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Chapter 18

8.) My Former Fiancée Has A Nasty Tongue

[Ohh, water spirit, recover everyone, Heal!]

[Oooh, so this is magic …Suu, haa, suuhaaa, Dening-sama, I have feel much better, thank you very much.]

[Awesome! It’s the first time I received healing magic on myself!]

I was healing every people in the venue who seems to have a stomach ache or children with heat stroke, everyone comes one by one to be healed by me. Actually it was a magic to heal an injury, but against things like stomach ache or a bad condition it is quite effective.

[Piggy duke-sama! Thank you very much!]

[Me too. Thank you for your support]

The children are running around us with such glittering eyes. They make noise once they know we are using some magic here. We gently pat every single children that come to us and show them some simple magic. Everyone is saying that they want to enter Kurushu Magic Academy so one day they could also use magic like us. Because they are children they don’t know any rumors about me.


I feel a strong glare from somewhere.

…Ah, it’s her. She distanced herself watching me while I’m still busy doing things here. She looks just like a child who threw some tantrum.

[Then once again. Please clap your hands for our winner, piggy duke-sama!]

Following the announcer, everyone applauds me.

I also give them a bow and say my thanks.

[The food was truly delicious, I had so much fun today! I know there are many rumors about me, but I will try to live more honestly from now on! Buhi!]

And then, everyone gave me a standing applause.

[And, what do you want to talk about]

Alicia is embracing the weight reducing medicine box on her chest.

By the way Shuya is also the same as Alicia, he seems to be hugging the crystal ball faithfully, while he sits leaning his body onto the thick pillar supporting the tent… He just look like an old man who just got home from drinking. Good work, you’ve worked really hard.

[I will give this to you Slow pig. This weight reducing medicine is useless for me who knows how to control her eating habits]

[Eh, is it really ok?]

[Don’t think about that stuff. But, the winner prize, it’s useless for Slow pig to use it on himself. Do you have someone to give it to?]

Even though I was right in front of her, she couldn’t keep her eyes out of the beauty medicine… Oi, do you really want this thing that badly? I’m sure if you had a tail it would be swinging like mad now.

And most importantly, I have someone I want to give it to. Just now, Shuya who’s still nursed by Charlotte keep mumbling [The crystal and my fate are…] that kind of mumble.

[Ah… It was right this medicine is indeed useless for me. But I was thinking to give this to my attendant Charlotte, to show her my gratefulness for following me up till now]

After hearing my words Alicia looks really disappointed and stare at Charlotte enviously. Oh yeah, this two have always been together since we were children.

[…Charlotte, It seems you are still this Slow pig’s attendance. You really can follow him even when everyone else has already given up on him… Honestly, to let you become this pig’s attendance is such a waste, if there is something you need just ask me okay?]

Pigpig, what a noisy person you a


You lost to this pig you know. Only in the eating competition though.

[Thank you for your feelings Alicia-sama]

[Aah. You don’t need to treat him like that. His only good thing is his strong body, he will wake up soon and become lively again]

[Oy, don’t bully him too much…]

But, when I think about it Shuya’s body is indeed strong.

Even in the anime after being barraged by numerous magic spells he will say, […Ugh, but I’m still standing here! According to the crystal, I can still hold another a hundred and fifty six magic volley…!!], he will say this to his opponent you know. But all the viewers said, [Crystal san is awesome. There is no mistake, he was the true protagonist] or so they said.

[This is not bullying, this Shuya here has a debt with me… He is paying it with his body. I was thinking to let his debt go away if he got me that beauty medicine, but he still couldn’t do it. It has been decided he will be my servant for a while]

At that time, Shuya’s body who should be leaning against the pillar dropped to the ground with a loud sound.

[Uuuh, I feel so bad… The crystal said don’t throw up, absolutely don’t dare to throw up… I’m not throwing up…]


I come close to Shuya.

[Ooh water spirit, recover this person here, Heal]

You have tried your best, [Ngh… hhhh. I don’t know who you are but, thank you…] he said that to me with closed eyes.

Yup, his face is already looking normal. He seems a bit better than before.

Oh yeah, let’s do this to Alicia while I’m here. Heal.

[…Thank you. As expected from Slow pig, a genius in magic]

[No matter if it’s now or in the past, this is the only thing I can do the best. …Ah, my fat just increased, damn it]

Did she just think it’s funny? Alicia just laugh a little. It’s really has been a long time since I saw Alicia laughing like this.

Is that Shuya already alright? Because Charlotte is already leaving him and walks toward me.

[U,Umm… Slow-sama. There are four sets of beauty medicine, if it’s okay with you could you share half of it with Alicia-sama?]

Ooh, nice idea Charlotte. I can’t just receive that weight reducing medicine for free. If Charlotte is okay sharing it then I also have no problem to do so.

[That’s it! Good thinking Charlotte san!]

With a flash Alicia grasp Charlotte’s hand.

Her eyes are already turning into a heart shape. You really are an easy to understand person since a long time ago.

[When we get back to the academy please visit my room. It was at the girl’s dorm fifth floor. I want to say my thanks to you]

Well, I properly got the medicine now. Let’s go back to our inn.

I will tell my winning story with pride to those guys. …Ah right, I need to ask Vision to tell me every little detail about his date. For a newbie in the way of love like me I need to hear more about it.

[Wait a sec, Slow pig]

At the same time that Alicia said those words to me, Shuya’s body is now rolling on the ground while hugging his crystal ball.

He never did say it’s important for him, but the way he treated that item shows how much he cares about it. Should I remind him? …Nah, there is no meaning in saying anything to him. He needs to realize it himself.

[I haven’t hear your answer yet. Why did you suddenly want to be slim?]

She got close to me in just a snap.

Because she was kinda short, I almost didn’t see her coming.

[I saw a dream, Alicia]

[A …Dream?]

[I can’t continue like this… Or so the divine messenger from God told me]

I walk together with Charlotte towards our inn.

Because of what happened in the eating competition, everyone we met was calling out to me many times, there are even some people who congratulates me personally and give me a handshake. I don’t know if it’s because of the results of the eating competition, but the town has really become alive right now. Children excitingly running around, and even many commoners who looks like they already got drunk, can be seen as we walk to the inn.

Is there another festival happening now? It’s not like I want to join another festival you know!? Well, I just drunk that weight reducing medicine from Alicia just now. I’m sure I can eat a little bit more. My road to become macho is already wide open.


Ah, I found a group of red faced people making a racket over there. I wonder, what is there. Curious about it I tried to overhear them.

[_____Oi, did you hear_____!]

[Awesome!___Love_____With princess!___Commoner___!]

I turned stand still, I heard a name I know really well in their conversation.

I promptly call out to them.

[Ex, excuse me. What are you just talking about?]

[Oh. aren’t you Dening-sama, the champion of the eating competition? Enn? What we were just talking about? Hahaha, as expected even a noble got interested on it! No-! It’s an achievement, and what achievement! He has become the talk of the town! Who would have thought he was a former commoner! And on top of that his partner–! Former commoner sama!____ba, Banzai!!]


Wait a sec!

Did I hear it wrong!?

Did my ears just hear really strange things, did I really hear that just now!?

[Ex, excuse me. Can you repeat your words once again!?]

[Our star of hope! The former commoner Silva has become the number one candidate to be the next guardian of Princess Karina!!]

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