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Chapter 74 - Man in the Washroom

Lin Yi had wanted to get himself some Eastern medicine, but decided otherwise as he exited the building- medicine was usually more expensive in hospitals. He had the money, and the bank card Chu Pengzhan provided him as well, but what he was looking had prices reaching the thousands and even the ten thousands.

“Mister Lin, the chairman just called- he said to bring you to him if you’re free.” Li Fu said as Lin Yi got in the car.

“Oh, Uncle Chu’s looking for me? I’ll pay him a visit, then. But Uncle Fu, you should know that there isn’t anything much I do other than go to school anyway.” Lin Yi didn’t know why the chairman wanted to meet him, but it was probably something about the bank robbery, or the incident with Heibao Bro yesterday.

“Alright, I’ll inform Mister Chu right now.” With that, Li Fu pulled out his phone, dialing the chairman up and informing him that they were on their way.

The security at the underground parking area recognized the Bentley Li Fu drove, raising the bar for them before the car even got close. Lin Yi didn’t comment on what the guards were doing in order to please Li Fu.

Li Fu’s Bentley was expensive, and it wasn’t easy to replicate an identical car for the sake of sneaking in, but it wasn’t too hard either- the bank robbers at the bank that day were very much capable of the feat, especially when backed up by someone powerful.

A couple of strangers sneaking into the company’s underground parking area wasn’t much of an impact to Pengzhan Industries itself, and Lin Yi kept quiet because of that.

The two of them went up the elevator, knocking on the chairman’s office door after reaching it. Li Fu took a peek inside- he was the chairman’s most trusted man, and it wasn’t above him at all to do so; he had free access into and out of the office.

Li Fu, however, pulled his head back and closed the door. He turned to Lin Yi. “The chairman’s currently occupied, let’s wait a bit before entering.”

“Sure.” Lin Yi said with a nod. Chu Pengzhan was the chairman of a superpower company- he didn’t expect the guy to just sit around waiting for him. There was so much a man like him could arrange and do within that short window of time. “I’m going to the toilet- call me if you need anything.”

“Will do, Mister Lin. The bathroom’s that way.” Li Fu pointed away from the office.

The floor they were on hosted the top tier leaders of the company, and all the offices were equipped with their own washrooms. It was only natural then that the public washroom would be located as far as possible from the personal ones.

Lin Yi got to the washroom quickly, faintly hearing a man’s voice coming from inside. The guy was probably on the phone.

Lin Yi never planned on eavesdropping- he wasn’t that type of person. His ears, however, were extremely sensitive, and he couldn’t help but continue listening after picking up a particular name from the conversation.

“You know how long I’ve waited for a chance like this? Chu Mengyao going to the bank was as good an opportunity as it gets, what kind of men did you get for the job?!” The man was furious, but made sure to keep his voice down best as he could- it wasn’t something he’d want people overhearing.

Passerbys would most likely not pick up anything, as well- Lin Yi only heard the man because of how good his hearing was.

The man had mentioned Mengyao’s name a couple of times, compelling Lin Yi to get closer for a better listen. Lin Yi’s guard went up the moment he brought up the bank.

Lin Yi remained completely silent as he listened to every word the man spoke.

“How’d you expect me to continue working with you people when you can’t even get something like this right? It’s not even anything big- I only needed you to hold onto the girl for a couple hours! The guys with Chu Pengzhan, all they had to do was hint to him that we had his daughter, and the contract would’ve been signed already! Just a little hint, that’s all we needed! The chairman would press his anger down for the sake of his daughter, there’s no doubt about that, don’t you get it??” Lin Yi could tell that the man was very pissed off at the whole thing.

“Hmph. What else did you guys mess up? No one’s caught on yet, I assume? What? You don’t know where your man is? What?! What the fuck!! How am I supposed to work with a pig like you?” The man cursed. “Alright, I’ll get some info from the police here- settle the things at your end. If things get out of control… You know what you’re expected to do, I hope?”

A phone rang, and the man shut up instantly, clearly very startled at the abrupt noise.

Lin Yi jumped up in shock, as well! He could only smile bitterly at his ringing phone- it was near impossible to continue eavesdropping at this point.

The shock was hard on the man- he’d never expected anyone to even near the public washroom, not when all the offices on that floor had private ones. Only outsiders and staff visited this restroom- it was also why he chose this particular spot to make the call.

Only the janitors came for cleaning every morning and night, in most cases.

Lin Yi pulled out his phone helplessly, seeing Li Fu’s contact on the screen. He hung up before mumbling to himself. “Jun Hua Bro, I’m Liang! Li Xiaoliang! Where are you, I’m at Pengzhan Industries already! I’m at the top floor! Oh, I assumed that’s where you’d be, as a business manager… Third floor, okay, okay, I was going to use the toilet but I’m coming! What? The top floor’s for the leaders? Alright, I get it- I’ll come to you first!”

Lin Yi walked out the washroom as he spoke, making his way to Pengzhan’s office. Li Fu, on the other hand, didn’t think much about Lin Yi hanging up- he’d probably presumed that Li Fu was calling him back to the office.

The man in the bathroom let out a deep breath of relief upon hearing Lin Yi’s words. Just someone visiting the company for affairs, huh. Fuck, coming up to the top floor for a business manager- how the fuck did this idiot think a business manager would be all the way up here? Doesn’t he know that they just call themselves that for the sound of it? They’re just clerks!

Lin Yi’s voice got smaller and smaller, and the man started talking again, his voice even more suppressed than before...

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