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Chapter 562 - My Boss Is Lin Yi!

Baji was laughing on the inside. It's karma for rejecting the 4 million yuan offer. It's too late now!

"2,800,000 is my limit; yea or nay, choose for yourself. You can look for the previous buyer if you wish to," Baji said evenly. "But, with your current situation, I don't think he will offer you 4 million again!"

"You…" Mr. Kang knew that Baji was threatening him. He stared at him with eyes aflame. This wasn't an issue of cowardice or fear. He was afraid that his family would get involved in this mess! Mr. Kang made up his mind. He chose not to sell the house. "Please do not bully honest businessmen like me. Not fighting back doesn't mean that I'm afraid of you guys."

"Huh? Old man, when did we bully you?" Ruoguang looked at Mr. Kang in interest. "You aren't selling your house, right? We'll come to your teahouse every day!"

Xiaobo just came back from the school, opened the door, and found himself in the pandemonium. He was very angry when he heard people threatening his father. What were these people doing in his house?

"Don't you dare bully my father!" Xiaobo rushed over, stood beside his father, and glared at the unwelcome guests.

Xiaobo was startled. Why did they look so familiar? On the other hand, Ruoguang and Tiandi found Xiaobo familiar as well but they didn't recognize each other yet.

"Kid, where are you from? This is none of your business, go back to your own room!" Ruoguang wasn't paying much attention to a kid who was still carrying a backpack around.

"I…" Xiaobo had wanted to look for Lin Yi, but Lin Yi had gone out, so he had to man up and help his father, didn't he? Xiaobo had been with Lin Yi for quite some time, so he wasn't a coward anymore. He felt that he had to do something as a man. He raised his head and said cockily, "I'm following Boss Lin. Where are you from?"

Xiaobo knew that Lin Yi was powerful, but he wasn't sure if his name had spread outside of school. He gave it a try anyway.

"Kang Xiaobo, stop fooling around, go back to your room!" Mr. Kang was afraid that his son would create more trouble, so he scolded him.

"Boss Lin? Which Boss Lin?" Ruoguang was stunned by Xiaobo's reply. But even if he wracked his brain, he couldn't think of any Boss Lin in Songshan. Who could it be?

"Lin Yi, Boss Lin!" Xiaobo said bravely and added, "He just came to Songshan not long ago. Let me warn you, my boss is very strong. Besides, I'm his right-hand man!" 

"Eh?!" Ruoguang was petrified when he heard Lin Yi's name. He jumped and blanched and slowly turned to his father with fear.

Tiandi was scared as well! Was it coincidence? Why was Lin Yi always around them? Lin Yi's shadow was always stalking them? All of a sudden, Lin Yi's right-hand man appeared before him. But Tiandi was still a powerful figure. He remained calm and doubted the kid in front him. He took out his phone and started calling his other son, Zou Ruoming.

If Lin Yi had a right-hand man, Ruoming should know better than anyone, so he called his son to confirm Xiaobo's identity. If Lin Yi didn't have a right-hand man, Tiandi swore to give Xiaobo a good thrashing! That kid was asking for it!

"Hello, Ruoming? Does Boss Lin Yi have a right-hand man?" Tiandi didn't dare not to respect Lin Yi, so he called him boss. Who knew if the person before him really had a relationship with Lin Yi?

Ruoming was puzzled but he answered anyway. "There's one named Kang Xiaobo. He was just a bum at first, but after following Lin Yi…"

Kang… Did his father just call him "Kang Xiaobo?" Tiandi was horrified. He had confirmed his identity. He was definitely Lin Yi's right-hand man!

In the blink of an eye, he recalled that Xiaobo was in the hospital! He was standing beside Lin Yi when they first encountered in the hospital!

"What the f*ck!" Tiandi roundhouse kicked Baji in the chest, sending him flying. Blood spurted out when his head hit the corner of the table, but Tiandi didn't give a damn as he continued beating Baji up!

Ruoguang also understood and started beating up Baji as well!

"Zou bro, Master Zou, why are you hitting me?" Baji gave a perplexed look to the Zous.

"Hit you? You motherf*cking idiot, you almost got us killed! Asshole, did you not hear him? They are Lin Yi's people, how dare you touch them? Do you have a deathwish?" Tiandi was furious. He was trying to get them killed. Tiandi had been annoying Lin Yi recently and here he was troubling Lin Yi's right-hand man. He was basically looking to get himself killed.

Why were all these unlucky events happening to him? Just a few days back, he bullied Tang Yin's cousin's girlfriend without knowing Lin Yi was involved. He was afraid that Lin Yi would come looking for him for trouble sooner or later. And now, not long after that event, he was troubling Lin Yi's follower, Kang Xiaobo. He found himself very unfortunate. Why was he always the "lucky" one?

The sudden transformation of the Zous' attitude astounded the Kangs! Mr. and Mrs. Kang were in complete shock at the turn of events. They didn't expect Lin Yi's name to have such power. The Zous weren't their enemies anymore after hearing Lin Yi's name. They even gave a good beating to Baji, much to their surprise!

Xiaobo saw that the people before him knew Lin Yi and that they were extremely afraid of Lin Yi! They didn't want any trouble from Lin Yi, or else they wouldn't have reacted in such manner.

Tiandi and Ruoguang stopped kicking and punching when Baji was about to faint, but they weren't afraid of hurting him. They stopped attacking because they were out of breath! Both of them were high-level gangsters. They didn't have to beat people up themselves; their underlings would do the job for them.

In fact, both of them only came to threaten Mr. Kang. They never thought of beating people up.

"Kang bro, it's my bad. It was just a misunderstanding! This Zhang Baji is an idiot. He had something bad planned! Luckily, we stopped him in time, or else something bad would've happened!" Tiandi was helpless. He felt it wrong to call Kang Xiaobo "Kang bro," but he had no choice!

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