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Chapter 92 - Crossed the Line

Mengyao had expected a scolding from Lin Yi after school, since she’d embarrassed him in class and all, but… Lin Yi only sat quietly in the front of the car without even looking at her at all!

Mengyao thought that there was nothing wrong with her directing her anger at Lin Yi’s test after Yushu pissed her off, but regretted it after Yushu announced the grade. She seemed to indeed have crossed the line a little, and it was because of that realization that she made mental preparations for Lin Yi to yell at her, completely ready to apologize for even the worst case scenario- it wasn’t a big deal to just say sorry, anyway!

But Lin Yi never once brought up the whole thing, minding his business at the front seat as usual!

Lin Yi’s silence was really starting to get to Mengyao- the guy wasn’t reacting at all! Was he perhaps angry about what she di? Mengyao started growing a little resentful at the thought: she was prepared to apologize already, so what was with this guy putting up airs?!

“Hey! It’s not that big a deal, is it, you’re a man! Stop being so stingy!!” Mengyao hmphed after a while- she couldn’t take this silent treatment anymore.

Lin Yi was trying to find a time in his schedule to have the medicine delivered to Huaijun, but Mengyao’s abrupt words startled him with a jump. Where was this coming from? Lin Yi turned his head back quizzically. “Uh… You talking to me?”

“What do you think? You’re the only man in the car!” Mengyao replied, displeased.

“Ugh……” Lin Yi sweated as he eyed Li Fu, who was sitting right next to him. You sure have it hard Uncle Fu… The Miss’ calling you a eunuch again…

Li Fu only coughed a bit in response- Lin Yi was staring at him too much.

“Ugh……” Mengyao realized her mistake, as well- she’d called Li Fu a non-man again. “Uncle Fu’s the driver, so he doesn’t count! I’m talking to you!”

So drivers weren’t men?!! Lin Yi started sweating again- what the hell was with this girl’s logic? Lin Yi decided to leave that be, since even Li Fu wasn’t making any comments on that. “Uh… How am I being stingy?”

“Today, just now! Didn’t you get mad at me for the grading?” Mengyao glared angrily- the guy just had to ask? Was he trying to play dumb?!

“Grading? What’s there to be mad about..?” Lin Yi didn’t know what had gotten into the Miss- where was this shit coming from? “Yushu’s the one who gave me your test paper.”

Yushu was watching from the sidelines, and realized that Lin Yi was actually oblivious to what Mengyao was saying. She explained with a laugh. “Shield Guy! Mengyao’s asking if you’re pissed at her for giving you a zero!”

“Oh?” Lin Yi understood immediately. “Ah, that. It’s nothing, I threw the test out already.”

Mengyao only got angrier at Lin Yi’s nonchalant attitude towards the whole thing. She wanted to give him a sincere apology out of kindness, but this guy-! He didn’t care at all, what was with that attitude? She’d have ignored him if she knew it meant nothing at all to him! Hmph!!

Mengyao’s name was even on it, even if she did give the test paper a zero! Other guys would be lining up for stuff like that, what did Lin Yi think he was doing, throwing her name away?

The atmosphere then stiffened up after that. Lin Yi didn’t usually talk in the car anyway, but Mengyao did, always chatting away with Yushu nonstop. The girl was evidently pissed, as could be seen from her expression.

“Yao Yao, come onnn! It’s my fault today, okay? Come on, lemme see a smile!” Yushu didn’t want the atmosphere this tense between the two, and decided to cheer Mengyao up as she pulled at her.

“I’ll deal with you later!” Mengyao snapped as she glared at Yushu- this girl wanted nothing but trouble! Yushu was trying to make her happier, however, so it wouldn’t be very nice for Mengyao to stubbornly continue sulking.

In actuality, Lin Yi didn’t think much of the event. He came into school with a holiday mentality, after all, looking to experience some high school life and see what it was all about, since he had the chance and all. He was on a mission- there was no way he’d take something trivial like that seriously.

There was no guarantee, and he could be sent packing to the primal jungles one day without much warning. Everything here was temporary, just a small, pleasant memory for him to look back on as he moved on with his life……

Mengyao must’ve still been feeling awkward about the whole thing earlier today, deciding to pull Yushu upstairs right after finishing dinner. Lin Yi, on the other hand, proceeded to stuff everything in his mouth after the meal.

He noticed General Wei Wu eyeing Lin Yi as he gnawed at some ribs… The rottweiler was wagging his tail with his tongue out as he walked about the dining area, not getting close to Lin Yi- he considered Lin Yi a high level threat, after all… All he could really do was look at the ribs in envy.

Mengyao and Yushu never wiped everything on the table out like that before Lin Yi came along, and the general would always get the portion of ribs the girls left behind. Lin Yi’s presence at the dining table meant that he was only left with high quality dog food, but even top tier dog food was uncomparable to delicious ribs!!

But the rottweiler wasn’t a dumb animal- he was intelligent, and much more sensitive to outward happenstances than even humans. This was also why rottweilers were bred in many places for police and military purposes.

Dogs were capable of easily sensing a presence or aura to a higher extent than what humans were capable of. It was why the general backed off from Lin Yi after his display of killing intent- Lin Yi was an extremely dangerous existence, this was a fact the rottweiler understood well.

As a result, the general would never put his life on the line and wrestle for a couple of ribs, not with someone like Lin Yi. Even dogs feared death!

Lin Yi guessed what the dog wanted after seeing he pace the dining area, and threw a couple of gnawed on ribs at the mutt.

“......” The general didn’t know what to say- how far had he fallen, to eat ribs that had already been gnawed on? What a disgrace! Although, having some ribs to chew on was better than none at all, right? The guy was looking at him, too, and it seemed like he’d probably get beat up if he didn’t eat the offering……

Mengyao and Yushu pulled their test papers out upon getting upstairs, so as to go over their mistakes and not make the same ones in the future.

Her gradual regret for messing Lin Yi’s test up stopped her from looking at her test, and Mengyao stuffed her own test paper inside her bag right after receiving it.

She looked at the nice handwriting on her test paper- Lin Yi had listed all the questions she got wrong at the back, providing detailed explanations as well… Mengyao’s heart tensed up with even more guilt- she was really starting to regret her actions now!! The guy was so serious and delicate with her test paper, and what did she go and do? She destroyed it with red and stamped a big fat zero on it!

She really crossed the line, it seemed.

Yushu was busying herself with her own test paper when she noticed Mengyao acting weird beside her. She raised her head and saw a face full of regret- even Mengyao’s eyes were tearing up……

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