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Chapter 536 - Pinliang Takes Action

"You don't have to be worried. I thought you want to mess up Pengzhan Industries?" Qibing smiled nonchalantly. "Actually, I want to mess him up too!"

"Huh?" Gubang blinked. He didn't understand.

"Pengzhan's daughter, she's a beauty. I've wanted to mess around with her for ages, but I don't have the opportunity to do so since Pengzhan is always there. It wasn't easy for me to make a move!" Qibing chuckled. "If you can mess his company up, I don't mind messing with his girl!"

"Oh, OK! Master Bing, rest assured. Under your leadership, I'll fuck him up sooner or later!" promised Gubang. He was relieved and thumped his chest.

"Alright, moving on, tell me, how can our real estate company make money?" Qibing didn't need money, but he did want to achieve something out of the company, even though he was managing the company for fun.

Although he was an illegitimate son, Qibing wanted to be recognized, to be acknowledged by his forefathers!   

"Currently, the best and the most profitable area is the slums. If we can get the authority to rebuild the slums, our company will shoot to fame in no tim," Gubang said. "Cihua and I have discussed this before."

"Oh? If things are as good as you describe, real estate investors should be fighting over it, shouldn't they?" Qibing wasn't stupid. He knew something was wrong.

"Troublemakers! There are too many troublemakers!" Gubang explained. "Pengzhan Industries wanted to invest in that area, but the people in the slums started to gang up and demanded high kickbacks to leave. It wasn't worth it at all. Besides, Pengzhan is a stubborn man. He refused to cut down on the cost of the materials, so there was no profit in investing, so he gave up. It was the same for the other real estate investors."

"Oh? Then what makes you think that we can turn a profit?" Qibing asked.

"We've got Brother Cihua here. He can easily handle the troublemakers, can't he? He can use his lackeys to intimidate them!" Gubang gave a lopsided smile. "We can even earn money from the cost of the materials; the houses don't have to be good quality. Earning as much as possible is our priority…."

"No complaints are allowed. We have to make sure it's quality. I heard that our country has recently come out a new regulation: the contractor has full responsibility of the house they built for life. It will bring about aftereffects if we don't handle it properly," Qibing said with a wave of his hand: "But we can ignore the troublemakers. Let's make a profit off them!"

"Alright!" Gubang realized that Master Bing wasn't an idiot. His thinking was different; he knew what he was capable and incapable of.

"If you have time these days, let's explore the shanties together," Qibing said. "Get the permit as soon as possible."

"That's easy, that area's ready to be rebuilt. It's just that no one was taking that job. I'll finish the documentation tomorrow," Gubang said. "That's right, Master Bing, what do you think the name of the company should be?

"Name, huh? Just call it Qibing Real Estate," Qibing said.


Pinliang felt great these past two days. He felt that his luck was starting to change! The most hated person of his life, Lin Yi, was absent for a few days at school. He could proceed with his plan smoothly without Lin Yi around.

"Xiaofu, are you ready?" Pinliang asked.

"Liang Bro, the cave is safe to enter!" Xiaofu said with a laugh. "I've installed a security door in the cave. Even if Mengyao wanted to run, she'll never escape!"

"Not bad! Your idea is creative, better than most kidnappers by a lot. You were born to be a criminal!" Pinliang was delighted.

"Hehe, you're my boss after all! How else could I think of such a good idea!" They had planned to kidnap Mengyao, and he was afraid that Mengyao would run away or get into an accident!

It was hard to say in the wild. There might be a beast roaming around, after all! So Xiaogu used his creativity and thought of installing a security door! No one could open it without a key.

"Are there things to eat and do inside? Pinliang asked.

"Of course, it's all prepared!" Xiaofu nodded. "It's up to you now, Liang Bro, as to how you want to trick Mengyao over there!"

"Watch me. I already have a plan in mind!" Pinliang puffed out his chest and said, "I know Mengyao very well, I can handle it myself!"

Before the night study session, Pinliang sneaked over to Mengyao and Yushu and whispered, "Yaoyao, I have something important to ask you."

Mengyao looked up and saw Pinliang and frowned. "I told you not to call me Yaoyao, you can call me Yaoyao Sis or my full name. Is your memory really that bad?"

"Yeah, Yaoyao Sis, I think that Li'l Liang has to eat some brain meds for his underdeveloped brain!" Yushu nodded.

Pinliang wasn't angry. In fact, he said seriously, "Ok, I'll call you Mengyao then. I have something serious to talk about. I don't mind how I address you."

"What is it?" Mengyao asked, annoyed. She was about to buy some snacks with Yushu but was prevented by Pinliang.

"Um… Shu, can you give us some privacy?" Pinliang looked at Yushu cautiously.

"Oh?" Yushu was startled. Pinliang never asked her to leave when it came to chasing Mengyao. He would even ask her to help. What was wrong with this guy today?

"Ahem… The thing today is a little private, it's about Mengyao, so…" Pinliang said tactfully.

"Spit it out, Pinliang. If there's nothing important, I'm gonna go buy stuff with Yushu!" Mengyao's patience ran out. "Yushu is my best friend, I've got nothing to hide from her!"

"OK… I'll tell you!" Pinliang didn't really want to involve Yushu in this, because he feared the nature of Yushu's background.

"Do you have anything to say?" Mengyao glared at Pinliang.

"Yes… Mengyao, you're the only child, right?" Pinliang asked carefully.

"Only child?" Mengyao blinked. "What do you mean?"

"Uh… in another words, Uncle Chu only has one child right?" Pinliang explained quickly.

"Isn't that nonsense? What are you trying to say?" Mengyao thought that Pinliang was trying to waste her time.

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