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Chapter 17

17.) Answer: Not a chance

[Please give me more!]

[You’re so slow! What the heck are you doing buhi! Give me more!]

[Slowslow! Bring me two portions at once! And bring me another serving while you’re at it!]

Buhii! It’s soooo delicious!!

I was shouting full of joy while the food keeps coming again and again.

The one who was responsible for bringing my food was a man with black clothes, he always said things in high tension whenever I ask for another serving, [Top, bring him another serviiiiiing!]. He has such a good leadership ability.

[Such great vigor he is showing us while eating! Participant number 3, from Kurushu Magic Academy, his name is, team piggy duke san! Ehh, team piggy duke?! O-ohh, it seems it was just an alias, his name is, wh-what?! Slow Dening!? The disaster that was born in the Dening household!? O-ohh, pardon me! Eh… It’s okay? Then, let’s cheer for him! He is the weirdo who was born in the Dening household, the piggy duuuuuuuukeeeee!!] (Announcer)

At that place all the people suddenly go crazy.

My right hand rise up showing my winning pose. As they cheer me back, their voices become louder.

What a nice feeling! C’mon, give me a louder cheer!

[Such a large margin! A large margin indeed! The rumors about the piggy duke-sama has just proven to be true!! What he is tasting is just commoner’s food, but he seems to fully enjoy it!! He really is not just like the common people you find every day!! Will he win this without much effort!? But there is another team from Kurushu Magic Academy, they are team skin whitening! …Well there is a beautiful lady in that team indeed! There is also a red haired boy trying his best now …But the difference is getting more and more apparent!]

I won’t lose to anyone if it’s about eating!

I look at the other participants, there are a lot of couples there, the old and middle age couples seems already at their limit. Well, there is quite a lot of volume in this plates after all.

Besides me, even though she is eating at such a slow rate, Charlotte is indeed trying her best to eat the sandwich! Nice going Charlotte! Try your best eating that!

When I see the table besides me… Umu, Alicia is also trying her best eating the sandwich. Ah, she is glaring at me. Well that beauty medicine will be mine if I win this. Don’t worry Alicia, team piggy duke will deliberately lose a little to get the second price.

Ah, her front dress is a bit dirty. As careless as always.

[So overwhelming, the rumored piggy duke! Ohh, it seems he has some room to compare which sauce is more delicious! As expected the maverick piggy duke! He is as bad as the rumors said!]

Geez, what are the commoners thinking about me to make such a rumor.

Hum, delicious!

The spectators became noisy again.

[He is the piggy duke indeed!] [What a great way to eat!] Thank you very much you guys!

[More servings please bui!]

[Slow pig! I won’t lose!]

Alicia is starting to get impatient.

The other participants do things more slowly but they try their best to keep up with me. oioi, you guys are weak! How did you train those stomachs of yours! You have to struggle to surpass your own limit!

[Shuya! Eat more! Or we will lose to that Slow pig!]

Alicia is starting to hit Shuya’s body. Don’t you pity him? Look, he seems like he will die at any mome

nt… Ah, this sauce is good.

[U, ugugu! Impossible, no more, I can’t go on… But the crystal said I need to keep going! AAgh, I will eat more! If I don’t eat more my future will be bleak, I know thaaaaat!!! Give me more!!] (stupid Shuya)

[Buhhi! Delicious! More servings please!]

[Buhhi! Bring me more!!]

[Give me more sauce! More please!]

Shuya’s eyes are popping out while saying [Are you serious!? Are you a monster!?] at me.

He has fallen into despair seeing me eating like that. Hey hey, are you just half crying now? You are just entering the way of the eater after all.

[A… Alicia. Please spare me… I can’t do it anymore… Even the crystal said I already tried my best. This eating competition we can’t win against the piggy duke, I know that…] (stupid Shuya)

Okay, now how many minutes left?

I’ll use the remaining time to adjust my position in this competition. I’ll let the other team win by a small margin so I can get that weight reduction medicine. This place is starting to become colder, the victor will be having a very full stomach.

[5 minute remains! Otto, Piggy duke-sama. He suddenly is showing a painful face, he is grabbing his drink! His face truly look like he is in pain. Did he just overate!?]

While everyone is looking at me, hmmm, which of these couples can get me the second place?

[Charlotte, it’s okay. Ah, do you want to drink?]

[…Thank you]

I have eaten seventeen servings while Charlotte did three servings.

Hum, its twenty servings in total. It’s enough if we aim for second place!

[I can’t eat anymore]

Charlotte said that after she drank her water.

Hemm, Team skin whitening result was eight servings for Shuya and four servings for Alicia. Ooh, even though she has a small built Alicia sure knows how to eat. Maybe she just hate me so much and that makes her to not want to lose against me.

[Shuya! Hey, Shuya! Slow pig is stopping now! If you can’t get that beauty medicine you will be my servant forever]

[I can’t do it anymore… But, if I don’t do it Alicia will direct her anger at me… UOOOOO!! Even the crystal said I should continue? You’ve said it!!! Give me more please!!!]

Even the spectators start clapping their hands seeing Shuya like that.

…Oi, Alicia. You overdid it. Look, he is crying.

Well then, is there any more candidates for the first place?

[Congratulations! And now from the one who made the eating competition possible, Kanibasami company! The winner is team number three, team piggy duke! This is the prize, four sets of beauty medicine!]


After calculating the final result, team piggy duke win the contest. There is no team that can surpass us even though we already stopped eating in the middle of the game.

While receiving the handmade box containing the beauty medicine, everyone claps their hands for me.


The second place is team skin whitening, I can’t believe it.

Shuya ate eleven servings while Alicia did five servings. He looks like he is dead. At the final moments, Alicia, after blackmailing him, forced the food down into Shuya’s throat, he already looked like he will die.

[Pi- slow pig. Cong, Congratulation… You’ve got the beauty medicine …but, I have something I want to talk… Come with me for a sec… Let’s talk …uuh]

Is it because she was overeating? It seems there was something holding down her chest while she is talking.

The place she is pointing at, there was an unconscious Shuya lying there.

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