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Chapter 504 - Ruthless Names

"OK, anything else?" Lin Yi glanced at Chengtian and was about to take his leave.

"Wait…" Chengtian couldn't let Lin Yi leave that easily, could he? His perfect plan would be ruined. He stopped Lin Yi. "I see that you guys are heading for a midnight meal, right? In order to express my apologies, let me treat you!"

"Nah, not necessary." Lin Yi calmly rejected Chengtian's invitation.

"Please join me! I won't be able to face myself if you don't come! I know it was my fault! I've owned up and will change!" Chengtian said. "Give me some face!"

Lin Yi looked at the nearby Xinyan, who was staring at him with expectation in her eyes. Lin Yi started to wonder if Xinyan wanted to have a meal with him. And what was going on between Xinyan and Chengtian anyway? Lin Yi hesitated.

Lin Yi would have had no interest in Chengtian's invitation if it weren't for Xinyan. But Xiaoxiao beat him to the punch. "You wanna treat us?"

"Yeah. Xiaoxiao, please forgive my rudeness earlier!" After learning of Xiaoxiao's special circumstances, Chengtian didn't want to make her an enemy so lost the scowl.


"Is that so? Should we give him a chance, Lin Yi?" Xiaoxiao winked at Lin Yi.

LinYi was taken aback, wondering what Xiaoxiao had in mind.  When Xiaoxiao made that face, someone was bound to get their comeuppance! He was the victim the last few times Xiaoxiao wore that expression, while the unlucky victim seemed to be Chengtian this time.

So he nodded. "As you wish."


Chengtian was over the moon with Lin Yi's acceptance. "Let's go then, I'll be treating today; order whatever you want.  Let's resolve this misunderstanding!"

"Oh, we planned to go to the top floor for our meal, let's go then," Xiaoxiao said and nodded as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

"Eh?" Chengtian was stunned. This was Songjiang International Hotel! He had only been to the third and fourth floors. They were luxurious and fancy, and one meal cost him thousands upon thousands. If they went to the top floor, how expensive it would be! Although he had never gone, he could imagine it!

Chengtian hesitated. He had planned to bring the Xiao brothers and Zhaolong to the first floor, at most a room on the second floor with Lin Yi in the mix, costing him around eight to ten thousand. However, he never expected Xiaoxiao to suggest the top floor!

"Eh? What's wrong?" Xiaoxiao asked curiously after noticing Chengtian pale. "Why is the color draining from your face? Don't you practice the Iron Fist? Did you train in the Iron Face as well?"

"Uhh, of course not…" Chengtian forced a smile. "Let's go to the top floor then!"

"Awesome! I've never been to the top floor! I've got to stuff myself and experience it all!" Xiaoxiao said excitedly. Xiaoxiao had only heard people talk about the top floor being as fancy as a palace. The kitchen was filled with international master chefs, but she'd never had a chance to witness herself. Even though Tianlong earned a lot, it would be utterly absurd to use half of his salary on a meal for the two of them, so Xiaoxiao thought she would never have the privilege to witness the sight. At least, not until Chengtian showed up and offered his wallet.

Chengtian was so angry he wanted to sweat at them. You've never gone, so keep your mouth shut! But he had volunteered and couldn't just go back his words, could he? Not only would his plan fail, he would lose face!

The Xiao brothers and Zhaolong were still following him, and he was the most talented being in the third generation. How could he allow such humiliation?

"Bro Chengtian, I heard that the top floor's like a palace, even the tableware's inlaid with diamonds." Wangba wanted to see it as well, but the common folk couldn't afford it. What if Chengtian couldn't afford such prices? He quietly brought up, "Isn't it a little expensive?"

Wangba didn't speak loudly, but Lin Yi and Xiaoxiao had no problem hearing him. She immediately replied, "Is it? I sincerely had no idea. Why don't we go ourselves and not bankrupt Chengtian."

Xiaoxiao's words made Chengtian even angrier. He was the son of nobility. How could he allow someone to treat him with contempt? If he couldn't treat others to a meal, he would become a laughing stock. "This is nothing, no skin off my back! I said I'd be treating, so if you like what's on the menu, order it!" Chengtian said generously as he waved his hand.

"Gotta say, Bro Chengtian, you really are generous! My boyfriend isn't nearly as generous as you!" Xiaoxiao pumped her fist in happiness. Her words made Chengtian's heart skip a beat, but he was well aware that couldn't be of two minds about Jingyi when chasing her as he wouldn't be able to pluck a good cherry! Xiaoxiao was ravishing, but he couldn't lay a hand on her, especially since her father was Tianlong! He would avoid Tianlong at all costs.

Chengtian had had his doubts about Xiaoxiao and Lin Yi's relationship, but after hearing her call Lin Yi her boyfriend, Chengtian was on cloud nine. With this proof, he felt the money he was about to spend was worth every penny!

"Let me introduce my friends. These two are from House Xiao, Xiao Wangba and Xiao Wangdao," Chengtian introduced after he reined in his emotions.

"Hah?" Xiaoxiao's eyes went wide. "Wow, aren't the Xiao brothers' names too ruthless? Especially you, Xiao Wangba, it sounds so despotic!"


"Of course!" Wangba nodded, thinking Xiaoxiao was praising him. He didn't hear the sarcastic tone in her voice.

"When you merge our names together, the word Badao1 forms!" Wangdao nodded too. He didn't notice Xiaoxiao's sarcasm either. This was not their fault, as House Xiao was respected and influential when their old man was still around, so even if people thought the Xiao brothers' names were heteronymic, they felt it impolite to comment on it. Even though House Xiao just became destitute, no one had the time to tell the brothers.

Only Xinyan understood the sarcasm and couldn't hold back a giggle. Which just made Zhaolong fall head over heels for her. "Xinyan, there's another girl to keep you company! I was afraid that you would feel awkward."

Xinyan remained quiet. She stared at Lin Yi in silence and her heart sank. She wasn't sure if this was because Lin Yi and Xiaoxiao were a couple or because she didn't fit in.

1. Badao means tyrannical.

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