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Chapter 57 - The Glorious History of Chen Yushu

Yushu was bored one day, and decided to tell Zhong Pinliang that Mengyao wanted to see some fireworks. It took half an hour before Pinliang came back with Xiaofu and Naipao, box after box of Five Million Blast fireworks being carried in by a couple of workers.

The quiet school was then bombarded with the sound of fireworks, and classes stopped, for nobody could hear a single word the teachers were saying. Everybody opted instead to flock to the windows for a better view, and saw a Zhong Pinliang smiling very gleefully as he stood nearby the fireworks with his group.

As the name suggested, the fireworks were the loud and long-lasting type, and the entire school was filled with explosions throughout the morning classes until Ding Binggong himself called the fire department- the teachers couldn’t near the powerful launching area at all.  It took a firetruck with high pressure water jets to finally put the fireworks out, putting an end to the ridiculous incident.

The event hadn’t caused any damage to school property, and the students were all unharmed- it didn’t take long before everything was covered up by Binggong. The board of directors never even knew about it because of that.

But there was a limit to how many times he could cover something like that up! Binggong was raging as he walked over to the window, and his jaw dropping upon witnessing the scene taking place on the field.

It would’ve been difficult to spot what went on in a field this big, under normal circumstances. The students, however, had formed a large circle, immediately directing the principal’s attention to Zhong Pinliang and his gangsters in the center.

Binggong jumped in startlement, almost falling out the window as his hands slipped.

It wasn’t fireworks- it was a gunshot!! The principal couldn’t believe what Heibao had in his hand. He took a closer look, breathing in relief upon realizing that it wasn’t a student who lay on the ground. He decided to stop thinking about it, darting out the office as he grabbed the phone on his desk.

Gangsters shooting their guns in school was a big enough deal that even Ding Binggong himself couldn’t take responsibility for- he’d be leaving the school if it got bad enough! This was no time to be thinking about China’s model school title!

It didn’t seem like anyone had gotten hurt as of yet, relieving Binggong even if just by a little. He bumped into Wang Zhifeng on the stairs. “Mr. Principal! We’ve got an emergency!”

“I saw it, what’s the situation?” Binggong asked, waving away the dean’s bullshit and going straight to the point instead.

“It’s Zhong Pinliang- he brought in a couple of gangsters to school to go after Lin Yi! Though, Lin Yi did manage to beat one of the gangsters down- he’s still unscathed.” Wang Zhifeng explained briefly.

“Lin Yi?” The principal seemed to have heard the name somewhere before.

“The student recommended by Mister Chu……” Wang Zhifeng reminded.

“Ah, him!” Ding Binggong’s heart skipped a beat as he remembered the student- thank god the kid was unhurt. The consequences of anything happening to Lin Yi were unthinkable. The gangster Lin Yi had put down, on the other hand, didn’t concern Binggong much- society’s scum like him deserved a good beating. What mattered were the students’ safeties.

Song Lingshan was dragging Lin Yi away into a police car by the time the two arrived. A man of Ding Binggong’s position, naturally, knew who the woman was. He put on a smile as he walked forward in greeting. “Captain Song, has my student done something?”

Ding Binggong wasn’t afraid of the vice-captain, but Lin Yi getting sent to the police station like this would have negative effects to the school’s reputation. As such, he made sure to approach the matter as negotiably and friendly as possible- the kid was sent in by Mister Chu himself, after all, and he had to tread carefully here.

“Principal Ding, this student’s involved in a case of violent brawling, we need him for questioning.” Lingshan responded coldly.

Lingshan’s tone made it clear that she wasn’t about to negotiate anything with the principal- in fact, she wasn’t very respectful towards him at all. With that in mind, Binggong changed his tone in response. “Captain Song, I myself know your captain personally, should I give him a call?”

“You could, but the captain’s on a plane right now- he won’t be able to answer it.” Lingshan replied as she pushed Lin Yi into one of the police cars. The police then departed, vanishing from view moments after.

Binggong was very displeased- he was quite renowned and respectable in Songshan, and had even interacted with multiple high-level leaders, let alone Song Lingshan. There was no kid who didn’t attend school these days, and his was a private establishment under direct control of the board of directors, completely uninvolved with the government. There wasn’t a limit to the types of powerful figures the principal was involved himself with; Binggong never expected that Song Lingshan to look past all that! She was outright disrespectful!

The principal wasted no time in dialing Yang Huaijun up, but the captain’s phone wasn’t on- Lingshan wasn’t lying, apparently. Huaijun would never have his phone turned off unless it was absolutely necessary.

Yang Huaijun had boarded a plane due back for Songshan first thing in the morning- he’d been invited by a colleague who had a hard case on his hands, but news of the bank robbery brought him back. He was needed back in Songshan.

Heibao Bro’s two lackeys were brought along as well, whereas Zhong Pinliang and the others got away, as expected. Heibao Bro, on the other hand, was sent to the hospital directly.

“You’re pretty tough aren’t you, Lin Yi? Getting in fights right after a gunshot to the thigh yesterday?” Lingshan asked, irritated as she noticed Lin Yi’s nonchalant attitude- people were usually depressed when pushed into a police car like this, but Lin Yi-! The guy didn’t have a care in the world!!

Lin Yi glanced at Lingshan before turning his head away… He had to admit- the girl was very pretty, especially when in uniform……

“I’m talking to you, what’s with that attitude?” Lingshan only grew angrier- the guy was ignoring her!

“You know, I never listened to that myth about girls with big boobs being stupid, but you…” Lin Yi commented as his eyes darted about Lingshan’s curvy body.

“That again?! Explain yourself!” Lingshan retorted uncomfortably as Lin Yi scanned her body with lustful eyes. “Who’re you calling stupid with big boobs?!!”

“You know who.” Lin Yi said, curling his lips. “Anyone with some form of intelligence could tell that these dudes were the criminals who barged into the school- I’m obviously the hero who put them down. Good job taking me in, miss.”

Lingshan understood the situation, that went without saying. Regardless of who the criminal was, however, slaughtered body of Heibao demanded explanation! They weren’t even sure if the guy would survive, at this point- taking Lin Yi in for questioning was reasonably within protocol.

That, and the fact that Lin Yi was too much of an asshole- she needed to scare him a little, and teach him a lesson: he couldn’t just beat people up like that, what if the victim next time wasn’t a criminal?

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