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Chapter 102

Slow-sama . It’s almost time for dinner, please wait and see .




 We were enjoying our lunch, the first few days since we invaded the Imperial State .


 The smoke from the wood was silently rising into the sky .


 In the middle of the prairie, we were making a fire, gathering the grass and branches around it to cook our meal .


“Yes, Master Slough . It’s salt-roasted geckos . It’s hot, so please eat . ”


“Gecko?…salted you said?”


 Being of noble birth, the food was a bit unfamiliar to me .


 Hmm . The browned gecko was pleading me to eat it~ .


 As a real orc, I stared at it, and Charlotte being a succubus, a whore, ate it up .


”Oh…it has been eaten . I mean, Charlotte, do you have any other food? I remember buying a mess in a hermit’s village…”


“What do you mean, Master Slow ate more than half of the preserves in just a few days . Just because he looks like an Orc on the outside doesn’t mean you should eat too much! There’s no need to imitate an Orc inside . From now on, I’ll have to find food here and cut down on the food I used to buy in the hermit’s village . ”


“…… Buhi~ . ”


“You can’t fool me with Orcish words . I know everything there is to know about Master Slough . ”


“Sorry . ”


 The invasion of the Imperial Hujack was a smooth success .


 We could feel the eyes of Aeris’ men, the flying monsters that sauntered in the skies along the border, but they didn’t react remarkably well to us crossing the border with a buhi .


 For the next few days, we walked through the imperial grasslands with no particular destination in mind .


 We stomped on the slime that mimicked the ground and Peeky! Watching a hippopotamus-like monster sunbathing on the riverbank, a small dinosaur-like Rex gobbling up grass and goblins playing in an abandoned village, my mood was no different than going on a tour of a zoo .


“Yes, Mr Slough . The soup is ready . I’m very proud of it . We have a lot of it . ”





 I sipped the soup in a small wooden bowl .


 Hmmm, this salty taste is indescribably delicious .


 …Then it hit me .


 I’m a stray, an Orc, I need to act like one .


 So I poured all of it into my stomach at once .


“Yummy! How did you do it?”


“Seasoning? That’s the snake we just caught! I made a simple trap for it, and it fell right into it! I guess it’s because the humans are gone, after all, they’re not very cautious!”


“Buho Gofu!”


“Just kidding . Master Slow, are you all right?”


“Urgawe, buhi”


 Charlotte’s slap on my back helped me calm down .


 I stared at the mean princess who was smiling with a zit in my eyes .


 Charlotte, who had been transformed into a white-skinned whore, was shying away from her swimsuit-like outfit and wearing a long, plain one-piece .


 I suppose she thought that it hid her lush limbs, but the strangely glossy lips and the thin one-piece fabric of the dress sometimes made her body line rise to the surface… Oh, my God! Oh, my God I can’t help but think about it .


 I’m Charlotte, and succubuses are monsters, so there’s no need to be shy about it, or those little wings on my back that look cramped . But Charlotte stubbornly refused to take off her one-piece .


 ”This look is a bit too bold for the beach, this swimsuit, don’t you think?” I’m like a high school girl who realizes right before and hesitates to show it off and wears a t-shirt or something on top .


 No, I’ve never had that wonderful experience . I imagined it .


“But then again, where has Altoange-sama gone? He hasn’t been back for a day since he went to find something to eat…”


“He said it was all about wild blood . Well, it’s that guy . You don’t have anything to worry about . ”


 Charlotte already understood that the Great Spirit of the Wind was bustling .


 Altoange, who had turned into a catmata, seemed to be happy to be able to materialize . As soon as he entered the imperial kingdom, he disappeared somewhere while shouting that he had returned nyaa~ .


 In the meantime, I told him not to provoke the monster~ .


 If anything happens, please help me .


”I didn’t expect Wild Blood but I didn’t expect the Great Spirit of the Wind to be like that… It’s a good thing that you’ve got a good idea of what you’re looking for because you’re revered as a wonderful cat that watches over the country in the imperial kingdom . Oh, no, I’m not saying that Altoange-sama is bad in any way . ”


“I’ll be fine . I’ve always felt the same way . ”


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 What a pity all the great spirits were so disappointing .


 The only one I had seen in person was the Great Spirit of the Wind .



”At first, I thought it would be terrible to be attacked by a monster in the empire, but it’s not at all how I imagined . It’s peaceful . It’s different from the monsters back then . ”


 Charlotte said she somehow understood what the monsters who were slowly walking through the Imperial Land were thinking .


   She was afraid of the large number of monsters that came to the Krush Magic Academy, but she wasn’t scared of the monsters in the imperial kingdom .


”You can say that the monsters born in the dungeon were born to fight, but maybe the monsters here are born from their parents, just like us . I suppose we can conclude that they are different . ”


”I didn’t know… Master Slough is very knowledgeable about things . Did you learn that from the genie-sama as well?”


“Yes, yes, Spirit-sama is all-powerful . But I couldn’t believe it either until I saw it with my own eyes . The monsters’ faces and such are very different . ”


“It’s true…”


 Charlotte exhaled with a huff as she sipped hot tea from her water bottle .


“…… hmm?”


 I heard rustling and scrabbling through the grass .


 I tried to get up in a hurry, but Charlotte controlled my movements .  


 It was Kobold who popped up out of the grass .


 A monster that looked like a dog walking on two legs, and a fur that looked warm even though it was summer .


 It was a monster that specialized in cuteness .


 If one looked at it carefully, Charlotte was also dusty .


 I couldn’t help but think that we should take a look at Mr Read-only Orc, who had been given all sorts of bad images .



“Orcs and… succubus! This is another unusual combination . I never thought I’d see a succubus here . ”


“Oh, hello . Mr Kobold . ”


“Oh …… this is a succubus . Thank you very much for your politeness, is that a salted gecko? Also, this is a buddy of mine ……”


 The Kobold’s tail twitched and started to wobble .

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 When I was dismayed at how utterly obvious he was, Charlotte held out a skewer of gecko that she had put into the firewood .


 Buhi! That’s mine!


“Would you like one?”




“My God! Well, well, well, thank you for this…”


“No, no, when you’re hungry, you’re hungry . ”


“What a talking succubus you are . May God bless you . ”


 The Kobold accepted the salted gecko, bowed to Charlotte, and disappeared .


 He just took the rice!


 What a nasty dog… . .


 And well, this is how we lived our days in peace .


 We walked in the meadows, fished in the river, and ate at night .


 Sometimes we shared food with monsters who had been kind to us .


 I thought about going on an old-fashioned binge to gain weight, but I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t seem to do it in this country . And since Charlotte only wanted me to eat ghetto food, I couldn’t develop an appetite .


 I did eat properly, though .


“I’m perfectly calm . ”


 Charlotte was nervous when she first invaded the Imperial State, but the scene was so heartwarming that Charlotte was drained of her toxicity .


I agree with you .


If only the monsters could be seen wrestling and playing with each other .


“But still, Charlotte! Isn’t that too tough?”


“Is that so?”




 I finally tsked .

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 It was because Charlotte was too tough for me to imagine .


 If it were Alicia, she’d have needed a soft bed! Or we’d have needed a cook! ‘Oh my God, it’s a bug!’ And I’m sure he would’ve been ranting about it, no doubt . …… All of this was just my imagination .


 It was Alicia because that guy was also a Sarkista princess . It was the same princess connection, so it was in the same category as Charlotte, the princess of the empire!


‘I was taught by the Denning family how to camp all the way through! The wisdom of living anywhere has been drilled into me since I was very young! I was taught a hard lesson, especially by the Head Marrow Maid . I used to hate it, but now I appreciate it!


 The white whore muffled her words and reminisced about the past .


 The Denning family had trained him in various things since he was a child . In addition to education as a squire, a survival manual for emergencies, and simple self-defence techniques .


 Listening to the story, I realized that Charlotte was a high-spec princess .


 She was good-looking and robust enough to live in a variety of places, and she was also a good writer and warrior, capable of doing all sorts of household chores, and had an impeccable sense of humour .


 She was agile enough to get rid of bugs that tried to climb up my body .


 I’d like to have a Charlotte in the family .



“I’m a little sad that I came out without saying a word since you’ve been so good to me . I’m sure Master Slough is surprised that you’ve abandoned your position in the Denning family…”


“One in the family, Charlotte . ”




 Oops, I couldn’t help but say that out loud .


 By the way, Marrow was the maid to the big old lady who ran our house . You couldn’t even tell your father about it because he’s worked for us for many years .


“Take a nap, Buhi . ”


“… Mr Slough . I’m lazy . How many naps are you taking today? You won’t be able to sleep at night again . ”


 I pulled a soft cloth out of my backpack onto the hard ground, and that was all it took to make an impromptu bed .


 I rolled over on it .


 I watched the clouds as the unreliable smoke roes silently .


 This way, I would have a lazy oak .


“Me too… . ”


 We both looked up at the vast blue sky .

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