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Published at 7th of February 2021 04:14:11 PM

Chapter 114

Chapter 114 : Talking with the water dragon.

Translated by Siv

Edited by Hiro02

Sorry I got too busy with real life for the past few months. Will continue translating this from now on.

 I received communication from the Great Spirit of Darkness through a magic tool.


 I did it, I did it. I’m so glad!


 At that time, the Great Spirit of Darkness didn’t respond, so I was worried that my voice hadn’t reached him.


 If I failed to lure the Great Spirit of Darkness out, my plans would be all nothing but ruined.


 At that time, I was no longer prepared to ride into the Empire and separate the Great Spirit of Darkness from the Emperor.


 I even felt my stomach grow small with worry.


 I’ve fallen into the abnormal situation of being satisfied with the large bowl of rice served by the Orcs on duty in the Orc Village.


 Normally I would be able to eat twice as much as that, and if I were to get serious, I would feel satisfied with four times as much.


 The negative legacy of the Black Pig Duke era still remains.


 Alright, when I return to the Orc Village, I’ll ask the Orcs on cooking duty for a special dish.


 Well, even so, as expected of the Great Spirit of Death’s egg.


 I was able to hear the desperate voice of the Great Spirit of Darkness, just like in the anime, and I was feeling a sense of satisfaction.


”But when it comes to this, I feel kind of sorry for him. …… The Great Spirit of Death’s egg is just a piece of crap……. How am I going to tell the Great Spirit of Darkness that this is junk? I have to tell him in a less hurting way: ……”


 Recalling the voice from earlier, it seems that the Great Spirit of Darkness is coming towards me as I thought.


 The Great Spirit of Darkness, the root of all evil, is coming to me.


 So it’s the last match.


 In that case, let’s see if I can defeat the evil.




 How does the Great Spirit of Darkness know where I am?




 I’m currently changing my form from a human to a monster Orc, and I’m constantly releasing dark magic.


 If it’s just me, three people have changed their forms, including Charlotte and Altoange. No tangent to that, the great spirit of the wind isn’t a human, right?


 In other words, he’s in a state of constant vigilance and maintaining incredible dark magic.


 The Great Spirit of Darkness, who is sensitive to the presence of dark magic, will be able to know where I am.


 Now, it’s up to the king of the empire to decide what to do, but I just hope that he’ll discourage the war.


“Wow. Where did that voice come from?”




 What am I doing by cutting off the communication with the Great Spirit of Darkness?



 Actually, this fountain that was polluted by poisonous snakes is bottomless…


 —It’s connected to the underground water vein where the water dragons live.


 Hurray for anime knowledge.


“I’m sorry, Mr. Liu. Do you know each other? Well, I just got a call. You want extra heal right?.”


 A water dragon popped out of a huge spring.


 Just by looking at its head, it looks a bit like a dolphin. But its body, hidden under the water’s surface, is as huge as a brachiosaurus.


 It’s a dragon, not a dragon, but a dragon.


 By the way, it is a monster classified as a dragon, the same as the black dragon Sekhmet.


 You can find a lot of people in the world who are not afraid of dragons, also there are such dragons who are harmless to humans.


You’re not the only one who can do this. I haven’t come here much lately because the water quality around this place has deteriorated, but if you have your hands on it, the water might become even cleaner than before.


 I was using my water magic, Heal, towards the fountain and, at the same time, raising it to Water Dragon-san.


 This water dragon’s name is Liu-san.


 He’s a kind-hearted monster that played a major role in the last half of the anime.


 The day after I moved to the Orc village, I immediately tried my best to make contact with Mr. Liu, the water dragon. Every day, I purify the spring little by little, waiting for him to come to the spring.


 It was only a few days ago that we finally succeeded in contacting him.


 I wouldn’t say that the spring is back to normal, but when it is quite clean, Liu-san returns to the spring. Liu-san said to me that I was purifying the spring with good intentions, “Are you a God?” I was even mistaken.


“Yes, it’s fine. I’ll carry the monsters here to the fountain in Windle’s domain. I’ve heard that the monsters living in the land are occasionally in trouble. Me and my friend, the water dragon, are worried about them too. But you’re Slow. You’re a human, right? It’s still weird to ask for a monster.”


 It’s not unusual for monsters to live for hundreds of years if they are long-lived.


 Liu-san taught me that if you live long enough, you can at least hear the voice of a spirit.


 Mr. Liu felt the presence of a spirit that surrounded me and immediately realized that I was a human who had been transformed into an Orc.


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 At first, he asked me, “You’re a human God?” But when I told him I was working for the monster, he let his guard down and said, “I knew it you’re a God!”


 Hey, I’m not going to say you’re too simple.


 Mr. Liu is a kind-hearted water dragon who does not know how to doubt.


There is a place where both monsters and humans can live happily, so we have to take advantage of it.


“Ordinary people can’t enter Windle’s territory, can they? And by happy people, do you mean magical Orcs?”


“Haha, that’s not going to happen for Mr. Liu.”


 Even so, they are extremely friendly water dragons.


 Even in the anime, the water dragons played a major role in breaking into the empire from the underground water vein and getting help while escaping.


 I think it’s safe to say that they are the MVPs of the shadow.


”Well then. When the water in the fountain is clean, call me again. Next time, I’ll invite a lot of friends too!”


 Saying this, Liu-san dived into the spring.


 This spring, which everyone uses in the Orc Village for drinking water, is very deep and connects to an underground water vein at the bottom of the spring.


 The water dragon is a very rare monster that is called an underwater guide because it can move freely through the veins of underground water. It’s not a monster that shows itself in public very often, so I was fortunate to meet one while I was in the Orc village.


 ”Yeah, I guess that’s the hero’s correction, too!”





“Well. I guess that solves the monster problem.”


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 I decided to have the water dragons bring the monsters from the north to the Windle area.


 This spring was initially intended to be a healing place for the water dragons. Still, the Poison Snake that had taken up residence here had deteriorated the water quality, and the water dragons were very sad.


 When I briefly explained that I was purifying the spring and asked for the Great Migration of Monsters, the boss of the water dragons, Mr. Liu, said, “What a kind human God you are,” and he agreed.


”Yes! !!!!.”


 I’ll have Mr. Liu, the Water Dragon, and his friends carry the monsters to the watering hole in Windle territory! By the time the countries of the southern region attack the monsters living in the imperial kingdom, they would have been evacuated, except for the dungeon monsters. 


 This way, the Glass Tears incident that attacked Aeris wouldn’t happen!


 Plus, the Great Spirit of Darkness is on his way to me!


 After that, once the king of the empire, whose brainwashing has been lifted, heads for pacifism, I guess you could say that all the big problems are already solved!


“Buhi: !!!!!.”



 Orc wizards are awesome!


“Heal Heal Heal! ! Heal Heal Heal! ! Heal Heal Heal!”


 But still, water magic, Heal is too useful!


 Healing, cleansing, restoration, anything goes, depending on the ability of the surgeon! 


 Alright, when the world is at peace, we’ll be able to play freely! 


 Oh, my God! Buhihihi!


 I don’t care if it’s good or bad!


 Great Spirit of Darkness, Nanatrilege! Come on you can do it buhi!!!

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