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Chapter 54 - T'was An Intense Battle (Part Two)

Zhong Pinliang, Gao Xiaofu, Zhang Naipao, Heibao Bro’s two lackeys, and Zuo Ruoming’s group all stared in absolute disbelief!

Zuo Ruoming couldn’t believe it. The Heibao Bro, defeated this easily, with a kick in the butt? Others may not comprehend the extent of Heibao Bro’s strength, but Ruoming understood- even his own brother wasn’t a match for a man like him!

Lin Yi clearly put the big shot down with no effort whatsoever, not breaking a sweat at all!!

“What the fuck, seriously?” One of Ruoming’s lackeys commented in disbelief. “Jesus, that fucker’s way too lucky!!”

Ruoming only shook his head at the statement- he wasn’t stupid. Quite the contrary, he was considered one of the more witty types, and he didn’t see Lin Yi as lucky at all. The enemy was Heibao Bro, who’d been fighting ruthless and gory fights his entire life! To be put down by a lucky move from Lin Yi’s side? Heibao Bro wouldn’t survive a day out there if some random kid could just ‘get lucky’ and kick him into a faceplant!!

Strength was strength, and Ruoming acknowledged strength wherever acknowledgement was due. His injury from Lin Yi wasn’t bad at all compared to Heibao Bro’s, who was still struggling to get up from the agonizing pain.

Lin Yi never intended to take Heibao’s life, but he wasn’t planning on going easy on the big guy in the slightest, either- the kick hadn’t shattered Heibao’s hip, but bones were definitely broken from the impact. Heibao Bro would be in a hospital bed for a month or two, at least.

“Heibao Bro!!” Heibao’s two lackeys never expected such strength from the kid. Seeing their boss beaten to the ground, however, angered them, pushing them forward to where Lin Yi was.

Lin Yi was quite impatient as he watched the lackeys near him- it was his first exercise break!! He was planning on learning a thing or two when these assholes popped out of nowhere!

“Kill him!!” Heibao had stopped struggling- the pain was too much for him to get back on his feet. His eyes, however, weren’t resigned yet, still violent with rage as he gritted his teeth. Losing to a kid from a kick in the ass?! Going down like this was something he’d never allow himself to tolerate- it was either him or Lin Yi today! One of them had to die!

Lin Yi had had enough of the brute; the asshole didn’t know when to stop! He even ordered his men to have him killed! Lin Yi frowned in displeasure, stepping on his cheek and dislocating his jaw.

What Lin Yi did shocked the two, along with Heibao’s scream. They were new recruits, and hadn’t gone through their share of battles as of yet; Heibao Bro brought them along precisely because of that. He wanted to teach them the joys of violence and mercilessness as he made an example out of a defenseless student.

The current situation was utterly contrary to what they had expected, however, and the two understood the dangers of the business at that very instant- one could get disabled for life in fights like this. There was nothing glorious about this at all!

Lin Yi’s sheer violence froze the two in their tracks- Heibao Bro was their idol, an unstoppable god they looked up to! And now some student hit him so hard he couldn’t even crawl back up?! How were they supposed to face full-fledged gangsters from now on, when a mere student had such absurd strength already?

The thought compelled the two to retreat, and they started backing off slowly……

“Motherfuckers!!! No one’s getting out alive today, FUCK!!” Heibao Bro yelled as he whipped out a handgun from his pocket, pointing it straight at Lin Yi.

The gun was made in underground factories and sold in black markets- As such, the gun’s accuracy and safety were far inferior to that of an officially crafted one. The gun wasn’t genuine, but those of the underground businesses looked upon it quite favorably- having a gun to whip out would instantly put the user in control of many situations, after all.

Heibao had had the handgun prepared as a last resort, a just in case measure. Never would he have expected to resort to that in a place like a schoolyard.

Lin Yi’s conflict with Heibao had long since pulled the attention of everyone present. Barging into a school in broad daylight, after all, was not something the teachers could tolerate- they were messing with a student in direct sight of the teachers, no less! The buffer P.E. teachers were particularly lively as they made their way to where Heibao was.

“What on earth is going on?” Wang Zhifeng had rushed to the scene as well, having noticed a group of teachers in heated discussion.

“Mr. Wang, it’s Zhong Pinliang from twelfth grade’s class five, he’s brought a couple of gangsters into the school building!” Zhang Xiaohua was class five’s PE teacher, and he loathed Zhong Pinliang for always getting into fights and playing around, disregarding school as a whole. He couldn’t do anything about it, but it refreshed him to give Wang Zhifeng a complaint about the problem child.

“Zhong Pinliang?” Wang Zhifeng frowned as he looked to where the crowd was gathered, when the tables were turned suddenly- Heibao had been kicked face first into the floor by Lin Yi!!

Wang Zhifeng took a closer look, and realized who the person kicking Heibao was. Why is it him?? The dean had found Lin Yi to be quite a polite kid- he’d been recommended directly by Chu Pengzhan, but had a pleasant, fresh air about him, with his neat school uniform and all- not one trace of what you’d find in spoilt rich kids like Zhong Pinliang.

Yet now… Zhifeng concluded that one should not judge by appearance. He understood, however, that Lin Yi was not someone he could cross. There was Chu Pengzhan backing him up, but Lin Yi also had Zhifeng’s secret in his hands in addition. He’d be kicked out of the school for sure if Lin Yi decided to expose him.

“PE teachers, go take a look. Make sure our students are safe!” Wang Zhifeng ordered, his intent loud and clear- they were allowed to do as they saw fit with the gangsters, as long as they kept the students protected.

With that, the PE teachers marched forward. Lin Yi had the upper hand, and they intended to put the opponent at a further disadvantage with their numbers.

They suddenly stopped as a shocking development took place.

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