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Chapter 560 - Kang Xiaobo's House Troubles

"Cihua bro, is Master Bing around?" Cihua's enthusiasm made Fabai optimistic about the revenge.

"Master Bing was having *** with three chicks yesterday. He's still probably sleeping," Cihua said casually. He didn't mind telling him the truth since he had considered him his partner.

"Hehe, such strength! His stamina is impressive!" Fabai gave a big thumbs up as he complimented Master Bing.

"Of course, he's Master Bing." Cihua smiled. "Zhong bro, do you have any business with Master Bing?"

"I don't need to bother him. Cihua bro, you alone are more than enough to handle my case!" Fabai flattered.

"Tell me about it." Cihua wasn't carried away by the flattery, rather asking about the problem.

"Cihua bro, Pengzhan has gone overboard this time. You have to help me!" Fabai sat in front of Cihua and thundered, "I may be Master Bing's dog now, but he didn't even hold back with his assault. His actions carried too far!"

"Oh? Chu Pengzhan?" Li Cihua asked calmly.

"My son, Zhong Pinliang, was just hitting on his daughter, Chu Mengyao, but just because of that, one of his kidney was removed! Don't you think he's being ridiculous? He made light of both Master Bing and you, Cihua bro!" Fabai said angrily.

"Wait, what did you say? His kidney was removed?" Cihua was in shock. He believed that Pengzhan would do anything for his daughter but removing a kidney? That was impossible, wasn't it? Besides, at the mention of kidneys, Cihua thought of another guy. "Are you sure it's Pengzhan?"

"Erm… I have no evidence but I'm pretty sure of it!" Fabai complained, "My son said that he was warned not to get close to Chu Mengyao, or else his life would be in great danger! So it must be Pengzhan; there's no one other than him!"

"Is that so…" Cihua nodded. "Alright, you may leave now. I'll discuss this matter with Master Bing later."

Cihua was cunning. He wouldn't promise Fabai anything, even though Fabai was his underling now.

"Cihua bro, you have to help me. Pengzhan went overboard this time!" Fabai started to panic after seeing no reaction from Cihua. He wasn't a match for Pengzhan, so it would be futile to fight him alone.

"OK, if this is really Pengzhan's doing, Master Bing will surely avenge you," Cihua said solemnly. Master Bing had wanted to dominate Pengzhan Industries, so he didn't mind helping Fabai fight Pengzhan in the slightest. He could even make Fabai owe him a favor for helping him.

"Sure, I'll head back home and wait for your good news!" Fabai couldn't keep negotiating since Master Bing was still sleeping.


Something big happened to Xiaobo's house. Someone came to his teahouse to disturb the peace.

Xiaobo had planned to meet Lin Yi, but because Lin Yi left for Yanjing and he didn't know if he had returned to Songshan, Xiaobo had no choice but to face the incoming problem alone.

Mr. Kang was an honest businessman. His business was still profitable, so his family was living a modest life until the peace was destroyed.

There was a newly opened teahouse right in front of their teahouse which was where the silence was vanished one month ago.

House Kang had been operating the teahouse for years. It was a well-known teahouse. They didn't get a lot of customers, but the newly opened teahouse obviously had a lot less customers than them. The head of the newly opened teahouse, Zhang Baji, wasn't happy with the success of his rival, so he planned to sabotage House Kang's business by sending gangsters there daily.

Although House Kang's teahouse was a well-known location, the Kangs couldn't afford to have gangsters strolling around every day. A teahouse was meant to be a quiet and peaceful place. The customers were mostly businessmen and couples. So they couldn't handle all the shouting and noise made by the gangsters, could they?

The Kangs wanted to report this to the police, but they couldn't do anything about it because the gangsters didn't do anything illegal; they were just being loud! The gangsters were still customers. They had the right to drink tea there, but the problem was that they drank a pot of tea for the whole day!

In addition, the teahouse offer free cards for them to play games with, but they enjoyed themselves a little too much. They were constantly shouting! In truth, they were still customers; they paid for the service. They could do anything they wished as long as they were customers.

Mr. Kang knew that he had offended his rival, so he wasn't angry about the downfall of his business. Although the gangsters' money wasn't enough to pay for their daily expenses, his father had no better choice.

After a month, the Kangs were almost at their limit, and their rival came to their teahouse. But Zhang Baji didn't come alone. He came with someone powerful and popular in Songshan!

Mr. Kang knew that guy very well. He was aware of his current situation.

"Chairman Kang, we're in the same business. It's my pleasure to meet you!" Baji greeted him warmly. "Come, let me introduce you my friend. This is Chairman Zou from Tiandi Entertainment, and this is his eldest son, Zou Ruoguang. Just look for them when you encounter any trouble!"

Mr. Kang knitted his eyebrows together when Baji gave him a thumbs up to end his sentence. Wasn't this a threat? But Mr. Kang handled this situation calmly. He wasn't a kid. He knew that in this dog eat dog world, the strong survived and the weak died.

"Chairman Zou, Chairman Zhang, may I know the purpose of this visit? Did you guys come for the tea or shall we talk shop?" Mr. Kang wasn't pleased with them, but he endured the unpleasantry and asked nicely.

"What the f*ck, did you just ignore me? I'm standing right here, did you not see me? Or perhaps you didn't think me human?" Zou Tiandi and Baji were silent but Zou Ruoguang exploded, pounding the table while pointing at Mr. Kang. He flipped the table around, sending sets of crockery flying and hitting the ground. The crockery shattered into pieces.

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