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Chapter 539 - Going According To Plan

The car stopped at the foot of Mt. Shuangyan. The road ahead was a rugged mountain path and impassable by car, so the taxi had to stop here.

"Guys, you have to walk all the way up there. The car can't go any further as the rest is stairs!" the taxi driver explained, since he didn't know that Pinliang had been here before.

"I know!" Pinliang paid the driver. The driver must had mistaken that they'd come on a weekend trip.

The quality of living was getting better nowadays, so the driver didn't find it suspicious for high schoolers to go on a trip once in a while. He left them as soon as he took the money.

"There's a resort up there?" Mengyao hadn't been here before. She'd never had a reason to go to a resort with just Yushu and her, because it would be boring.

"Yeah, I was here with my dad yesterday!" Pinliang said gleefully. He really did come with his dad yesterday and was invited by Cihua. Gubang and a young guy called Master Bing came along as well!

This gave Pinliang a lot of extra knowledge and made him a lot braver! With his background, he was hesitant to kidnap Mengyao! The cave plan was prepared long ago but Pinliang didn't have the balls and was scared of Pengzhan.

But after yesterday's event, Pinliang got to know Cihua and Master Bing! Master Bing had a powerful background. Even Cihua was very respectful of him, and his father was working for Cihua and Master Bing, so he thought that House Zhong would become filthy rich!

So Pinliang couldn't wait to start his kidnapping plan.

Mengyao nodded. She wasn't very interested in the resort. She was thinking of her mother all this time. "Let's go, Pinliang, find that woman who looked like me!"

"I can't guarantee that!" Pinliang said. "Mengyao, if we fail, please don't blame me!"

"Stop talking so much, will you? Hurry!" Mengyao said impatiently.

Pinliang was laughing on the inside but showed nothing.

Although it was getting darker, the foot of the mountain was full of people due to the resort. It made Mengyao and Yushu feel safer!

Naturally, many people meant that it was safe! If she were alone, she'd hesitate to follow Pinliang!

The road might be rugged, but it was not slippery and they were young, so they didn't waste much energy. They were halfway up the mountain, near the resort.

"Mengyao, are you tired? Should we grab something to eat at the resort?" Pinliang asked.

"No, I'm not hungry! Just bring me there!" MengYao had no appetite before they found her mother.

"OK, let's go then!" Pinliang nodded reluctantly and continued walking.

If it was morning, the route would have been filled with people, but it was getting darker and darker. No one was going up. As a result, the route wasn't busy and only the four of them were walking.

"That woman was here?" Mengyao started to get suspicious. Even if Pinliang met her mother, what was she doing here?

"Yeah, I followed her here from the resort. I thought it was you!" Pinliang nodded. "Did you mean why was she here so late at night?"

Pinliang's question dispelled Mengyao's doubt. It was undeniable that Pinliang wasn't completely stupid .This plan was thoroughly thought out.

Mengyao didn't say anything and followed Pinliang. After a few hundred meters, Pinliang turned off the main road!

On this spur, there was no cement or stairs. It was just a dirt path. Mengyao couldn't help asking, "Why are we on this path?"

"How should I know? If it weren't for your request, I wouldn't even give a damn!" Pinliang said. "She came here yesterday!"

"Oh, let's get going then." Mengyao trusted him, because in these three years, Pinliang hadn't done anything too overboard and always listened to her.

Not long after, Pinliang pointed at a cave nearby and said, "I followed her to here after which she disappeared in the blink of an eye. If I wasn't that brave, I might've thought it was a ghost!"

Mengyao glared at him and thought, Your mother is the ghost! But she didn't want to offend Pinliang right now, so she tamped down and asked, "Here? Inside the cave?"

"I have no idea, should we wait here for a while?" Pinliang didn't want to move an inch.

"Hey, why don't you go in the cave and have a look?" Mengyao demanded as she pointed at the cave.

"I…" Pinliang hesitated. "There might be wolves inside?"

"This is vacation area, it's impossible for there to be wolves, right? If there are, tourists would be scared away, right?" Mengyao thought that Pinliang was afraid, but entering the cave at this hour was indeed eerie.

"OK!" Pinliang nodded. "Xiaofu, come with me!"

"Ah? Me…"  Xiaofu was called out, so he reluctantly followed Pinliang. But soon after they reunited, Xiaofu smirked. "Liang Bro, it's all going according to plan!"

"Yes! They're both girls, after all. Although Yushu might be a little braver, with the lights off, she won't come near!" Pinliang nodded. "Is the incense ready?"

"Forever ago. And it's remote-controlled, but the two of them aren't following, so it's not needed," Xiaofu said. He took a stick of gum out of his pocket and handed it to Pinliang. "Liang Bro, chew this. It'll make the incense ineffective!"

Pinliang nodded and started chewing it.

After the two of them entered the cave, Xiaofu activated the incense. It was powered by batteries, so electricity wasn't needed.

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