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Chapter 555 - Are We Going to Die

"Nope, I think Yaoyao sis is the best!" Yushu clenched her fist. "Rest assured, Yaoyao sis. I'll get Shield Bro's heart back to you in no time!"

"We're about to die, what are you getting back?" Mengyao laughed. "Shu, are you regretful? Just because you and Lin Yi hadn't started anything? We're dying, isn't it too late?"

"Nah, there's still chance… uh…  Yushu realized her slip of the tongue and clammed up.

"Shu, what did you say?" Mengyao was smart enough to sense something was wrong with Yushu. "Are you hiding something from me?"

"Hehe, actually, before we came here, I sent a text to Shield Bro. I told him that we're at Mt. Shuangyan. If he finds out that we're gone, he'll definitely come looking for us!" Yushu couldn't hide it anymore after she was exposed by Mengyao, she spilt the beans out just so Mengyao wouldn't torture her later.

"Ahhhh! You bastard, why don't you tell me earlier? I was worried! You scared the hell out of me!" Mengyao was furious and tried to strangle Yushu. "I'll choke you to death! You knew that we would be saved all this time and still acted like we were about to die! What do you want?"

"If I had revealed it at the beginning, I'm sure, Yaoyao sis, that you'd never have told me you love Shield Bro as well!" Yushu smiled wickedly.

"More like demons love him!" Mengyao was enraged. "I was just lying to you, OK, just so you would admit that you love him! I knew he was coming to save us anyway!"

"Oh, Yaoyao sis is angry now!" Yushu started running around, using the darkness to hide from Mengyao. "Come on, catch me. You can't catch me, you can't catch me!"

"I'll tear your lips off!" Although Mengyao couldn't see, she followed the sounds and tracked Yushu. The two of them were playing tag in the dark.

After a while, both of them got tired and Yushu surrendered. "Yaoyao sis, stop playing. I give up, I love Shield Bro, let me go…."

"Hmph, admitting it now?" Mengyao said cockily. "I'll tell Lin Yi everything you said after we get out."

"So what, since I've already confessed. Lalalala," Yushu said, not caring in the least.

Mengyao was really out of ideas. She couldn't do anything since Yushu had actually confessed to Lin Yi.

The two of them hadn't eaten anything since last night. Almost five hours had passed, and Yushu's stomach started to growl. "Yaoyao sis, I'm hungry and thirsty. I want to eat."

"Hold on a little longer. Didn't you text Lin Yi? He'll be here to rescue us soon," Mengyao said.

"Uh-huh." Yushu nodded, feeling hurt. "But I'm hungry and thirsty!"

"Who asked you to act so crazily!" Mengyao was also hungry and thirsty, but she had to bear with it and couldn't demotivate Yushu. Otherwise, the two of them would starve to death!

"By the way, Yaoyao sis, what do you think is inside the backpack we found? Do you think it's food?" Yushu asked.

"Maybe, but it might be poison left behind by Pinliang. If we consume it, it's the same as committing suicide!" Mengyao was aware of the backpack, but she couldn't understand why would Pinliang leave them food if he was planning to trap both of them here!

If Pinliang wanted Mengyao and Yushu to survive, he should have prepared both water and food, not just food! Water is more essential than food! So Mengyao thought that the food might be poisonous. Pinliang purposely left poison behind so they would consume it and die.

This was actually due to Pinliang's carelessness. His thought process was way too simple. He never thought of water as a problem. He thought the girls could survive as long as they had food.

"Oh, I don't want to eat it anymore…." Yushu got scared and struck the thought from her mind. "But I'm still hungry and thirsty."

"OK, Shu, let's sleep for a while. We should feel less hungry and thirsty while asleep." Mengyao was also desperate, but she had to act like a big sister and console Yushu. "Like you said, Lin Yi will definitely come and rescue us."

"Oh… OK then." Yushu closed her eyes.

Mengyao sighed softly. It must be nighttime because no light was shining through the keyhole. Mengyao remembered that the security door was facing the outside, so if it were morning, she should have seen the view outside.

As time passed, while the girls were clinging to each other, Mengyao heard Yushu's breathing steady. She knew that Yushu had finally fallen asleep. Mengyao was exhausted at this point and dozed off as well.

When the two of them woke up, they saw a ray of light piercing through the keyhole. They were certain it was morning. However, the two of them weren't roused by the dim light but by thirst!

They hadn't had a drop of water for over ten hours. Both of them were parched. Yushu didn't feel hungry anymore. All she wanted was water.

"Yaoyao sis, I'm thirsty. I want a drink so badly," Yushu said hoarsely. She could barely finish her sentence.

"Shu, be a good girl. Bear it a little longer." Mengyao patted Yushu on the back and said firmly, "Lin Yi will definitely come and save us."

"Oh… you sure?" Yushu wasn't so confident this time. She had thought that Lin Yi would come immediately, but it was obvious that he might not even come since they had been trapped in this cave for a night. She wasn't sure about the actual time, but she was certain that this was their second day in the cave.

"Yeah, I'll fire him if he doesn't come!" Mengyao comforted.

Yushu wanted to say that if he wasn't coming, how are you supposed to fire him? But she stopped herself from doing so since Lin Yi was their last hope. She didn't want to extinguish her only hope.

"Yaoyao sis, are we going to die? I feel like I have no energy; I feel very sleepy even though I just woke up." Yushu struggled to even grasp Mengyao's hand.

"No, we're not. You're just too hungry to have any energy." Mengyao shook her head.

"Oh, I'll sleep for a while then…." Yushu closed her eyes. She couldn't fall asleep despite her tiredness and sleepiness levels being at their peaks. Her stomach was growling and her throat was burning.

Mengyao was in pain, but she knew that Shu had lost all her confidence, while she herself shouldn't lose all her hope. She should be optimistic. If both of them completely lost all hope, they would truly be done for.

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