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Published at 7th of February 2021 04:14:11 PM

Chapter 115

Chapter 115 : Free Commonwealth: Dungeon City Universe

Translated by Siv


“The Empire has dropped its troops! We’re not going to war! Let’s all quit being mercenary workers and become adventurers! Especially here in the Universe, surrounded by dungeons, it’s a great place to rise up!”


“Anybody want to form a party? This one has three C-level adventurers and one D-level adventurer! Anyone who wants to take on a C-class dungeon can hold onto this finger!”


 The buzzing and bustling noises are taking place all over the city.


 The Universe, one of the largest cities in the Free Federation, was a city built in the middle of the wilderness.


 Its beginnings were due to the numerous dungeons that existed in the vicinity, and adventurers from all over the continent came together one after another to seek out the numerous dungeons.


 In the beginning, adventurers and rogues earned their money by playing dungeons according to their own rank. The Universe was just a provincial city, but casinos and illegal goods trading began to occur before you know it. After a while, the Universe became a sacred place where underground people gathered.


 After that, many people from all over the continent came to visit the Universe to get rich off from illegal products and illegal goods from other countries, and the Universe grew to be one of the leading cities in the Free Federation.


“I heard there’s a large population of zombie monsters in the B-class dungeons! There’s a bumper crop of quests on the second floor of the Adventurer’s Guild, so if we’re going to take orders, let’s take them all at once!”


“Why don’t you have any information on the number one S-class adventurer?”


“Oh! Rumor has it that the number one S-class has holed up in a dungeon and making money out of it! You know that, right? I heard there’s a special guest on the third floor of the Adventurer’s Guild that only allows you to enter the guild if you belong to Class A. Pull that first S-class man out of the dungeon!”


 The provisional city, the Universe was turned golden.


 The Rebel guilds that ruled the Free Commonwealth in the shadows decided to do so, and hence they sent ample funds and manpower to the city one after another, and what had been just a provincial city became an increasingly prosperous and expanding one.


 After several years of influxes from the defunct Empire into the Free Commonwealth, the Universe finally reached the status of the most prosperous city in the Federation.


 Even if it was surrounded by wilderness, the necessities of life, such as food and clothing, were gathered in the city Universe from the well-funded streets, one after another.


“Did you hear that? The Adventurer’s Guild Headquarters has named Slow Denning of Darris a Special class Adventurer! This can only mean one thing!”

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“Oh? What does that mean?”


“The strict traditions of the Guild of Adventurers! Only seven S-list adventurers are allowed to exist in any given era! There’s a lot of talk about Slow Denning getting into the all-time vacant number seven spot!”


“Oh, no, that’s impossible! Slow Denning ain’t no adventurer! We’re not going to let that man get an S grade!”


“That’s right! Slow Denning may be the Dragon Slayer, but to become an S-Class, he’ll have to achieve a legend of epic proportions that we adventurers would recognize. Even if that Nemesis Guildmaster Ultrred recommends it, it won’t make Slow Denning the S grade if we don’t agree with him! That’s the tradition!”


 All of the dungeons in the wilderness were maintained and tuned by more than a dozen adventurer’s guilds in the city Universe, ranging in rank from F to A. That’s why the adventurers in the dungeons near the city Universe were strictly forbidden from destroying the dungeon cores by the adventurer’s guilds.


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 For this reason, the adventurers’ guilds have strictly forbidden the destruction of dungeon cores in the dungeons that exist in the suburbs of the city Universe as well.


And now two major events have become the talk of the town in the Free Federation.


“Why did the Empire suddenly lower its army? It’s funny for that war king who pushed the power of the Three Musketeers to the fore and leveled the North.”


 Rumors were now circulating in the Southern countries that the soldiers stationed along the borders of the North were the ones that the Empire had sent and had declared the war over.


 And the other one…


“Find the Dragonslayer born in Daris! I’m told they get paid a fortune for the best information!”

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