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Chapter 537 - Someone Who Looked Like You

"Oh, Yaoyao Sis, I knew it!" Yushu interjected. "Li'l Liang fails to chase you, so he has changed his target to your sister, me!"

Mengyao froze. Was this really Pinliang's idea? She fixed her suspicious gaze on Pinliang.

Pinliang went blank. He didn't expect Yushu to be this skillful and think of such a powerful reason. "I didn't mean that…." Pinliang coughed.

"Oh, did he find out that Shield Bro is Uncle Chu's illegitimate son?" Yushu asked curiously.

"Shu! Don't say stuff like that!" Mengyao's heart tightened at the mention and she glared at her. How could she let Pinliang know this?

Yushu stuck out her tongue. "I'm just kidding…"

"Shield Bro? Who's that?" Pinliang was so confused.

"Nothing, just say what you want to say!" Mengyao refused to explain.

Pinliang decided to ignore the Shield Bro and focus on his plan. He said, "I mean, Mengyao, do you have any sisters?"

"Sisters?" Mengyao blinked. "What sisters? My sister is Yushu!"

"I'm not talking about this sister, I mean, does Uncle Chu have another daughter?" Pinliang asked carefully.

"Another daughter? Pinliang, what are you trying to say? Just spit it out, will you? Can't you just say it already?" Mengyao was a little angry. What is with this guy? Is he implying that my dad had a bastard child?

"Ayy, Mengyao, my bad. I think I saw wrong. It's nothing, really nothing…." Pinliang waved his hand and was about to leave. "How on earth was there a girl who looked just like her?" he added before leaving.

At first, Mengyao wasn't interested in what Pinliang was trying to say. If he wanted to leave, she wouldn't stop him but not after listening to his last words. She was surprised and called out, "What did you say, Pinliang? Someone looked like me?"

"Yeah, my father and I went to Mt. Shuangyan Resort yesterday night and I saw someone who looked exactly like you, your twin! I thought it was you and shouted for you…." Pinliang had successfully gotten Mengyao's attention. He felt great and continued, "That girl looked at me for a second and then ran away…."

"What? Did she really look like me?" Mengyao's breathing grew more and more rapid as she stared at Pinliang.

"Yeah, but when she turned around, I saw that she was probably older than you by a bit." Pinliang shook his head. "I thought she was your sister, why else would she turn around when I said your name?"

"So… did she say anything?" Mengyao asked, worried.

"She didn't say anything. After glancing at me, she ran away!" Pinliang shook his head. "I was curious, so I followed her but after some time, I lost sight of her…."

"Ah!" Mengyao was stunned. She didn't know where to look as she stood still at her desk, thinking.

Mom! It must be my mother! Mengyao heard a voice calling out to her in her head. Her heart beat faster. In this world, it was impossible for someone to look exactly like her. That woman must be my mother!

Mengyao had seen her mother's album, and she looked exactly the same as Mengyao when she was young! She didn't get her looks from Pengzhan's genes, but from her mother's delicate figures! So when Pinliang mentioned this, her first thought was her mother!

Judging from Mengyao's expression, Pinliang knew that his scheme was a great success! He had been chasing Mengyao for three whole years. How could he not know about the details of her family? He knew that Chu Pengzhan and his wife had argued when Mengyao was young and her mother had left the family. Even after this many years, there was no news!

Needless to say, Mengyao missed her mom greatly, and Pinliang had known this weakness with his three years of experience chasing Mengyao. Moving step by step, seducing her to walk into his trap, he was halfway to success.

"Since you don't have a sister, then it must have been my mistake. Never mind, just forget about it!" Pinliang shook his head, slowly walking away as he counted silently. One, two, three…

"Wait a minute!" As expected, Pinliang heard Mengyao shouting. Pinliang smirked. I don't believe that you won't fall into my trap!

"What is it, Mengyao?" Pinliang looked back, flattered. "Are you giving me a second chance to chase you?"

"Stop joking!" Mengyao furrowed her brows. "If you don't stop joking, I'll never talk to you again!"

"No, please, no, I'll tell you, Mengyao, what do you want to ask?" Pinliang was purposely doing that so Mengyao wouldn't be suspicious and would think that he didn't care about the girl and was all about how to chase her.

"I'm asking you, did you really see a woman who looked like me on Mount Shuangyan?" Mengyao asked.

"Yes, but older than you, but of course, I wouldn't be interested!" Pinliang said confidently, "Don't worry, Mengyao, you're irreplaceable to me. Even though she might look like you, I wouldn't change my love for you!"

"Nobody asked!" Mengyao was annoyed. "Pinliang, stop with your nonsense. I'm asking you; around where did you see her?"

"Where? I'm not sure, the mountain is huge. Even if I go myself, I might not find that area, it's hard to explain." Pinliang scratched his head.

"Bring me there!" Mengyao lost her composure. She had wanted to see her mother for so many years. At this moment, she didn't care about school or the truth of Pinliang's words. She had only one thought in mind, to find her mother as soon as possible!

"Ah? Now? It's pretty late you know, and school hasn't ended yet!" Pinliang showed a troubled face and said, "Let's grab some food before going there, OK?"

"Pinliang, are you using this excuse to get near me? I don't want to eat now! Are you bringing me there or not?" Mengyao was totally lost. She only thought that Pinliang was using this opportunity to get near her, but little did she know that it was all a lie created by Pinliang!

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