

Geez, you really are a nice guy aren’t you?

You are also my friend you know, let’s try our best!

I silently enter the class and let that uninteresting time pass on. I can’t calm myself down if I think about the event to come.


And I now I look up at this huge staff’s building, those who came in and out from this building are only those teachers or their assistants, who are the third years who hold quite a skill.

Is it because my rehab rumor is not reaching the third years? They look at me suspiciously since I came here.

While I steel my heart, I move my feet toward the staff’s building. I ignored all that suspicious stuff or that suspicious explosion just now and go straight up the stairs until I finally arrive at the top most floor of this building.

It was my first time to talk directly with the headmaster of this Kurushu Magic Academy.

With the dim light lighting the entire corridor I walk through it and stopped in front of that majestic looking door while taking a breath.

I straighten my back and lift my face. I am no longer the old me. I am no longer that gloomy dark piggy duke, I am already a white piggy duke now.

I knock that door lightly.

I wait for a bit while sharpening my hearing, I won’t let even the tiniest sound escape me now.

[Who is it?]

I can hear a small voice from inside. It was a strict voice but still sounds gentle.

[It is me Dening, headmaster]

[Which Dening?]

[Slow Dening]

[Good answer. Enter now Slow Dening, the wind child of wonder. I have been waiting for you]

Without hesitation I open the door in front of me.

From inside the room, the blinding light fills the corridor with warm light who also erased the gloom of the corridor all at once.

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