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Chapter 59 - Delusional

Yang Huaijun wasn’t about to give up that easily- he understood perfectly well the calibre of the man before him- there was no way a man he worshipped would just expose himself under a simple prod like that.

“I say, Song! I can handle you being an idiot, but why’s your captain the same as you?!” His face had been seen, and there was no point in hiding anymore. Lin Yi lifted his head up. “Honestly, you guys must be under stress from all the work you do, you really need to get some therapy, relax yourself a bit or something!”

“Why do you lie?” Lin Yi’s insults were at the absolute least of his concerns- his arms flashed up in a flash of passion, gripping onto Lin Yi’s shoulders and shaking him violently. “I’m Hound, Hound! Don’t you remember me?!”

Lingshan was just about to give Lin Yi a scolding when she heard the captain call himself ‘hound’. Her eyes were wide open- what the hell was going on?! Could it really be that the stress was getting to him? Was it why he was speaking nonsense?

“See? I say, Song, your captain’s having delusions already, he’s calling himself a hound!” Lin Yi sighed, shaking his head. “And he even called me an eagle after seeing my face, what the……”

Song Lingshan blinked, speechless and confused at the ridiculous scene- the captain was always a figure of intelligence and authority, what on earth was going on with him today?

The remaining ten percent of Huaijun’s uncertainty was swept away at that very moment- this was the one he’d been looking for all this time, there was absolutely no doubt about it!! A companion through the hell of war was not a person he’d mistake somebody else for; The sort of friendship that developed through dire times went deep.

Lin Yi’s nonsensical tone in conversation confirmed it, as well- it had to be him! A sudden thought, however, crossed Huaijun’s mind- could it be that an undercover operation was taking place, disallowing the exposure of his identity?

That would make absolute sense- Huaijun remembered the level of missions they took back then, and Lin Yi’s behavior didn’t seem out of place at all.

“Song, leave him to me- I’ll take care of this case personally.” Huaijun said, grabbing Lin Yi’s arm as if he’d start running away.

“Ah… Okay……” Lingshan didn’t know what Lin Yi had that interested the captain so, causing him to act oddly as well. Orders were orders, however, and she obeyed Huaijun out of habit.

Without further delay, Huaijun pulled Lin Yi along as he speed-walked inside the building. Lin Yi only smiled bitterly- there was no escaping at this pint.

The door slammed shut, and Huaijun locked it solidly, despite understanding how little good a locked door would do- he could throw this man into a prison and he’d get out himself all the same.

Lin Yi walked to the office sofa and sat down calmly. “Captain Yang, is it? What exactly do you want? Two men trapped in an office like this, it’d be real bad if rumors were to spread… I’m still a student you know…!”

“That’s enough- there’s no outsiders here, and my office walls are soundproof- my codename’s hound, you know that, and you know how strong my recon and anti-recon abilities are. I’d have detected any bugs in the room if there were any.” Huaijun said as he stared intently at Lin Yi.

“Seriously? Are you really planning on doing something to me…” Lin Yi said innocently, eyes wide open.

“Drop the act, Arno! You know what I’m talking about!” Huaijun said seriously.

“I’m sorry, but you’ve got the wrong guy- I’m no Arno, and I’ve no idea what you’ve been talking about.” Lin Yi replied with a shrug.

“That’s impossible!!” Huaijun’s eyes lit up with a renewed passion as he lunged himself at Lin Yi, grabbing him by the shoulders and shaking him again. “Eagle, what are you running from? Why won’t you admit who you are?!”

Lin Yi was still a little indifferent as he contemplated Huaijun’s words- was he really running from something? The days of war, the absolute trust between warmates, and that stunning face and heartbreaking gaze…… Lin Yi’s heart seemed to cramp a little at the thought.

“Ning’s been looking for you, all these years!!” Huaijun uttered, his face twisted with panic- Lin Yi’s denial was starting to take its toll on him.

“Ning? Who’s that?” A needle pierced through Lin Yi’s heart, but his face remained composed, uncaring and clueless.

“You-!!!” Huaijun’s eyes turned bloodshot as he stared violently at Lin Yi. “You’re trying to run, aren’t you? This isn’t something you can just run from, you’ll ruin her whole life!!”

Huaijun broke off his glare abruptly, grabbing his own chest as beads of sweat trickled down his forehead. His face whitened, and his body convulsed……

“What’s wrong?!” Lin Yi could deny his relationship with this man all he wanted, but the guy was a warmate, an absolute friend that he’d entrusted his life with before- it was above him to just ignore Huaijun when the guy started convulsing like that.

Huaijun gritted his teeth, struggling to produce a bottle of medicine from his breast pocket with trembling hands. He took out one of the pills inside and popped it into his mouth, and his convulsions calmed down. He was still gasping for air, but he wasn’t as pale anymore.

Lin Yi took a glance at the prescription on the bottle- it was an imported sedative painkiller, a very strong kind. LIn Yi dropped the nonchalant act as he looked at his friend. “Why’re you taking these?”

He understood Huaijun’s constitution extremely well- the guy was as strong and healthy as a bull; what had happened to him?

“Do you…...admit who you are?” Huaijun asked again, a nostalgic smile creeping across his lips.

“Let’s not talk about that first, okay? What happened to you?” Lin Yi responded with a question as he helped Huaijun up the sofa- maintaining his denial had lost its significance.

“I’m not that weak, I’m fine!” Huajun laughed, clearly very happy as he looked at Lin Yi. “I know it’s you, Eagle. It’s been two years… You’ve gotten taller… You don’t have that edge in your eyes anymore, and you seem more reserved, too… But I know it’s you.”

“Fine, fine, I’ll admit it. Tell me, what happened?” Also, why are you retired from the military? Wasn’t that organization you joined… for life?” Lin YI couldn’t begin to imagine what Huaijun had been through these past two years.

The guy still looked strong as ever, but Lin Yi sensed a trace of sickness within him. Old Lin was a master doctor, renowned far and wide- Lin Yi had inherited some of his medical genius.

“Yeah, I’m retired!” Huaijun said with a smile. “It’s an injury- I can’t handle the high level operations anymore, so I transferred into the police force.”

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