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Chapter 554 - No More Secrets

In a corner of the confined space, there was only one backpack, which was filled with irregularly sized plastic boxes. Since light couldn't get in, Yushu couldn't see very clearly, but she was certain that there was no one else other than two of them in the cave.

At this point, they realized they were probably tricked by Pinliang! Otherwise, four of them should be trapped in this cave. Where were Pinliang and Xiaofu?

"Yaoyao sis, it must be Zhong Pinliang who trapped us here!" Yushu said angrily. "That's why he brought us here, so he could lock us up!"

"Shu, it was my mistake. I believed his words too easily…." Mengyao bit her lower lip, realizing that she was set up by Pinliang. He purposely brought both of them to the mountain, knocked them out, and trapped them in this confined space. The lookalike to Mengyao was just a big fat lie created by Pinliang.

"Yaoyao sis, this isn't your fault. I knew that you've been missing your mother a lot. When it comes to this kind of situation, your feelings will interfere with your rationality." Yushu did not blame Mengyao. She comforted her with a smile instead.

"Shu, you knew?" Yushu was full of surprises. However, Mengyao couldn't see Yushu's expression in the dark.

"Of course, we're besties! We've been together since childhood. I know you better than Zhong Pinliang does, right?" Yushu let out a sigh. "I shouldn't have joined you guys out of curiosity. I could have saved you if I was still on the outside! Now nobody knows that we went out with Pinliang."

Mengyao shook her head. "Shu, I'm glad that you are not angry at me. I thought that you weren't aware of anything…. By the way, what do you think Zhong Pinliang is up to holding us hostage?"

Mengyao wasn't that afraid after having Yushu's understanding. She felt even calmer after knowing that only the two of them were in the cave.

"I have no idea. Usually, Zhong Pinliang wouldn't have the balls. He's always listening to you." Yushu couldn't think of any reasons for Pinliang to suddenly man up.

"He's not planning to kill me just because I've been rejecting him all the time, right?" Mengyao was surprised. This case was unusual, but it wasn't impossible! News like this was always on the Net, right? When the woman rejected the man's confession, the man was triggered and killed his lover in a fit of rage. When Mengyao saw that news, she didn't feel anything. But right now, she felt shivers running up her spine to her brain. She was absolutely terrified.

"Ah? No way… then I'll be dragged into your misfortune," Yushu said weakly. "Yaoyao sis, I still want to live, you know?"

Yushu's expression wasn't one bit of nervous. She even sounded funny to Mengyao. "Who would think that they've lived enough?" Mengyao said with a laugh.

"Ai, Yaoyao sis, do you think that we're going to die here? I didn't get to have a boyfriend yet, and we're graduating soon, how unlucky!" Yushu said with a long face.

"Even in this situation, you're still talking about this? Are you horny?" Mengyao said angrily: "Why don't you think of a way to escape instead of these thoughts!"

"Escape? There's a security door! If it could be easily unlocked, then it wouldn't be called a security door. Besides, we don't have any keys or tools to unlock it; how are we supposed to escape?" Yushu said happily, "Since we're going to die, Yaoyao sis, shall we talk?"

Mengyao was looking for ways to escape, but after hearing Yushu's reason, she found it acceptable. If a security door could be easily opened, would it still be called a security door? She found it pointless to think about right now and looked at the absentminded Yushu. "You can still smile in these circumstances?"

"If I don't smile what should I do? Cry? Even if I'm about to die, I won't allow myself to be bored!" Yushu said nonchalantly, "Yaoyao sis, let's talk."

Mengyao was taken aback. She found Yushu's words reasonable, even if they were about to die, they couldn't just die depressed, right? Why not die happy! Besides, they might not die.

"OK, what do you want to talk about?" Mengyao asked.

"Let's speak our minds and share secrets?" Yushu grabbed Mengyao's hand. "Yaoyao sis, it's been a long time since we talked like this. We didn't have secrets at all in the good old days!"

"What secrets? You tricked all of them out of me." Mengyao got angry. Her bestie was always acting stupid and ignorant, but she was shrewd. All her secrets were extracted by her bestie.  

"Hehe, since we're going to die soon, just spill the beans!" Yushu laughed hollowly. "Yaoyao sis, what do you think of Shield Bro?"

"Lin Yi? What, do you like him?" Mengyao asked back.

"Aiya, Yaoyao sis, we're going to die. Why are you still acting? I know that you're also in love with Shield Bro, aren't you?" Yushu blinked and realized that Mengyao couldn't see her in the dark. Her expression was wasted.

"Also? You're also in love?" Mengyao caught Yushu's wording.

"If you love him, I have no choice but to love him as well. I'm destined to be the concubine anyway!" Yushu said with a straight face.

"I'm not sure if I'm in love with him or not." Mengyao sighed. This was the first time Mengyao answered Yushu seriously about Lin Yi. "Because I don't know what love is."

"Oh, I haven't a clue either; I just think that Shield Bro is cool unlike other guys who are boring!" Yushu kept making leading statements.

"Yeah, sometimes I find him annoying, but sometimes I'm worried for him…." Mengyao was confused if she was talking to herself or Yushu. "This jerk has us two beauties in the house, yet still goes for Tang Yin!"

"Hehe, Yaoyao sis, are you jealous?" Yushu asked.

"I don't know, I just don't feel right when he walks with Tang Yin…." Mengyao shook her head.

"Oh, then do you like him?" Yushu asked.

"It doesn't matter whether I like him or not. We're going to die; I'm just saying things." Mengyao laughed at herself. "Shu, am I really that hard to get close to?"

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